Gamo Magnum Air Rifle Released

Gamo Outdoor USA Releases The New Gamo Magnum Air Rifle , Co-Headlining 2016 Product Lineup.

Gamo Magnum Air Rifle :
Gamo Magnum Air Rifle :
GAMO Outdoor USA
GAMO Outdoor USA

Fort Lauderdale, Fla., – -( Gamo Outdoor USA ( the leading manufacturer of high quality air guns, optics and laser designators is releasing the Magnum Air Rifle.

The new Gamo Magnum Air Rifle rifle features the powerful IGT Mach 1 system, Gamo’s revolutionary internal mechanism that substitutes the traditional spring for a gas cylinder delivering up to 1650 fps in .177 Caliber and 1300 fps in .22 Caliber (using PBA Platinum ammunition).

This air rifle not only delivers more power, but also keeps the advantages of the IGT MACH 1 piston, such as better accuracy, constant power, and reduced stock vibration during the shot cycle making this rifle a great addition to any outdoorsmen’s collection.

The air rifle is available in .177 Cal designed for pest control and recreation and .22 Cal for hunting.

Both versions feature a new all-weather thumbhole black stock with rubberized grips, the latest two stage fully adjustable Gamo trigger (C.A.T.), and a 3-9×40 with adjustable objective scope (AO). The Gamo Magnum also features one of the latest patent pending technologies from Gamo, the Recoil Reducing Rail (or triple R), designed to absorb the recoil and increase the lifespan for your scope.

Gamo Magnum Air Rifle SPECS

  • – 1,650 fps (with .177 Cal PBA Platinum pellets)
  • – 1,300 fps (with .22 Cal PBA Platinum pellets)
  • – IGT Mach 1 (Inert Gas Technology)
  • – New Non-Slip textured All-Weather synthetic Stock.
  • – RRR ™ Recoil Reducing Rail
  • – CAT™ Custom Action Trigger
  • – SWA™ (Shock Wave Absorber), with up to 74% recoil absorption
  • – 3-9×40 AO rifle scope.
  • – 5 Year Warranty
  • – MSRP $299.99 (.177 and .22 Cal)

Gamo Outdoor USA is a leading consumer products company that designs, manufactures and markets a diverse portfolio of outdoor sporting goods products under such world class brands as GAMO, BSA Optics, Laser Genetics, Aftermath, Joker Knives and is the exclusive distributor of BSA Guns. For more information visit:

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I have been reading your posts regularly. I need to say that you are doing a fantastic job. Please keep up the great work. Survival Hunting Tips


Any body chrome this in .22 with gamo rockets or premier hollow points? Please help me decide between the Gamo magnum .22, the Benjamin trail np xl 1100, or the umarex octane .22. I’m looking to take game upto the size of coon

Ray O

Im buying the Gamo Mag .22 $270 I looked at the BT np 1100 $260, but its scope was crap over 25 yards with no adjustable objective. plus it weighs a ton, somewhere close to 10 lbs and didnt seem comfortable to carry all day. The Gam Mag will drop a wild pig at 23m easily with a kill shot. My second choice was the Gamo Bone collector .22 $180 but I would upgrade that scope to an AO if I had went that route. Just my opinion, hope it helps

Roy Reyes

I’d like to try one. I’M IMPRESSED WITH THE FPS.

Randy Johnson

In my experience this will be at least a 100-yard hunting gun, more in the right hands.

2nd Amender

I’ve had a game .177 for nearly 20 years……..cannot complain.

When the original optic crapped out I tried a ‘red dot’ from Gamo…….verdict…..junk!

consequently………..I tried another 3-9×40 Gamo scope……verict…….junk!

Sorry, Gamo guys and gals……..the garbage wearing your name is going to tear you down.


I’d like to have the .22 version