Gun Owners Must Be Calm and Smart to Prevail in Coming Challenges

By David Codrea

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Anybody think it’s possible to reason with this mentality? Any “compromisers” think they’ll stop before they’ve eradicated RKBA?

USA – -( The post-Orlando blood dance is in full swing. Gun owner control zealots are circling in, sensing vulnerability, and an opportunity to strike decisive blows.  Obama and Hillary and the Democrats are leading the charge. The media is cheering them on for all it’s worth.

We’ve seen renewed demands to ban “assault weapons.” The “terror watchlist” has once more taken center stage. Executive orders are back on the table.

No proposal is too outrageous once the eye-rolling feeding frenzy starts.  For those of you who have been ridiculed as paranoids for claiming the antis want to take your guns, there are renewed calls to repeal the Second Amendment. One treasonous senator has even proposed making not just misdemeanor “hate crimes” cause for a gun prohibition, but what he calls a “reasonable suspicion” that you might be guilty of one (and that’s a standalone topic for another article)!

The national Republican “leadership” appears to be wavering. Some seem desperate enough to embrace the fool’s hope that if they throw a scrap of flesh to a circling pack of ravenous jackals, it will satisfy them, and persuade them to move on.

The gun-grabbers are coming at us from all angles, attack after attack and wave after wave, with no relief in sight. Presumed allies are wavering and showing their true colors. New angles of subversion many have not considered are appearing before us, fully formed and ready to implement.

For those living “behind enemy lines” in “progressive”-dominated areas, these are perilous times and they’re about to get worse.  The old paradigm of writing legislators and pursuing justice though the courts is all but blocked off.  The “I will not comply” civil disobedience movement will result in massive noncompliance, but that means those defying orders need to be smart about it. The enforcers can’t get you all, but the ones they can get will be made examples of. Some may want to move. For those who don’t, can’t or won’t, understand your choice is obedience or heightened risk from both sides of the “law.”

For the rest of us in relatively more free areas: Take a breath. Compared to what we say we’re ready to do, and what others who have gone before us have done, this is still mostly a test of nerves to see if we’ll allow our representatives to blink.

Know that the antis have to be hysterical. That’s because they desperately want our guns. And that’s because our guns stand in the way of ultimately unchecked power for the manipulators. For their followers, we are heretics and blasphemers, and we know what fanatics want to do to those.  So yeah, they hate us.  But we all knew that.

Here’s the thing: They can pass any law and issue any ruling and the only thing that will get our guns out of our hands is if we surrender them. There are simply not enough enforcers to take them from us, at least not all of us.

Remember that. Yes, by all means continue exposing the lies and promoting the truth, but don’t lose sight of the reality that just as arms can discourage individual aggressors without a shot being fired, so too does this work on a societal level.

The Second Amendment is still working. Don’t lose heart. Stay smart.

Resolve to keep your guns. Declare that confidently. Let the would-be gun-grabbers be the ones who lose heart.

Now back to work.  Yes, work. It takes more than an occasional anonymous “Molon Labe” comment. But let’s keep doing it proudly, eyes forward and shoulders square, knowing that we yet possess a strength that makes our enemies seethe and howl in impotent rage.

Just keep one thing in mind: Ten years from now, we might not be able to sound so hopeful.  That depends on if those who can make a political difference (i.e., “NRA”) decide that sounding the alarm to the danger of the immigration/invasion “pathway to citizenship” is something they want to stop ignoring. If it is, they’ll need to mobilize in earnest before an unchallengeable Democrat/anti-gun supermajority captures all three branches of government.

The dangers of that aren’t just theoretical, you know.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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We should all stick together for a common cause. Demographics change. A red state can become a blue state and vice versa. A friendly Governor, AG, or legislature will not be in office infinitely. The reach of the Federal Government is long and limited only by the Constitution and those elected or appointed to uphold the Constitution.

Divide and conquer is a well known stratagem. Therefore, it best to be united.


Let America get down to the “nitty-gritty”. The REASON this atrocity happened is because ‘b.h.0-bama’ and his minions are importing people into America that Hate America and want to conquer America.
This law is an answer to the maleficent actions of the muslem and his co-conspirators in the White House are doing.

Yesterday in England a female MP was stabbed and shot with a home made gun, not suppose to happen where almost all guns are outlawed


No compromise , no new laws , failure to enforce jail for felons attempting to buy arms is the problem. You will always have an evil person , that no one sees until it is too late.
Punishing 15 million black rifle owners or more , for the actions of 2 , while 88000 die from alcohol , 200000 -440000 die from malpractice , thats right Doctors killing 20 times more people than guns.
Removing self defense , private property without due process , is not how America runs.


Every time someone illegally uses a firearm to cause mass deaths or casualties, the pressure will get turned up another notch. Things are moving now, and there’s no greater force than an idea whose time has come.

Newt Ware

Newt Ware 1 hr · Floyd · You know, there is a lot of bad language, threats and condemnations flying in both directions over this terrorism and guns situation. And I am sure guilty myself. But it is getting way out of hand. On both sides. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just all step back and take a deep breath and think for a moment. Do we, any of us, no matter our viewpoint really think it is a good idea to make changes to federal laws and most especially those affecting the Constitution in a fit of… Read more »


Today a female British 41 year old Member of pArliment was stabbed and shot with a home made weapon, in England this should not have happened as guns are almost impossible to get legally, except for the criminals


Geuss this bird cage liner didn’t know that this home grown Muslim terrorist is a product of the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of New York where they are tolerant of terrorists.


There are 3800 Ar-15 in Canada, all registered and deemed restricted, useable only at a certified range, anti gunners want them banned, vs 500,000 sold annually in USA for general use


They are like sharks with blood in the water. I say we go after their beloved abortion rights with the same zeal that they do.


GOA sent out an alert to call, not email, your senator ans tell them to vote against all gun control bills. I just left messages for both. Everyone else reading this should do the same!


When you hear politicians on both sides of the aisle saying “Due Process” is an impediment to law enforcement efforts you know they don’t give a $hit about your rights under the U.S. Constitution!

Captain America

Make no mistake! The gun grabbers. Aim is to take away ALL private ownership rights on their way to confiscation! Giving in anything will never accomplish any good result . Just as Hitler was never satisfied and wanted more and more and more. After the giving in antics of the European allies. These gun grabbers are following his plan and using his tactics to get what they want. Giving in Anything will only be seen as a sign of weakness and a step forward for(by) them it’s also losing our rights piece by piece -And empowering them. By making any… Read more »

Captain America

The gun grabbers are never going to satisfied with any concessions just as hitler never was!! Giving in anything is only seen by them as a sign of weakness not accomplishing anything positive for us in any way! It would only weaken our rights . Plus they will never be satisfied until they eliminate all our second amendment rights plus as many others they can take! It’s an all assault on our constitutionally guaranteed rights. After the second amendment is gone how long do you think any others in the bill of rights will last ? Don’t give an inch… Read more »

Bob Shell

First of all who would read the New York Times? They are nothing but a shill for the left. As for the republicans. It is an election year so if they have to waver on our rights they will do so. There are only two thinks that politicians care about. How much can they steal & how many times can they get elected. When the Republicans turn against Trump it is because they think that it will help them get back into office for another term. If the Republicans had done what they promised us for years Trump probably would… Read more »


NY Daily News is NY Hometown Paper.


“We’re going to have to take one step at a time, and the first step is necessarily — given the political realities — going to be very modest. . . . [W]e’ll have to start working again to strengthen that law, and then again to strengthen the next law, and maybe again and again. Right now, though, we’d be satisfied not with half a loaf but with a slice. Our ultimate goal — total control of handguns in the United States — is going to take time. . . . The first problem is to slow down the number of… Read more »


By the end of the year Americans will have 400 million firearms in homes, how will the govt make it illegal to own any of them, ie AR-15 s


It would be hilarious if they tried !


They will incrementally place more restrictions on them, and eventually prohibit their manufacture, sale, or transfer. At some point you’ll have to decide whether to break the law and risk the consequences, or turn the contraband firearms in to law enforcement.


Bingo. This is already true in ‘Blue’ states.

Gregory Romeu

Clark Kent, you will always have an open invitation to join Tex and I, (If you’ve got the time, Tex) down in Texas, then you can utilize your expertise on the safety and show us where we are failing?


@Gregory Romeu,I would make the time for CK to come to Texas to enlighten us about where we are failing and explain all our short comings. CK is real brave behind his computer screen. He is a coward that would never come to Texas,but I could be wrong.I hope I am. I’m real easy to find !

Gene Ralno

The time has arrived. Leftists have seized the democrat party and hope to ride it into the despotic utopia they espouse. The first line of defense is silence. Don’t engage government in matters that could put you in harm’s way. It’s working peacefully in New York, Connecticut and Washington State. I’ve heard countless promises from individuals that such laws in every other state will be ignored and government treated with silence. Thus far, a million New Yorkers and Connecticuters have defied their respective laws by simply ignoring them. Seems Cuomo & Malloy don’t have the guts to enforce their laws.… Read more »

Pistol Pete

We all need to contact the New York Daily New
and tell them to stop lying about the NRA and gun control.


The paper should thank obama for the shooting. He is the one who said ISIS is nothing to worry about, he says that if thing turns ugly with muslim he will stand with muslims, USA no longer a Christian nation and he is a muslim. Sounds like obama declared war on Christians and he encouraged the attacks on Christians by the radical freaks called muslims. Religion of peace? Yeah right just like the democrats all BS.

Brandon R.

Hmmmm… i guess the NRA was the cause for the 3,000 killed on 911??? The guy should’ve just strapped a bomb on himself and killed all 300 of them in the Pulse! He was going to kill them whether he had the AR or any other gun!!


You look at everything they highlighted in red and immediately can see the affiliated left wing motive of the New York post. Considering that with all the agendas and desires to create a division among Americans in the air of peace and unity is self contradicting. It just makes me cringe at how queer and liberal the world is turning. They want to control the very thoughts you have and subliminally inset what you should believe with tv shows and ads promoting things such as guns are bad and being gay is good. I vote we hang politicians and do… Read more »


The Federal government agencies created to keep us safe are dropping the ball. They had this terrorist under investigation twice, placed him on a no fly list twice. His father is a politician from Afghanistan so perhaps this is what got him off the list and he has spoken out in favor of the Taliban. We have a President who sat in front of an America hating anti-Semite “Rev.” along with his wife for over twenty years. Wright preaches hatred against whites and Jews. Our military is being gutted and the world is acting the way it is because we… Read more »


An interesting point is that this terrorist worked almost a decade for a major Department of Homeland Security contractor
He was employed by the SECURITY firm G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc. since Sept. 10, 2007
And I cannot remember how many TSA and airport employees’ names are on the FBI Terrorist Watch List…
And the Dems want to restrict OUR access to guns…. How about CLEANING UP your own agencies 1st….


That “Terrorist Watch (No-Fly) List” is a complete and absolute abominable monstrosity. Fully one out of every five names currently on that list are erroneous (including several Congress members!). Citizens’ names are placed on the list at the simple whim of unknown bureaucrats in obscure office buildings,… worse, there is absolutely NO method or system for removing those erroneous names (that should not be on the list in the first place). Even with all his political horsepower, late Senator Ted Kennedy worked for several years to get himself off that ridiculous list. Until that whole “List” system is fixed (and… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

Does anyone recall the BILLIONS SQUANDERED on the post 9/11 emergency alert system that existed of nothing but the same colors that you see in a kindergarteners’ crayon box that did absolutely nothing to defend and protect our country?


What would the government do if a couple of million gun owners said NO……or…better…….said nothing and did nothing for a dc regime which wants to make American citizens defenseless again an Islamic Army of killers. But. if you are happy with what this government is doing to you….keep voting democrat.

Gregory Romeu

Why don’t you try 22 million Veterans that have taken an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic for starters and then we can add in all the civilian gun owners? Can I get a, “NUFF SAID”?


I have 27 guns, not a lot compared to others. I would give up each and every one of them if I had any belief or evidence it would stop people from being killed. Here in the US we used to have family values. Guns were a way of life. I grew up hunting and fishing and shooting for sport. I was taught what guns are for and the safefy of them. American family values have changed and quite simple put are not present. Where is the family. 2nd there are some that do not need to have guns, just… Read more »


It’s my understanding that the FBI backed off due to Islamaphobic accusations. In other words, political correctness reared it ugly head again.

Larry Davis

Mississippi does not recognize any federal law that violates the Mississippi state constituion. Oh, by the way, we’re keeping our flag too.


Good for you! Oklahoma is also very gun-friendly… any federal gun-control measures will face remarkable opposition in this entire part of the country.

randy breeden

it should have read thanks F.B.I. for not doing your job just one more time.

trumped Great article. Every gun owner should realize that not only are facts on our side, but also the majority of the american public. The emotional appeals and references to made up poll numbers are background checks neglect to mention how the public views banning AR15s – they are against it. We are the majority, not the effeminate media and hollywood figures living in gated communities and bodyguards. Ironically, the same people who complained about Bush passing the patriot act rapidly in an emotional state do the exact same thing with gun laws. Of course, the idea that american… Read more »


Bill,I’m a member of the NRA,TSRA,and GOA. Every other month I donate $50.00 to each of them.I like certain firearms related websites too that have what’s called ‘NRA roundup’ when you checkout. I always add $10.00 to my total. I contact my senators/congress persons constantly too. Even Gov.Abbott ! Bill,I don’t want to sound stupid but what do you mean by ‘vote as a block’ ? I have noticed where you’ve mention that previously and I’m just curious what it means. Take care,my friend.

Gregory Romeu

Tex, what Bill means by voting as a Block is that we as gun owners should all vote the same as a group or a block in voting for pro gun legislation and pro-gun Representatives, rather than some gun owners vote Libertarian and others voting Republican, or when it comes to Representatives we should all vote together for the pro-gun representatives rather than split our boating power up.

Wild Bill

Just got back from Dallas where I bought a nice little Sako in .222. Sorry that I missed the whole day, but that is exactly what I mean. And drag your family down to vote the same way, too. A family block.

Wild Bill

We got to push back against the gun grabbers. Write a check to your favorite pro-Second Amendment Civil Rights group; control the language, destroy their myths and lies, pressure your Congresspersons, and vote as a block!


I agree with the author on one very important point. It’s critical to live in a free state during these times. I’m in Texas,and I can guarantee you we will keep our firearms,period ! If these gungrabbing tyrannists try and take our firearms in Texas,they will get a true education,and a real understanding,of what gun violence’ is all about !

Clark Kent

And I can assure you that you are NOT safe in Texas, period! Or any other state for that matter. Keeping your head in the sand and denying trouble is immature and ignorant. But, those are the hallmarks of Tex…….


Klark Kent, your posts concern me deeply, as for the life of me, I can not understand who ties your shoes for you? Never mind, you are a product of Social Culturing, so it must be Velcro. I am sure you got a trophy for participating though.


So true Tex, I live in Texas as well. Let them come down here and see what will happen. Luckily, we have the support of our Governor and Attn General by our sides as well. God bless Texas and remember the Alamo! Keep your powder dry and your resolve steel like!

Backwoods Engineer

Thanks for the encouraging words. Just what I needed to hear, after a 2-day all-out assault on our rights that continues in the Senate even at this late hour.