Howard Stern Schools Liberal Producer On 2nd Amendment ~ VIDEO

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Howard Stern
Howard Stern

USA –  -( Shock radio host Howard Stern proved he’s a Second Amendment supporter when he put a gun-control nut in his place last week.

And the “nut” was none other than his own longtime producer Gary Dell’Abate, also known by listeners as “Bababooey.”

Dell’Abate called for a limit on the number of guns a person should own as well as the amount of ammunition.

“You think a guy should have the right to own 300 guns?” the producer asked.

“Yes, I do,” Stern replied. “What’s the difference if he has one or three hundred.”

When Dell’Abate implied that people should be limited to two guns, Stern asked what two guns a person should be limited to.

“I don’t know. Whatever is legal,” the producer said, displaying his ignorance.

When Stern asked if there should be a limit on the caliber of ammunition, he again didn’t know, but added, “You probably should limit the amount of ammunition somebody should have.” He asked if a person should be able to possess “unlimited ammunition.

“Of course,” Stern replied. “Why shouldn’t he?”

Then Stern got to the crux of his argument. He pointed out that the person purchasing both the guns and the ammunition is a law-abiding citizen. “You’re assuming he’s a criminal,” he said.

Listen to the exchange and Stern’s voice of reason via “The Howard Stern Show.”

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Timothy K. Toroian

Howard’s producer haas NO idea what he’s talking about, at all!!! He spouting liberal HS. Nothing he said was logical. And stupid people like him actually get to vote. No wonder we are in the messes we’re in. Jeez!

H.K. Latham

So glad to see support from his spectrum of the media. Much needed. Glad to see a redeeming quality from Stern.


Howard I have been a listener for years,and a supporter of you and your show.What BaBa Booey is trying to say is no one should have more than 2 weapons,and 1 box of ammo.I am a 6 year U.S.M.C. VIETNAM Veteran,not a criminal,and own many firearms,and support ammo,you can guess how much over my 67 years on this free country of ours.Thank you Howard,you have always supported the second amendment,from your early days to the present.I now have you off the control of the FCC, on Sirius,and love your show as always,its just getting better and better.I love your say… Read more »


The guy on Stern is an idiot just like that football coach in New Orleans. The idiot coach says since he “hates guns” no one should be allowed to own one. In fact he says the country should not allow them in the USA. Well coach moron I don’t like football so maybe it should be banned because I, yes I don’t like it. That is BS and you know it. Typical liberal who believes the only thing allowed is what they approve and or like. Well guess what you liberal POS that is not how free societies work so… Read more »


If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it.
The felon/terrorist does not fear the Laws, police, prison, judge nor jury.
Therefore what he must be taught is to fear is his victim.


I hope that someday, that dirt bag dumbshit that Howard was talking to realizes just how stupid and ignorant he sounded with each syllable that came out of his mouth. Geesh..


Author: TEX
Lavoy Finicum a hero ? Why,because he decided to die from suicide by cop ?”

Suicide by cop requires a weapon. He was shot before he reached down and when he reached down it was BECAUSE he was shot, a natural reaction.
Just watch the synced drone video with the cell phone video taken from inside the vehicle. It is on youtube.


Lavoy Finicum a hero ? Why,because he decided to die from suicide by cop ?

George McADOO

That was murder by cop. If you were to watch the video, filmed and produced by the government, you would have seen the vehicle Finicum was driving was fired on, without provocation, by state and federal police, before Finicum exited the vehicle and put his hands in the air. before he was shot in the back.


If you are wondering what may happen in a SHTF scenario and are preparing, the book “Only By Blood and Suffering” written by the FIRST American hero of the new war for freedom Lavoy Finicum. It is a quick and worthy read.

I especially like the focus on government events as being borne out in real life in Harney County Oregon.

Phantom Phlyer

My opinion of Howard has now come out of the crapper and up to a modicum of esteem. 🙂 What if a law abiding citizen gets a bunch of guns and then turns criminal? How f— insane is that? Nice demolition job on this dumbass who hasn’t had an original thought in his life – apparently. I had a classmate in college who was very bright and opined about refrigerators/alcohol on campus something along this line of thought which I will apply to owning a gun and potential misuse. owning a gun no more makes me a potential criminal than… Read more »


The only place I disagree, is the “mental health” question. WHO decides what is and is not mentally healthy. The same nut bags that have declared pedophilia is now “normal” or those pathologically terrorised by a picture of a gun.
Or better yet those like this producer who has ZERO information or education on anything firearm. NO thank you keep your mental illness OUT of the coonstitution.


Well that could be done responsibly but not by government. There is actually a measure of protection from the mentally ill in existence but because of government, information does not get to the Insta-Check System; HIPPA laws disallow it. Whoda thunk Government could screw something like this up? I believe in Pennsylvania anyway, the question on the application says something like being determined mentally ill by a court.

The subject defiantly opens the door for government abuse so it’s better left alone of somehow designed so mental health professionals could have a certain path to reporting such information.


It claims 12 comments… Where are the rest? I have posted twice there should be AT LEAST 14….


This is the first time I’ve seen anybody’s but mine after a good 6 or 8 notifications.


click send a second time


OK where is my comment? [Admin note] comments are scanned for spam and violations of policy. Not every comment is automatically approved. In some cases a comment is held for admin review, this is common and Ammoland has three individuals dedicated to on going comment review and approval. often a comment pended for review will be approved in 30 minutes or less. Sorry but you have to be paitient some times. Were going as quickly as humanly possible. enjoy-bpjsurf What was not made in this conversation was the connection between “The Walking Dead” and the very real hordes who will… Read more »

Wild Bill

The authors of “Patriots” (by John Rawles) and “One Second After” (by Wm Forstchen) examine what might happen when the SHTF. In addition to interesting plot and character development, both books contain lots of how to.


Do not forget “Only by Blood and Suffering” written by LAVOY FINICUM and perhaps one of the main reasons he was murdered.


more than likely they’ll turn to hopefully you’ll only need 1 shot every few days hehe


Famous quote “it’s the criminals stupid! ” according to the law criminals don’t have to obey the law as it is contrary to their nature!

brass hopper

I never cared much for Howard Stern but I do respect his views own gun ownership. Thanks Howard you hit the nail on the head. These so called liberals don’t have a clue as to the real world problems……Look at Hillary…..She lives in fantasy land and acts like the world revolves around her and she is queen…..sound familiar Barrack? These liberals want to change the world to there liking { do as I say not as I do } No FREEDOM THATS THE SOCIALIST WAY……NOT THE AMERICAN WAY……FREEDOM IS NOT CHEAP…TALK IS…..BEWARE OF WHATS COMING IN THE ELECTIONS…


Wow. After all the years of hating how this guy puts women down and objectifies them I finally have something to respect him about.

Good to know Mr Sterns head is on straight on at least one issue…


The dangerous word tah-tah-toothy said is “limit.”


Howard, never try to teach a pig to sing, as it wastes your time and annoys the pig. I’m glad this happened over the radio, as maybe it caused someone to see that guns aren’t the issue, but bad people are.


If we can get Howard past the National background check thingy (i.e. National gun registry), then he’ll pretty much be there. Concerning Gary the producer: You can’t blame people for stupid, but you sure as hell can blame them for ignorant, especially when they are demonstrating their ignorance while moving their mouths. Shut up when you don’t know what you are talking about and listen. You might just solve that ignorance problem you have. And what’s with the “if somebody has lots of guns, they could start distributing them to people” argument that the antis are using? I’ve heard that… Read more »


Oh yeah and besides the national background check thing he needs to be careful of the mental health thingy.

Who decides who is mentally ill and how corruptible might they be? Also, there are people who are considered “mentally ill” that are perfectly capable of safely and responsibility defending themselves with a firearm. PotG are too quick to jump on the mentally ill thing. The antis would love to exploit that. What happens when they decide that owning or wanting to own a gun is a sign of mental illness? And don’t think that can never happen.

George McADOO

YaDaddy, The Clintons and Obama have already tried to use the Centers for Disease Control to implement policy declaring gun ownership a disease of mental disability. If Killary is “elected” to the presidency, you can bet they will be at it again.


most people do not know anything about mental illness but they sure are willing to give it an undeserved stigma. The background check already denies people that have adjuticated for mental reasons are denied.

Robert Blessin

I’m calling Sirius and subscribing to Howard’s radio show !!! Long Live Howard !!!


Have we forgot about the drug problem in this country. Why can’t effort be on real issues. Have we forgot that Hillary allow Americans to die and id nothing, have we forgot her lack of security with top secret information? Let get back on track! Guns is not the problem, people are. I think these liberals want to just take the focus away from the real issues.


Keep defending our 2nd amendment rights, Howard. You be da man!

Bryan R

The most difficult thing to get anti-gun people to understand is that criminals don’t care what is illegal. Heroin, meth, and cocaine aren’t legal but yet there are huge amounts of them all over the country and in one way or the other they are responsible for many deaths, most of which no one ever hears about. The truth is that as long as citizens are armed there is no way the government can be in full control. Even the military is now training new troops with liberal views so when the time comes for big government to fully take… Read more »


I think your a little off there the first thing in the oath when you swear in as military is I will defend the constitution of the united states there for any order that goes against the constitution is an unlawful order and everyone I’ve ever served with would not follow it.


They already have gone along with it. Every gun law ever written is unconstitutional. Every gun law is an infringement. 2nd says ‘shall not be infringed’.



the 1st Amendment says..the right of the people
the 2nd Amendment says..the right of the people
the 4th Amendment says..the right of the people


Are you even serious? We’ve spent over a decade fighting wars and engaged in military action with no declarations of war and little justification. Our intelligence agencies who swear the same oath have been wilfully engaged in violating the entire bill of rights for 15+ years. And have gone so far as to tell verifiable lies under oath in court and in front of congress about it on countless occasions.
Why don’t you stop sloganeering and start thinking. Your moronic and totally clueless post puts you in the running for worlds dumbest person.


longer than about the spanish american war?..was it declared?..or Korea?.vietnam?..our people was sent to fight other peoples wars..


Link won’t play.


Here it is on YouTube:


What an idiot. People admit they have no knowledge of guns yet have all they need to determine who should have what., It only take one gun for a criminal to harm you in your unprotected home; if you’re smart, you have at least one gun in every room to protect yourself from a home invasion. Where does this idiot get off saying I can only have one handgun?


That’s the whole problem with the left and the uneducated! Not one time was he able to name out one type of gun nor any kind of ammunition! Then we have all the professors of schools and colleges brainwashing our children telling them that guns are bad and nobody should have one. It’s way past time to teach the sheeple about common sense! Why don’t those who hate guns and think guns are evil put gun free zone in front of their homes? Why not put since guns are evil we don’t have any here? Then who are they gonna… Read more »


Well said brother Howard!