Correction to NRA Comment for News Media and Americans

By Alan Korwin

Stop the NRA
Stop the NRA

PHOENIX, AZ –-( A recent Uninvited Ombudsman report portrayed the National Rifle Association as having “only” 5 million members, contrasting it to the 100 million gun-owning Americans who are the real gun lobbyists in America.

Apparently some readers, including some NRA members, misunderstood this remark.

Contrary to belligerent “news” media reports, the NRA is a moderate civil-rights group, the oldest civil-rights group in America, whose middle-of-the-road positions on firearms do not attract the vast majority of gun owners in America.

This is typically misrepresented in the so-called mainstream media as extreme, yet the NRA’s positions are apparently too modest to appeal to a large swath of American gun owners.

When anti-gun-rights activists like the current president Barack Hussein Obama, whose middle name is not supposed to be used, or Hillary, whose other names are less frequently used (due to disapproval of her husband’s background-check law and other factors, according to critics), stridently recommend “solutions” that repeatedly do not work, of course armed Americans resist and protest their actions.

The NRA’s modest proposals include gun-safety education, marksmanship training, and armed response to the illegal use of force. They are the largest gun-safety training group on planet Earth. Their activities have been shown to be effective in reducing accidents, strengthening character and stopping vicious criminal perpetrators.

The media fails miserably in portraying this side of this honorable group, violating journalism ethics standards.

To see what really strong measures look like you would have to consider a group like Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, whose “Never Again!” position the media won’t even mention, let alone belittle and deride.

The NRA, with its wholesome and moderate stance does not go anywhere near calls to eliminate “papers” for the right to carry, repeal of the 1968 Gun Control Act that was copied from the 1938 Nazi gun laws by former U.S. Senator Thom Dodd (father of current Sen. Chris Dodd), or other common-sense but more strident gun-rights proposals. See, for example, Kosher Gun Laws on their website.

The political left is loathe to admit it but observers are well aware that the furor raised by promoting mass murderers works wonders for arousing sentiment against gun owners and gun ownership, and works toward building sentiment for gun confiscation, repressive laws and gun control the political left desperately seeks.

This helps answer the niggling question of why anti-gun-rights activists perpetually “dance in the blood” of murder victims immediately after a spree killer’s dirty work, and refuse to pledge to refrain from such gory and immoral activity.

Raising the murderers to iconic status does nothing for crime control and in fact encourages copy cats — totally counterproductive if the goal is to make society more safe, but very valuable if you want to build sentiment to erase the Second Amendment.

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