AmmoLand Exclusive: Donald Trump Promised Terry Brother Answers on Fast and Furious

By David Codrea

Kent Terry and sister Michelle meet with Donald Trump at community college event in Michigan (Photo used with permission).
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA -( The brother of a slain Border Patrol agent says Donald Trump has promised answers about the Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” program leading to Brian Terry’s death.

Kent Terry met with Trump, and says the presumptive Republican nominee will use his authority to act if he’s elected president, Terry said in a Twitter post Tuesday.

“Mr. Trump said ‘It’s a shame Fast and Furious started and shame on them for what they are doing about it,” Terry explained to this column, referring to an event at a community college in Michigan (see photo).  “When I become president I will open the books on Fast and Furious and Brian. God bless your family Kent.’

“Then at end of campaign speech when he got off stage he remembered me again,” Terry elaborated. “First time in Brian’s death I honestly believe Mr. Trump will get answers.”

Kent Terry's Donald Trump Tweet
Kent Terry’s Donald Trump Tweet


This is not only newsworthy, it could prove explosive. It could provide the necessary authority to break the logjam and allow the complete truth about Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” to come to light. It’s not unfair to speculate that could put the fear of God into some of those who have tried their best to keep the truth buried, and would up the stakes for involved Democrats to keep Trump from getting elected. It would also be tremendously beneficial to his campaign, and to rallying Americans sick of the cover-up and demanding of justice. But only if that pledge is publicly acknowledged.

Hillary Clinton
What did Hillary know and when did she know it?

This would be a winning campaign issue for Trump, not as something to exploit, but as another chance to show a big difference between the two candidates. That in itself could get honest investigative journalists asking what Hillary knew and when she knew it. For starters, how is it guns were intentionally allowed to “walk” to Mexico without that government being informed and without close coordination between respective law enforcement agencies?  What was Hillary’s State department doing while diplomatic channels were reportedly being bypassed and arms export laws were apparently being ignored by “principles” that “induced” or “willfully caused” violations? Was State really in the dark? Was that due to incompetent leadership or a criminal cover-up? And why did the White House counsel refuse to permit testimony to House Oversight by the National Security Council Director of North American Affairs after emails showed he was getting “off the record” information from ATF’s Phoenix SAC about its Gun Runner Impact Teams?

Opening up State and DOJ to see what secrets remain intentionally hidden (like why Eric Holder testified in May 2011 that he’d only heard about Fast and Furious a few week earlier when Obama said he knew about things in March, and why emails to Holder’s aide show he was informed of the Terry murder the night it happened — not to mention Sharyl Attkisson’s initial CBS News report was in February!) is an action only a strong and independent executive can order. Interested Americans have long grown weary of the stonewalling and obfuscation, the obstruction and the contempt, none of which ever seems to produce results beyond noise.

All the inquiries seem to provide are more opportunities to lull the gullible back to sleep by painting things as a no-big-deal “botched gun sting,” rather than what a knowledgeable source claimed early on: Guns were being allowed to cross the border in violation of U.S. and Mexican law so they could be used “to pad statistics.” And no one has ever been held truly accountable for what appears to be a criminal conspiracy that has resulted (and continues to result) in the deaths of untold numbers of people.

It’s painfully obvious by now neither House Oversight nor Senate Judiciary have the juice to force complete and open disclosures from an obstructionist White House, and all the court has done is offer continued opportunities to stall.  Opening all the books and ordering cooperation from all departments is absolutely something that would be a legitimate executive action for a president to take, so the question is, will Donald Trump come through if elected?

Brian Terry
U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

Will Trump publicly pledge to end all White House-controlled Fast and Furious stonewalling and to open up all relevant records? Will he rescind White House refusals to let potentially key witnesses testify? Will he order executive departments and agencies to fully cooperate, and to open appropriate investigations and share information with the people’s representatives and the media?

Will Donald Trump issue a statement promising to oversee and ensure that the complete truth is revealed and that justice will be done, for the surviving family members of Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata, for all the other victims, and for the American people?

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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We can hope for the best, but I won’t be holding my breath. Call me Jaded.


Just a few thoughts, You wanna win Donald? Get Condoleezza Rice to join the party for the V-P slot. You pick up a huge part of the black and female vote all in one shot.
The whole thing with Trump & Megan Kelly was a put up job to get him news time and make her a superstar overnight. Worked pretty well if you ask me.
I want everyone in the future to refer to POTUS as B’ho…. Gives him street cred. and seems appropriate

Grey Beard

It would do my heart good to see the whole bunch perp walked into Pelican Bay Prison. Only fly in this ointment is the Guaranteed Fact that on his last day in office our little king will Pardon EVERY Last Person who ever served in his criminal enterprise. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!
That’s just how the democrat/liberal/progressive/communist party roles.

BillyBob Texas

OH….and Hillary, too.

Wild Bill

Maybe, BillyBob, but there is no love lost among the O’bammys and the Clintoons. If pres. Soetoro pardoned all those in his administration, it would certainly tell the world that he knew and condoned all the crime done during his administration. Perhaps Barry will pardon himself, too! That would be another first for his legacy.

BillyBob Texas

Here’s the trouble with Trump stating he will ‘open the books and go after whoever screwed the pooch’…OBAMA! may pardon all those involved.

In fact, I fully expect OBAMA! already is compiling a list of “pardonees” he will take care of on his last day in office – which will include Holder, and the IRS lady and the IRS commish Koskiegen or whatever….maybe even Al Sharpton, etc…..lowlife scumbags!!!!


The bull dyke is done ! Poor Bill will never be First Lady and have the White House to rape anymore women !


He can’t. From the Commisariat of Injustice pardon instruction web site “Under the Constitution, only federal criminal convictions, such as those adjudicated in the United States District Courts, may be pardoned by the President.” The scumbags would have to be convicted BEFORE he left office for him to pardon.

Grey Beard

Um, you seem to forget that the law, and much less the Constitution are as Nothing to this Criminal Kenyan born Arab. He’ll just do it and move on.


It simply will NOT happen!

Wild Bill

When you write, “It simply will NOT happen!”, I presume that you mean that hiLIARy will not be indicted. It will simply not happen is too simple. Tell me why you think that hiLIARy will not be indicted, please.

peewee henson


2nd Amender

Trump is ‘the everyman’ feared by anyone who does business in dark corners, behind closed doors, and on private servers!
So much for the “transparency” of this administration……and the Clinton legacy.

Wild Bill

Trump’s list of S.Ct. potential nominees is very astute, as well. Of course Donald did not come up with the list all by himself. Trump may not be perfect, but he is smart enough to hire talent to help him.


Bill,do you think Newt Gingrich is the man Trump should go with as VP ? If I was Trump I would pick him in a New York minute. Plus, Newt has already said he would seriously consider it ! (I’ve seen interviews and he would accept) I just hope he don’t pick that moron Carson,NOT JUST NO BUT HELL NO ! That would derail the Trump train ! If he wants to use gender in his pick go with Palin. (Although women are really coming around and supporting Trump) ! Just curious !

Wild Bill

I always liked Newt. I think that, either, Donald or Newt would make minced meat out of hiLIARy’ the influence peddler or Bernie’ the communist. It would make a most entertaining election campaign. If Dr. Gingrich does get picked, I think that he will have a tremendous polishing effect on the Donald. Newt has a lot of experience that Trump does not have, but needs. Finally, Newt is really well thought of in intellectual circles. Trump is making some really wise efforts to nit together the Rep. party; draw Democrats that have been abandoned by the Democrat party; and attract… Read more »


Bill,you’re right about that ‘polishing effect’ Newt would have on Trump. I’ve always really admired him and he would be such a positive influence in the Trump administation. It’s a win win ! Take care !


Bill,one last thing. The problems I have with Ben Carson as Trumps VP has nothing to do with his race. Several weeks ago I was notified about his personal life and beliefs. Check out the pictures Carson has hanging on the walls of his house among other things. One is a hand painted (he had painted) portrait of a black Jesus with his arm around himself (Carson) with both of them dressed in religious robes. This among many others. This would not be a problem to me with a private citizen but Carson isn’t. The statements he’s made about the… Read more »

BillyBob Texas

YES to NEWT.!! Trump needs – and has said – that he will pick someone who knows how to get legislation passed – and knows how Washington works. NOBODY is better than Newt for that. He’s smart as a tack, and most people up there like him. YES, YES, YES to NEWT !!
I like Carson – but knows NOTHING about Washington. Use him in the Cabinet – maybe HHS Secretary. Christy for Atty General, and for Homeland Security Secretary – the former NYC Mayor who cleaned up the place.

Matt in Oklahoma

We already know the answers

Jesse Scott

Excellent…because we’ll never hear the truth from that lying sack of sh*t faker obammy.


This is definitely one of the main reasons the DC regime and its Pravda media allies and political figures of both parties fear trump so much. Both parties have an understanding that they will not ever seriously investigate or prosecute one another for their various criminal acts when in office. Bill Clinton ignored the cia drug running into america done under previous admins, Bush Jr ignored the theft of white house property and various other major scandals of Bubba, obama ignored the various tortur/war crimes/domestic spying of Bush Jr, and it was expected that any republican would have ignored hillary’s… Read more »

Wild Bill

My fondest dream is to see hiLIARy indicted. She needs to win the presidential election to stay out of jail. I think that under a Trump administration the FBI and Dept of Justice would be free, motivated even, to indict and prosecute hiLIARy. That would end the Clintoon political machine.

Bill Lincoln

If Trump wants to win, all he has to do is start releasing links to the forensic evidence on the 20 plus murders the clintons have covered up (i.e. reclassified as suicides). How is it that almost all of the clinton White House legal counsels end up “committing suicide”? Could it be they knew too much and wanted out. Just look at the books published on the Vince Foster murder cover up. That’s just one of many, many murders.


Are you related to an ole boy name Abe ?


Trump brought up the very credible Juanita Broderick rape allegations on Hannity last night. There are zero republicans at the national level who would have done that, so anything is possible with trump. The neocons, leftists, and DC Regime are terrified of the man for this very reason – he does not go by the standard playbook.

Trump reminds me of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises: and DC is facing its reckoning instead of Gotham. No wonder there is so much fear!


All of the old rules do not apply if Trump wins. Hillary very well could end up in prison, which is reason enough to vote for and actively support trump.