Do You Know How to Bury Those Guns If You Had To?

There Were over 185,000 Gun Sales on Black Friday! Do You Know How to Bury Those Guns If You Had To?

The Prepper's Guide to Caches: How to Bury, Hide, and Stash Guns and Gear by Joe Nobody
The Prepper’s Guide to Caches: How to Bury, Hide, and Stash Guns and Gear by Joe Nobody :
Prepper Press
Prepper Press

United States -( Now that the Christmas shopping season has come to an end, let’s look at what happened on Black Friday re: gun sales.

Gun bargains were apparently a big draw on Black Friday. As news of a deadly standoff in Colorado Springs overshadowed America’s unofficial shopping holiday, the F.B.I. was busy processing about two firearm background checks per second.

The agency ran a record 185,345 background checks on Friday, about 5 percent more than the amount processed through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System on that day in 2014, a figure that is seen as a strong indicator of how many guns were sold, The Associated Press reported. (source)

There are a WHOLE – LOT – OF – GUNS in the hands of U.S. citizens.

But what if there came a time when it was necessary, for whatever reason, personal or otherwise, to bury those guns? Remember the movie Red Dawn? The old man sat there telling the new freedom fighters that he’d buried his guns. Could a similar need happen in real life? If so, would you know how to do it properly? What about all of the ammunition to feed those tools?

NOW IN PAPERBACK – Joe Nobody’s new The Prepper’s Guide to Caches: How to Bury, Hide, and Stash Guns and Gear.

There are a variety of circumstances where creating a cache is a wise preparation. Natural and man-made disasters abound in our headlines, many of which can completely destroy valuable preps in a matter of seconds. With proper techniques, equipment, and methods, practically any type of critical supplies can be safely stored in a manner that is nearly impervious to the elements.

The largest single threat to any cache, however, is being discovered by other people.

This guide will provide the reader with several methods, including disguise, diversion, and technology to defeat even the most sophisticated metal detectors, theft, or illegal seizure. Widely acclaimed author Joe Nobody, known for his fictional works as well as highly regarded survival and preparation guides, is joined by T. Pike, USMC. During his two deployments in Afghanistan, Pike’s job with the Marines included searching for enemy caches.

He found a lot of them, denying his foe important weapons, ammunition, and supplies. He also developed a unique level of expertise and experience that can now be leveraged by anyone who wishes to keep their personal assets out of harm’s way.

Buy your copy of The Prepper’s Guide to Caches: How to Bury, Hide, and Stash Guns and Gear on Amazon today. :

Don’t want Amazon to have your information?

About the Author:

Joe Nobody (pen name for the author who wishes to keep his identity confidential) has provided systems, consulting and training for the U.S. Army, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Naval Research, United States Border Patrol, as well as several private firms and government agencies which cannot be disclosed. He is currently active in this area and for the security of his family and ongoing business, wishes to remain anonymous. He has over 30 years and holds the rights to a United States Patent for a firearms modification. “As the economy worsens, world tensions rise, and the modern media propagates bad news faster than ever before, more and more people want to prepare. I first wrote Holding Your Ground because it allows me to reach more of the good folks who are concerned about their security. I want them to sleep better at night knowing they have a plan of defense should the ‘Event’ ever occur.”

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We are an independent publishing house specializing in dystopian fiction and survival nonfiction, books and information that entertain and serve preppers, those preparing for events that could disrupt life as we know it and threaten survival. Uncertain times in a society heavily reliant on modern technology creates a need for every person to take a few steps toward independence and self-reliance. Should a major societal event happen, whether terrorist attack, plague or natural disaster, average Americans will need the knowledge and skills to help them survive if order fails and chaos ensues. Prepper Press publishes books and information that can help people survive in such situations. All of our authors are based in the United States. All of our books are published and printed in the United States.

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Buried guns, when do you plan to use them–only reason to bury them is fear of our government, not any oherr type of apocalyptic event. Odds might be you will be in an internment camp prior for records showing you have bought guns (4473) and accusations will be placed you did NOT turn in the off paper guns–in a Nazi like state (the fear) it is their rules, their game. If things get nuts enough to have you thinking burying guns is the situation (where they are not useful)–you have already lost. What if the Founding Fathers had done so…

Wild Bill

It is so hard to do even the most minor maintenance when your firearms are buried. And the Federal Government will find your buried firearms with ground penetrating radar and metal detectors, anyway.


Only a fool would believe that there is no reason to bury weapons and ammo. Caches have been used since man was created, for stashing wealth, food, weapons, etc. If you don’t think you need to bury anything in anticipation of what’s coming, then don’t. But don’t come crying to those who did because you need what they were smart enough to stash! Guns are not the only thing to cache, food, water, medical supplies, and important documents need to be with your weapons!


The only time to bury a gun is after the command “Affix Bayonets” is given.


One has to be very paranoid to think that we need to bury guns.


I read a quote in a book once that I think is very true “if it is time to bury your guns, it is time to dig them up.”


Yeah “real world” I did 2 tours in Germany and lived with them. They showed me a different side of un-confiscated guns left over from ww2.
Even a disaster like a tornado or fire can have you digging up those guns. OPSEC is huge when doing this.
Do what you want but don’t knock others because you “think” you know the future cause you don’t “know” anything.


The idea and concept of burying guns is INSANE! Burying guns only applies if you are hiding them from some sort of authority. SO–First too many people probably know you have them (just one is enough); neighbors, friends, family members your ex wife and others who may hate you or turn you in for special benefits from the aforementioned authority(s). For gun owners in a Nazi like government scenario (the great fear)-no gun owner with an on record of more than a tiny few guns (if even that) will be trusted to turn them ALL in. So in that type… Read more »