State Democrats Launch 20% Firearm Tax Bill to Fund So-Called Gun Buyback Checkpoints

Gun Buy Backs
Gun Buy Backs
Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Waupaca, WI -( State Rep. Melissa Agard-Sargent (D-Madison) wants Australian-style gun control in Wisconsin and she’s introduced a bill to make that happen.

Sargent’s hair-brained scheme is to impose a 20 percent tax on gun sales in our state, with the money going back to gun control groups to operate Gun Buyback checkpoints throughout Wisconsin.

Is Rep. Sargent thinking clearly when she expects us to believe that a criminal is going to waltz into a law enforcement checkpoint and hand in guns they’re not supposed to possess … for a few dollars cash?

Get real.

The legislation, AB960, would create a system where guns are turned in and “required to be destroyed” … just like they do in totalitarian third world countries.

“The political will exhibited in Australia led to a palpable shift in public opinion,” writes Rep. Sargent proudly. “The people accepted the fact that safety had to take precedent over the ability to own an assault rifle.”

Wow, it’s amazing what these people will admit in writing. The scary thing about AB960 is how it will impose more taxes on gun dealers and gun owners.

The power to tax is the power to destroy.

Pouring salt in the wound, they want to tax gun owners and send the money directly back to “gun control organs” (themselves) to implement their anti-gun programs.


  1. Sign the online petition urging your Assembly reps to OPPOSE AB960, the dangerous new gun-tax-to-disarm scheme hatched by Wisconsin democrats.
  2. Contribute to this effort. A $15, $25, $50 or greater donation will enable us to mail every legislator and mobilize tens of thousands of gun owners across the state to oppose this bill.

They are making it sound like such “reasonable” legislation … like it’s all about “getting guns off the streets.”

Yeah, right. You and I know that is a farce.

So, will you help us fight AB960?


About Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc.:

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Donations made to Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. are not deductible for income tax purposes.

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Ok. Here is the latest on bill AB960. I have email from my state rep and the bill is dead for this year since they will no longer be in session this year. Bill never saw public hearing in the assembly.


this sponsor of this buyback scheme has listened to the great australian-LIAR- LI’L JOHNNY HOWARD..–EX- NOTE EX PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA — HIS BUNCH of laws bought in 1996 ROBBED ME AND OTHER LAWFUL REGISTERED GUN OWNERS , OF HEIRLOOM FIREARMS AND ANY FIRE ARM THAT THIS HOLOPHOBE DECLARED UNLAWFUL. THIS PUPET MASTER(in charge of current PM and LNP ) is on a holiday in USA and speaking to any other HOLOPHOBE that wants to listen –the facts are all shooting deaths were on the fall -port arthur massacre-never had a court case/ coroners inquiery/ commonwealth inquiery..!! now they want… Read more »


Time after time these bills are introduced to legislature trying to infringe on your 2nd amendment rights. You people in Wisconsin need to vote these people out of office. I sometimes believe that these senators, etc…. are more interested in making a name for themselves than actually caring about the bill they introduce. When they come up for reelection “YOU” have to get out and let the people know what these career politicians are trying to do and who the right candidate is that they should vote for. If everyone waits for the next guy to do it then it… Read more »

John DeLaFrance

If they do this is law enforcement going to check the serial numbers? Some of these weapons will have probably have been stolen. If that is the case then these weapons are recovered property, that law enforcement is required to return to its rightful owner.

C. Richard Archie

If buy backs work, why are they not doing them for pot, meth, cocaine and heroine?


the ban on some semi-auto shotguns in Australia expires in august, theres talk that it wont even come up for a vote to reinstate the ban, over all crime went thru the roof year after year after the ban, home break-ins rose 55% the first year, take peoples ability to defend themselves and criminals breath a sigh of releif

Jesse Scott

The epitome…tax gun owners, to fulfill a fantasy of gun grabbers, to buy back that which the government never owned to begin with, for which there is no measurable benefit


I believe we should also make people who have an abortion pay $200 so that anti-abortion groups can inform everyone of what an abortion is.


Duty to inform in Alaska is easy , I just say “officer I am carrying a firearm” . I do not use the word gun as idiot partners will draw immediately .Gun free school zones outside the school property as Unconstitutional as it infringes on normal driving and safe passage. Also the law is ambiguous as it does not specify how it is determined. The gun free school zone Is California’s attempt to ban having firearms in your vehicle which is your property .


Why should firearm buyers be forced to buy back others firearms that no longer want them. People that no longer want to own firearms can sell them to FFL’s and most likely get more than $100 gift cards . People are just more ignorant than ever brainwashed by schools that teach firearms are bad, instead of firearms are used by good and bad people . I was taught bad guy with a gun run , escape ,evade as distance equals safety . Today they teach hide in a corner like sheep ready to be eaten by a hungry wolf.


Wisconsin has a great carry bill compared to Illinois garbage 2013 carry bill. No Duty to Inform in Wisconsin. Here in Illinois NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put up the “NRA backed” carry bill with criminal penalties of 6 MONTHS or 1 YEAR in jail for hundreds of gun-free zones, an unlimited privacy waiver, and Duty to Inform so police criminals can set up and kill armed citizens with legal cover. Brought to you by the scum who betrayed Otis McDonald. Whatever you do, don’t let NRA, Inc. highjack your bills. If you don’t keep NRA traitors like Todd Vandermyde out… Read more »

MikeB in WI

Hey guys, Please don’t be hating on Wisconsin. When we finally became the 49th state to permit concealed carry, our Republican Governor and Legislature did a pretty good job of writing the law. The bill mentioned in this article is just one of several introduced by the representatives out of the Peoples’ Republic of Madison and the liberal failure known as Milwaukee. They have introduced bills in the last few weeks to require microstamping, to require “safe storage,” to require trigger locks be included with all firearm sales. These are just those wacky liberal legislators from those two areas showing… Read more »


Hillary Rodham-Clinton


Liberal Democrats with hyphenated last names are a sign of the times! LOL


This is Wisconsin business, but if I lived there I would be shouting to others and the sponsor of this bill.


“Those who would beat their arms into plow shears will plow for those who don’t!”
Thomas Jefferson

“Those who would give up basic liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty, nor safety, and will eventually lose bothe.”
Benjamin Franklin


When the liberals,it is not just Democrats, have their way with guns It will be that much easier to make us West China. It makes me madder when I hear someone say “I am a life long NRA member but I don’t believe anyone should have an assault weapon. Didn’t I hear Obama say , Look at China Europe and Australia, they get along fine without guns. China got my attention. They think it would be great if we minded like good little boys and girls and heaven forbid be able to defend our selves from the government.




I arrested a man for murdering another with a toothbrush, jammed it thru his carotid artery. In the charges I had to list ADW assault with a deadly weapon (toothbrush) as the assault weapon along with the murder charge. Soooooo


Actually there IS a definition for assault weapon, that being anything that can be used as a weapon to assault another individual. The use of “assault weapon” is misused when referring to any military-style rifle, just as clip is misused for magazine, and machinegun for semiauto weapons. But you are correct that the term “assault weapon” is ridiculously misused by a bunch of useless morons, in both parties.


Fists were the first “assault weapons”. Advancements led to clubs, rocks, et. al.


True,just like there is no such thing as “gun violence” !


Call them what you want. When the major portion of society calls an item a certain name, be it an assault weapon or mouse (computer- not four legged kind), it becomes the definition if you want to communicate with people. But I think you totally missed the point. There are even NRA members that are against “military style weapons” They don’t seem to understand that taking those away from us is just the beginning and the anti-gunners will come after our “animal assault weapons next. In the end they want to remove All guns from society.

Wild Bill

Well, lets just do that. Lets just call them what we want until the majority portion calls them what we do. Lets call them modern sporting rifles, and every time we hear some one say assault rifle, lets butt in and correct them.

Richard L Jones

Well, Wild Bill, I do .


By your illogical logic we should just accept when these idiots create false terms or redefine those terms for their agenda. So we shouldn’t care what a Natural Born citizen is, or that gay has been hijacked by a bunch of butt-pirates, or that climate change/global warming is a farce, etc. ….. The reason that we are in the state that we are in, as a country, is because NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE SPEAK UP and stop these lies. Go put you head back in the sand!


Maybe we do need better mental health checks to purchase any weapon! Sounds like you are a very angry individual that needs serious help!

Wild Bill

Now Owen everybody gets angry. Anger is not a sign of mental problems needing a check. Advocating gun bans in the name of public safety, knowing that crime rates will rise, now that is mental illness. Advocating gun free zones knowing that is where the killers will go to shoot people, now that is mental illness.

D. Murphy

WIS is a democratic state, most will think this bill is okay. If you’re a firearms owner there and vote democratic your getting just what you deserve.


We have a very republican governor, and most of the Democrats are located in Madison and Milwaukee.


That’s the same bullshiite excuse that several other states claim, yet you still have a libturd state.

One Angry Wisconsin Taxpayer

That’s why the Republicans have a majority in both houses of the state legislature as well as the governor’s office, right, Einstein? Wisconsin has more Republicans in the House than Democrooks, too. And the only reason a Democrook lesbian went to the Senate last time was because the national Republican Party stupidly refused to give Tommy Thompson the campaign money necessary to counter the HUGE spending done on her behalf by Hollywood/DC/Wall Street liberal groups which went unanswered by the Repub RINO establishment ninnies.

So get your facts straight, rattlebrain.


“…the portion of liberty enjoyed in England is just enough to enslave a country more productively than by despotism, and that as the real object of all despotism is revenue, a government so formed obtains more than it could do either by direct despotism, or in a full state of freedom…”

–Thomas Paine

As long as good slaves are willing to pay taxes our rights will be threatened. Once you figure out that we have to abolish taxation to be free we’ll have our liberties. Until then keep paying & hoping that they don’t take your guns, slave.


Disagreed with you on another topic elsewhere, Darren, but I certainly agree with you on this.


I’m glad you agree though I’m puzzled, how does the govt fight Islam without taxing us?


Taxes have nothing to do with fighting “Terrorists” – The taxes you Taxpayers pay now is for government borrowing back in the 70’s. And those payments only go to part of the interest, never the principle on a created from nothing currency – not money.

Stop being a slave.


mikrat, if our taxes don’t pay to fight terroism, where does the millions come from? Your accounting skills are questionable.


the American Revolution, the war of 1812, the civil war and the indian wars were fought without taxation..thats when government thru the U.S Mint made the money

Reinhold Czichos

B4 THIS BILL WAS INTRODUCED, If you ALL check, you probably find that Bloomberg & his $ Buddy’s FUNDS have been FLOWING in to your wonderful state of Wisconsin. RK1 This is what I Found and my thoughts. Your State Rep. Melissa Agard-Sargent (D-Madison) wants Australian-style gun control in Wisconsin and she’s introduced a bill to make that happen. RK1 I Was (D-Madison) Sargent involved or a SPONSOR IN THE INITIAL CONTROL FACILITATING THE (Politically incorrect) GUN SEIZURE? Did any 1 see what happened to that Justice statue that dropped the scale? AND NOW Sargent’s hair-brained scheme is to impose… Read more »

Reinhold Czichos

BECOME LEADERS. HAVE THE ALL PARTIES THAT VOTED IN THIS FIASCO SHOLD RELIQUISH 20% OF THEIR PAY. They Hustled very hard to take up this job, which is if they remember, or NOT, to Represent the wishes of the people of their state. Not a group of some Billionaire posterior voids who ideas are contrary to their constituent’s safety and well being. You should demand an investigation as to where from, and how much money is being poured in to DESTROYING THE BILL OF RIGHTS. If politicians listen to the money AND ACT ON THE MONIES IDEOLOGY rather than their… Read more »