Hunters, Anglers, Shooting Sports Enthusiasts & Wildlife Conservationists Challenged

Hunters, Anglers, Shooting Sports Enthusiasts and Wildlife Conservationists Challenged to Step Up
Hunters, Anglers, Shooting Sports Enthusiasts and Wildlife Conservationists Challenged to Step Up
Camp Compass
Camp Compass

Allentown, PA -( Camp Compass Academy (CCA) is turning to individual sportsmen and women and the traditional outdoor sports industry to help it meet a challenge posed last week.

Camp Compass received an anonymous challenge grant, which means the organization only receives the grant funds if it can rasie a matching amount. The challenge deadline is looming and the organization is asking for your help.

Camp Compass Academy works with high-risk inner-city kids to pull them out of the ghetto, teach them life skills and even save lives through using hunting, fishing, shooting sports and other outdoor activities as a teaching foundation. CCA begins working with kids in middle school and follows them through high school. It's been operating, on a shoestring and blood, sweat and tears of a just a dozen or so volunteers, for 27 years.

CCA isn't the proveriable one-day, let's-get-outdoors program. Sure, the kids get outdoors, but also must reach a high bar of respectful behavior, good grades in school, attendance responsibilities, educational efforts (writing, math, science) and outdoor training. Graduates of the program are serving our country, leading productive lives, raising children and supporting the traditional outdoor sports. They, and future graduates, help hold the reins to the futures of hunting, fishing, the shooting sports and more.

But, truth be told, the program is in need of funding to sustain its efforts, grow and hopefully become a national cirriculum for building tomorrow's conservationists, hunters, anglers and shooters. The waiting list of kids who want to get into the program is substantial. Additional funds can help more kids' dreams of entering the academy come true.

Give With Eyes Wide Open

Take 10 minutes to watch the Camouflaging Our Differences documentary about Camp Compass. Review the website or visit the Camp Compass/Two Million Bullets Facebook page for additional information.

If you believe an organization that works with kids for years not hours or days, can, will, in fact, produce a generation of sportsmen or at the very least supporters of the traditional outdoor sport, then pleae forego a café coffee other beverage and donate $5 or more. Your generosity will leave a unimaginable legacy.y.

How the Program Works

Camp Compass:

  • Allows interaction between students and teachers beyond the classroom
  • Integrates adaptive science, math, social studies and English curriculum
  • Develops character and self esteem through student-centered learning
  • Builds bridges between cultures, ages and socioeconomic status
  • Demonstrates conservation practices and environmental respect
  • Promotes a positive connection with the community
  • Offers community job links and student references
  • Takes a proactive approach toward firearm safety and education
  • Works with children over a period of years, not hour or days

Camp Compass employs a five-level system to ensure student success:

  • Exposure
  • Exploration
  • Extension
  • Effective Application
  • Example Mentoring
  • Help Camp Compass Exceed the Challenge Grant Amount

Documentary Camouflaging our Differences:


Check out the Camp Compass Academy website:

Donation Sites:

About Camp Compass:

Camp Compass (CC) is a nonprofit program comprised of a unified effort to assist urban, disadvantaged youth with life through a structured program. Founder, John Annoni, and his staff make a difference in the inner city by providing hunting, fishing, archery, tutoring, social guidance, and other outdoor youth activities. CC also works to foster self-esteem through positive role models and assistance in making positive life choices.

For more information about Camp Compass visit

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4 years ago

Do any readers here have any personal experience or knowledge about this group? Sounds good.