Sabre Defense Assets to Be Sold Off In Auction May 2nd 2016

Sabre Defence Industries’ Facility Closure Prompts Online Auction Conducted by Perfection Industrial Sales.

Sabre Defense Assets to Be Sold Off In Auction May 2nd 2016
Sabre Defense Assets to Be Sold Off In Auction May 2nd 2016 : Perfection Industrial Sales will host an online auction offering over 500 lots available due to Sabre Defence Industries’ facility closure in Spindale, NC.
Sabre Defense
Sabre Defense

Spindale, NC –  -(  Perfection Industrial Sales, a unit of Perfection Global, LLC, has announced an online auction following the closure of Sabre Defence Industries’ pristine firearms manufacturing facility in Spindale, North Carolina.

The plant previously manufactured a variety of popular weapons and weapon spares, including M-16 rifles, M-4 carbines and Stellite-lined M-2 50 caliber barrels. Lincoln, Nebraska-based New Empire Industries, the company that had recently purchased all assets belonging to Sabre Defense Industries, and its subsequent owner Manroy USA, has made the strategic decision to scale back operations to focus on a core business of barrel manufacturing.

Interested buyers may schedule inspections on Monday, May 2nd between 8:00AM EDT and 4:00PM EDT at the Sabre Defence facility at 159 Yelton Street in Spindale, North Carolina. Lots for the online auction will begin closing at 11:00AM EDT on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Additional information including a full lot catalog can be viewed at

The assets up for auction include vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, conventional machine tools, coordinate measuring machines, tool holders, perishable tooling, forklifts, factory support equipment and much more.

Sabre Defence Acution Brochure – May 2nd 2016

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