Governor Christie Lies to Brett Baier About Gun Control Record


Chris Christie
Christie Lies to Brett Baier About Gun Control Record
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New York – -( On last evening Fox News Special Report (11/24/2015) with Brett Baier , New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie told a “Hillary Clinton” level lie to the host and a nationwide audience about his record on gun control.

Christie claimed he did not get into politics in the early 1990’s because he was motivated by some Republicans efforts to repeal New Jersey’s absurd, ineffective and pointless “assault weapons” ban, pushed for by the Florio administration a couple of years earlier.

Baier put a quote on the screen, purportedly from Governor Christie to the notoriously anti-gun Star-Ledger newspaper, apparently referencing Christie’s staking out his position during his first run at elected office as a County Freeholder.

Once the quote attributed to Christie was read and displayed, Baeir again asked the govenor about his position. Christie first claimed it wasn’t accurate, basically suggesting the Star Ledger was lying. When pressed by Baier, he then claimed it was “22 years ago” and “I don’t remember”, before launching into a spiel about his so called “pro 2A record“. Rattling off a list of veto’s of Democrat gun control bills, but not offering a single pro gun or pro self defense piece of legislation he could point to. (watch for yourself beginning around time 09:10 towards the end of the video clip below.)

Its incredibly difficult to believe that Govenor Christie doesn’t “remember” his Freeholder Campaign brochure from his first foray into politics considering it has been brought up many times in recent years as damning evidence of his RINO Status. ( See flyer here below. )

While it is true that Christie has steadfastly vetoed every attempt by Democrats to increase their already draconian gun control scheme, its praise of the faintest sort.

Governor Chris Christie Assault Weapons Ban Brochure
Governor Chris Christie’s (standing btm left) 1990’s Assault Weapons Ban Brochure

In March of 2015, Christie directed his acting Attorney General John Hoffman to instruct the state courts that it was the governor’s position that they should not accept any new appeals of denials of New Jerseys notoriously hard to obtain concealed carry license. Governor Christie has previously argued on numerous occasions that New Jersey is “unique” and therefore, its residents aren’t entitled to the constitutional rights enjoyed by the residents of 46 other states when it comes to concealed carry.

Carol Bowne
Carol Bowne – Dead in part due to Christie’s refusal to help change NJ’s draconian gun laws.

Then came the horrific June 2015 murder of Carol Bowne, in her own driveway. Committed by her violent ex-felon boyfriend, while an active restraining order was in place against him and while Bowne was waiting for the unreasonable and arbitrary delay by the local police, holding up her application to receive a New Jersey Firearms Identification Card and Pistol Purchase Permit (aka state permission to own and purchase a gun).

Outrage at Bownes murder was swift and fierce, both across New Jersey and across the country. The timing couldn’t have been worse for Governor Christie as the murder took place mere weeks before he would announce his run for president. He had to react, but his reaction, while fierce sounding, was a weak-willed half-measure at best.

He said all the right things, blamed the democrat controlled legislature, issued an executive order — covering buying, owning and carrying a gun — that shortens the statutory waiting period from 30 to 14 days, but only if deemed possible by police.

As well as directing acting Attorney General Hoffman to add having a domestic violence restraining order in place as one of the undefined things qualifying as “justifiable need” to obtain a concealed carry permit in an expedited manner.

Additionally, for all his posturing about his hands being tied by an intransigent Democrat controlled, anti-self-defense, anti-gun legislature, the fact remains, if he could direct Attorney General Hoffman to add a domestic violence restraining order to the incredibly short list of “justifiable needs” to obtain a carry permit. He could just as easily have directed the Attorney General to add “Self Defense”. Bypassing the opposition legislature entirely.

As Governor Christie remains mired at the bottom of presidential poll numbers, he’s cynically attempting to re-write his history of inaction on the issue of gun control and self-defense. Scrambling to grab any lifeline that might save his political career. Meanwhile, New Jersey citizens remain helpless, defenseless and deprived of their rights in the face of criminal attack or worse. He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.


More articles, commentary, and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be


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NJ is an awful state from 2nd amendment rights and Chirstie was clearly less than honest about his record on the matter but, and I hate to say it he’s the best NJ can hope for. He hasn’t done anything to increase the states recognition of gun rights but he hasn’t made it any worse either. The republicans lost three seats in the assembly last election which suggests to me at least that our next Gov. will be a democrat. The people of this state seem to have no problem be over taxed nor do they seem to mind the… Read more »

Grey Beard

When you lie like Hillary, you should be running against her in the Democrat primary. That would get her attention, and give us some relief in the Republican primary contest.

Robert McKenna

Not only is this gasbag anti gun and anti self protection, but he is pro muslim.
Either one of the three make him absolutely out of the question for even dog catcher.
He is a dangerous liar and should not be trusted with the safety of anyone or anything.


heavily moderated site – one of the worst


I have never trusted Christie, and still do not today.


Fatso blowing hot air whatever will get him votes.


That fat,loud mouth son of a bitch needs to get out of the race. The fat bastard blames the democrats for his inaction on 2A issues that puts the good people of New Jersey in constant danger of criminals because they can’t defend themselves like our constitution guarantees. He’s suppose to be the damn Gov.,has his lardass ever heard of veto ? That stupid looking bastard lies about everything else. The fat son of a bitch shouldn’t even be allowed on the same stage as ‘real Republicans’ !


If Christie is so pro second amendment, why does the state of N.J. not accept any other states concealed carry permits?? Democrat in Republican clothing!


The look on Christie’s lying puss was PRICELESS when Bret Baier pulled that question out of his hat. He certainly wasn’t expecting any 2A questions, and especially not that one with the supporting quote from the Star Ledger. The only thing that would have been better is if Baier had a copy of that election flyer where Christie says rescinding the “Assault Weapons” Ban would be DANGEROUS! CRAZY! RADICAL! and that Bucco and Carroll MUST BE STOPPED! The reason our gun grabbing Governor once gave for denying Concealed Carry to all legal gun owners in NJ is that “NJ is… Read more »