The Forces of Ignorance and Hoplophobia Never Rest

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Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners
Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners

Lansing, MI -( Today’s example is House Bill 4261.

An awful bill with many sponsors, it was introduced early in this legislative session. This proposed law would add libraries to the list of Mass Murderer Empowerment Zones (The so-called “Pistol Free Zones” where a licensed concealed carrier may not carry a concealed pistol.) So, in addition to the other places where law-abiding citizens are left vulnerable to criminal attack, such as hospitals, churches, etc. (The full list reads like a psychopath’s shopping list for victims), libraries would be off limits.

“But,” you say, “CPL holders can carry openly in those places under the current law. So, we still have some means of defense.” Not if this bill were to become law. It would also ban open carry in the same list of places, effectively denying any law abiding citizen the right of self-defense, while giving criminals free rein to attack at will, with no fear of immediate reprisal.

Even when it seems that we gun owners have won some victories and things seem to be going pretty well, we can never let our guard down. The agenda never changes. Even though they may pay lip service to the Second Amendment and speak of “common sense,” the gun grabbers will not be happy until we all buy into their delusion that outlawing possession of guns in certain places will have an effect on criminals who are already bent on violating laws against rape and murder.

Spring is here. Take an anti-gun friend or relative to the range. Be nice. Make sure that everyone is safe, and has fun. Be a good example through your care and respect for the power of your firearms.

Being right is never enough. We need to keep speaking, and training, the truth.

About Steve Dulan:

Steve Dulan ( is a member of the Board of Directors of the MCRGO and the MCRGO Foundation, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the MCRGO Foundation. He is an attorney in private practice in East Lansing and Adjunct Professor of firearms law at The Thomas M. Cooley Law School. as well as an Endowment Member of the NRA.

About MCRGO:

The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Formed from just eight people in 1996, we now have thousands of members and numerous affiliated clubs across the state. We’re growing larger and more effective every day. Our mission statement is: “Promoting safe use and ownership of firearms through education, litigation, and legislation.”

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so, what they are saying is that if someone decides to shoot up a library full of kids and pornfreaks drooling on the public computers, all they have to do is wait outside, and shoot them in the parking lot. Makes perfect sense…… DON”T THEY KNOW that shooting kids is already illegal? If someone wants to do that, will a silly law saying you have to shoot them in the grocery store not the library make any difference?

Terence Colligan

There is no cure for hoplophobes. We can only try to understand the underlying phobia that leads to such beliefs. Sigmund Freud had it nailed. Read up….