Call to Action – HB1000 Terror Watch List Prohibitions

Contact Chairman Vallario and his committee with regards to HB1000 – Terror Watch List – Prohibitions

Maryland Shall Issue (MSI)
Maryland Shall Issue (MSI)

Annapolis, MD -( It has come to our attention that the Speaker of the House is trying to ram this bill through the House and then to the Senate.

Please contact the Chairman and the members of the House Judiciary Committee requesting an unfavorable report on HB1000. There is no due process to be added to the terror watch list. There is no judicial review to end up on the terror watch list. There is no redress process to come off of the terror watch list (there is one for the no fly list, which is separate).

There have been numerous accounts of mistaken identities for individuals that are not terrorists, nor are they related to terrorist activities, that are still on the list.

Phone numbers for the Chairman’s office:

Click Here for the list of Judiciary Committee members

Click Here for the committee e-mail list from AGC

Thank you!

Dan Blasberg
Maryland Shall Issue

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