What Would America Look Like If We Removed Urban Gun Violence From Our Society?

By Don McDougall

Gun Shot Murder Victim
What Would America Look Like If We Removed Urban Gun Violence From Our Society?
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Fairfax, VA -(AmmoLand.com)- The left wing gun grabbers talk all about how guns are not an urban problem. I mean Bill Clinton may not see it this way, but his wife sure does.

Her repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) would see every gun maker and gun dealer out of business in 5 years.

So let’s go back to the FBI Unified Crime Report and the Federal Bureau of Justice. These sources are unbiased and universally accepted. Let’s ask what America would look like if we solved urban gun violence.

83% of all gun deaths are related to minority gangs and drugs. That means of the 10,000 gun murders a year 8,300 are minority on minority violence related to gangs and drugs.

What if we solved the problems of gangs and drugs? I mean rather than going after the entire population we instead focused on those doing the killing. What if we focused on the 5% of the population that cause the problem?

Let’s say we achieve this task. What would the crime and murder rate in America look like?

We have a population of 320,000,000 and 10,000 murders with guns, so we have 3.2 gun related murders per 100,000 people. If we remove the gun related deaths caused by gangs and drugs that number drops to about .54. Less than a single gun death per 100,000 people!

The tragedy of gun murders is an URBAN problem fueled by gangs and drugs.

The United States without gangs and drugs looks like France, Germany and England. In fact, our murder rate is less! White and middle-class America does not have a gun problem. The NRA’s America does not have a gun problem. Our murder rate is equal too or less than countries with total gun bans. Gun violence is an Urban problem. Our solutions must address the 5% that causes the violence.

Jobs, better education, and real hope (not just campaign slogans) are the solutions. We must strike at the cause of the violence.

So the three things the gun grabbers throw back in our face when we propose these common sense solutions are:

Suicides – why leave them off.

Japan and South Korea have almost total gun bans but 2-2.5 times our national suicide rate. If guns caused suicides, these countries would be near the bottom. The 2nd Amendment Foundation is embarking on one of the nation’s largest and most complete suicide prevention programs. This program has the potential to help ALL people at risk for suicide. For the anti-gun crowd, only the 50% that might use a gun seem to matter. For us pro-freedom people, ALL lives matter. How someone dies is far less important than the fact that we have lost someone.

Crime and Guns – Your actions are racist.

Criminals do not follow the law, but they are influenced by the sentencing. We see this when gangs use 13-year-olds as the trigger in a shooting. Proposal: use of a gun in the commission of a crime adds (a non-negotiable) 25 years to your sentence. Discharge the gun adds 50 years. Criminals are not stupid; they’re just dishonest. Think about our cities if we could harness all that ingenuity for good rather than on drugs and gangs?

We need to eliminate weapons of war from our streets!

Ok, let me put this out there. It is criminals with small caliber handguns that commit crime. The world is NOT NCIS or Hawaii 5-O. The violence you see on TV is not reality. Stop thinking it is. While you’re in your own head please realize that most all of what you see on TV IS NOT REAL! Try reading a book once in a while.

Bill Clinton got it right when he said: “I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them down to the street to murder other African American children. Maybe you thought they were good citizens.”

For the Anti-gun left it is NOT about saving lives, it is about banning guns. They let our cities burn, and throw away an entire part of our America to meet their ends. The simple fact is that gun bans will do NOTHING to end gang and drug violence. As such they will have no effect on the murder rate.

Better schools, vocational training, job training and fighting institutional racism are the REAL solutions to gun violence.

Why do the gun banners ignore this? Because saving lives is not their goal. For the Hillary’s of the world, Black/Brown lives are throw away; their lives don’t matter except as a tool for getting votes and keeping power.

It is not the cops who are doing the killing, it is more honestly the politicians who refuse to address the causes of the violence. They kill 8,300 people a year and smile about it.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Even if we could remove every gun off the face of this planet this discussion would only change to “What would America look like if we could Remove Urban ____ Violence From Our Society.” The only way you could “Remove Urban Gun Violence From Our Society” would be to remove the urban areas. …these lefties with an agenda have done nothing in the last couple generations except cause there to be less and less “education” and proper training about firearms from parent to children or school to child or friend (with responsible parents who care about their kids) to friend… Read more »

Doug Nusbaum

Just look at the “whitest” states: https://www.dnusbaum.com/RacistGunHomicideInfo.html After you white conservatives get finished patting yourselves on the back please Note that the above problem with blacks was caused by rich white men. https://www.dnusbaum.com/LeadBlack.html The same men responsible for the “war on drugs”. Have you noticed that rich white conservatives only start treating a problem as a treatable illness when it invades their own personal space. Like HIV, or heroin and people like them start dying from it? This is not surprising cause, by definition, conservatives are stupid Look at the definition of conservative. A person adverse to change. It is… Read more »

Mike Murray

Buying into the Red/Blue, D/R, Conservative/Liberal knee-jerk reaction is the perfect demonstration of stupid. These days the The difference between Republican and Democrat is defined by who their cronies are. Both love big government, big spending and big control. The very definition of Liberal has been perverted and twisted from what it was 200 years ago. Science is hardly pure of purpose, and scientists can be bought with grant money just like anyone else. EPA failures/corruption with lead in Flint and earlier in Washington DC for example? A river spill in Colorado? Gitmo, Warrant-less spying, racial polarization, Wall Street collusion,… Read more »

Wild Bill

Are you one of those trolls that get paid to go onto social media and “push back” against those that have old fashioned values. I am just asking because the Hillary campaign just recently admitted paying people to go onto go onto social media and counter conservative views. Who else would be up posting at 2:53 am on a work day? Certainly not an employed person, unless that is your job.


Doug, any intelligent person can manipulate statistics to show anything they would like to show….but please let me respond to you with some common sense. Let me start by saying that generalizing that “conservatives are stupid” makes you look like a moron because someone being “adverse to change” is not bad–would you fix something that is not broken-? would you replace your cars motor before it blows??? really–would you? Honestly you sound brainwashed. Why would you think a “progressive” is more intelligent — history proves that progressives try to socially engineer change and many times they get it wrong. It… Read more »


The disparity rate between Whites and negroes in prison for violent crime and firearm related murder is simply ! Negroes make up 16% of US population but negrores commit 86% of all violent crime and firearm related murder !


Hi Don. Good article, but “Proposal: use of a gun in the commission of a crime adds (a non-negotiable) 25 years to your sentence. Discharge the gun adds 50 years.” Have you really thought this one out? Crime is crime, but if you do it with a gun what’s the difference? (Well, the gun obviously.) Kill/injure someone with a knife, bat, or some other weapon and that, somehow, is not as bad? Where’s the focus? Suppose someone is convicted of the “crime” of hunting or target shooting a gun on property that’s not theirs (trespassing) or zoned for residential use… Read more »


If you take a life then you forfeit yours . That way we don’t feed them forever


This is totally politically incorrect but the facts speak for themselves. It will not matter how many schools you open or programs you start. It won’t matter how many people you want to call racist. Because first to stop the violence you have to have people who understand working together and they have to have an IQ high enough to teach. Sorry never in history has that been the black community. The push there should be to get those that can out and into situations that will let them succeed and understand the rest are never going to quit the… Read more »

Gene Ralno

I’d add that according to the latest GAO data, refined and reduced by “The American Thinker” in July 2015, illegal aliens are responsible for 5,639 murders annually in the U.S. If the border were closed to illegal crossings and criminal illegal aliens in the U.S. were deported, our murder rate would decline to 2.1 per hundred thousand, well within the safest one-third of the world. Don’t hold your breath for the leftists to mention such heresy. It’s bad for the democrat brand.

We don't want to take away your guns

You mean solve urban gun violence by prosecuting felons and giving cops the tools they need to take back the streets? In other words, exactly what Giuliani did for NYC where the annual murder rate was cut from 2000 to 300 and 42nd St and Times Square was transformed from a crime infested, XXX-rated cesspool to restaurants, Tower Records and Disney? How on earth would doing that in places like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and D.C. advance the left’s goal of eliminating the second amendment?


Well, Don, Where do I start? “Liberal Democrats” are the problem? Well, actually they are not the problem, they just happen to be a very useful tool in the process of disarming the civilian population of our Country. Like in the Wizard Of Oz, it’s important to look behind the curtain. All of the murderous violence in our cities, which have overwhelming minority populations serve to provide the opportunity to organize against private firearms ownership (see/ Rules for Radicals). First you go into a community and ask folks what things really bother then. Next you claim that there is some… Read more »

We don't want to take away your guns

Lou, right you are. Just the idea of the 2A (not the actual guns themselves) gives ordinary, law-abiding citizens way too much freedom and power. That makes the progressive left very uncomfortable. Look how the Heller decision has them all twisted in knots.


And just where do you find this “institutional racism”? It’s in the minds of the same people that are trying to take away our guns.

Mike Murray

Drug use will always be with us. Taking the money out of supplying the drugs (and out of the hands of criminal cartels) is possible. The profit motive and protection of “turf” is a big part of the gang violence. The “War on Drugs”, which we are clearly losing, has lead to a war on our streets.


You want to drop gun crime? Ban all DEMOCRATS from owning guns…..