Anti-Gunners Push for More Gun Control after Mass Shooting in California

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Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( The last few weeks have to be placed in the “never a dull moment” category, if you keep such things.

When the terrible shootings occurred in California the anti-gunners were having a field day dancing in the blood of the victims. It was a “workplace violence,” they claimed, and gun control would be the solution. On Thursday December 3rd, HR 3762, known as the Restoring American Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, came up for a vote.

In typical left wing fashion, members of the anti-gun tribe tried to attach anti-gun amendments to the bill. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) caught wind of it and blew the whistle on them. The NSSF sent out a hasty alert followed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA). In the end, the anti-gunners got nowhere but this shows us all that they will try anything and stop at nothing.

The vote was 52 -47; the bill required 60 votes. Of course, Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Mark Kirk voted for the gun control measures. On Saturday, December 5th, the New York Times put an editorial on the front page telling all of us to give up our guns. The New York Times seems to forget that during the Civil War they mounted three Gatling guns on the building to protect the newspaper from rioters – too bad they got those Gatling guns. These are just a few examples of what gun owners are going to face in the coming weeks, months and years.

Meanwhile, the President is still blaming climate change for terrorism. Let me tell you what climate change is all about. The purpose of the climate change argument is to get a set of international agreements which can then be built on, to demolish each nation’s sovereignty, particularly that of the United States, and bring about “one world government” run by left wingers. In short, someone in China or Africa will decide what we can and can’t do here in the United States. Of course the United Nations would love that.

I’m sure when the FBI called what happened in California “terrorism”, all of the left wing anti-gun people in the White House, Washington DC and elsewhere got a bellyache. Then a few people like the Chief of Police in Detroit suggested that one or more armed people in the room could have saved lives. On Black Friday there was somewhere around 185,000 instant background checks performed. People purchased over 200,000 firearms on Black Friday. Clearly Americans are not buying the manure the administration is selling.

What to do next? First of all, I would invest in firearms, ammunition and training. This would make a great New Year’s resolution.

On Sunday evening, the President addressed the citizens of the United States. So, what did we learn that was new? Nothing. The President is still in his when in doubt mumble mode. The only clear idea was that he is going to attack our gun rights. Of course, after such a weighty speech, he was off to a gala event.

We have received many phone calls regarding the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) release of the 1911’s. I don’t know when this will take place but I am on the list to be notified when it will happen. Remember: you need to be an ISRA member to get one of these historic firearms. Your spouse can also get one of these vintage firearms, but they also must be a member and have a valid FOID card. The same is true for your 21-year-old (or older) children. If you are not a member, please join the ISRA today!

Thanks for being an ISRA member. If you are not a member, please join today. Check out ISRA’s website at Tell us what you think.

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The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.

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Two things Democrats can’t get enough of – Taxes and Gun Control.


the Obama regime and the leftist gun-grabbers need to move on to something else ! They will never get or confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens ! It will not happen and they know it. What they will try with prob. some limited success is AR15 ban,universal b/g checks,and gun show background checks ! If they get just a little of any of this vote out the traitors who allowed it then repeal it. None of that nonsense would have any effect on firearm related crime and they know that to !


Just remember Obama’s military admin is asked if they would fire on Americans if needed. If the answer is no they are retired.They put sheep that would betray the Consitution to keep power .


@lowell,maybe the oath means something to our military service members. Have you thought about that ? It sure as hell meant something to me and still does ! You really seem to underestimate the law-abiding armed citizens in this country. That includes former military and civilians who never were.I personally think the Obama regime is realizing that we won’t be disarmed,period. Unconstitutional laws won’t work because of that reason. Executive orders from this scum are useless too as most states will disregard and not enforce it. anyway. This will come down to a states rights issue and states,esp.Southern states will… Read more »


I can’t stress it enough, the military really is the key to the whole thing. As much as we all talk about molon labe, the truth is that no insurgency has a chance against a modern military using combined arms. America’s military won every battle in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but the politicians decided the war wasn’t worth the cost and brought them back. The problem is that such a thing here would mean they are already “back”, and that means no quitting until the insurgency is dead, even if the country has to be reduced to rubble in the… Read more »


Bottom line? As much as they can which will amount to little. But the reality that’s just dawned on the ones that are actually in office is that if Bundy Ranch had turned bloody the US would be in civil war right now, or already through it rebuilding. Up until that moment they really thought we would back down like the British Commonwealth countries all did. And they’ve done survey after survey and realized that the military is right -leaning(especially the infantry) so being ordered to go door-to-door grabbing guns in America won’t go over well. If they try to… Read more »

Joesy Wales

How much gun control do the Effing Liberals want before they decide on “Confiscation a la carte Australia or England Styles of Confiscation…….Try and Take Them…..!”