2015: New Jersey Firearm’s Permitting Stats

The 2015 numbers are in!

New Jersey
New Jersey
Citizens for a Safer New Jersey
Citizens for a Safer New Jersey

New Jersey -(AmmoLand.com)- Earlier this year, Citizens For A Safer New Jersey submitted an Open Public Records Act request for the 2015 New Jersey firearms permitting numbers.

One of our long term goals is to keep expanding yearly on these number, and educate the public regarding real stats regarding the firearms permitting scheme in NJ. Stay tuned for more information on what these numbers mean to New Jersey.

Here’s a quick comparison to the 2014 NJ firearms permitting information we published late last year:

 2015 NJ firearms permitting chart
2015 NJ firearms permitting chart

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About Citizens for a Safer New Jersey:

Citizens for a Safer New Jersey includes individuals from all walks of life and from all across the State of NJ pulling together to create an avenue to address a huge void whereby New Jerseyans can help themselves to feel safe and be safer in their everyday lives.

For more information, visit: www.c4snj.org.

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William Blake

Glad to be able to say I am from NJ and will never ever step foot in that state again..I am free,,,, I am free.. I am free to buy what want. To carry open or concealed when ever I want to……


The people of New Jersey are being hoodwinked by a non -second amendment group of wusses that don’t care about your rights…Governor Butterball could do a lot to help the situation if he would..I have 2 good friends living there and they said the process to get a permit was very time consuming and aggrevating…I thank God I live in Texas….the people here would revolt if our state government tried the Jersey shenanigans…


Interesting that New Jersey, population none million +/- have only 72,000 citizens with Mother May I Cards to carry concealed. Washington have about half that (5 million) and have issued at present 525,000 permits to citizens. Half the population, seven times the number of permitted persons? Yes, I wonder as well how many qualified applicants have been denied. There have been recent (past 5 years) court cases where folks denied their Mother May I Cards tried suing, and the courts have always sided with the government denying permits for arbitrary and capricious “reasons”. That state have refused to allow Heller/Mc… Read more »


FYI…The 72,000 figure was for a permit to ‘purchase’ a handgun, one for EVERY handgun purchased. The carry permit number was 637 (issued in that year), no total number of CCW’s was given, but my bet would be that there are not more than a few thousand, non-LEO, CCW’s active in the entire state (for the politically connected)…making it much worse than you thought.

Lost in NJ

CCW permits in NJ have to be renewed every 2 years so it is safe to say that there are about 1133 CCW permits with in the state with a population of 8.9 million. The only legal CCW permits are for armed guard personnel per statute, so then question begs how many “citizens” haven CCW permits? Answer none. As a resident of NJ it is clear that the state uses every thing within their power to prevent, dissuade, block its citizens from excersicing their 2nd amendment rights. It took me 9 months to get a FOID card to buy a… Read more »


What the stats do not show is how many applications were REFUSED to be distributed by law abiding citizens.
Video on the web shows sworn law enforcement officers lying to the citizens, discouraging them from the application process, etc etc all in order to keep the firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

Concealed carry ‘Fagetta bout it.’


distributed TO law abiding citizens.


I would just like to take a moment to THANK AMMOLAND for providing the forum for all these great articles. I don’t see you guys ever getting thanked and you deserve so much!