Helpless-Victim Myth “If I Had A Gun A Crook Would Just Take It”

By Alan Korwin
Author of 10 books on gun law

Gun Grabbers
Helpless-Victim Myth “If I Had A Gun A Crook Would Just Take It”
Alan Korwin
Alan Korwin

PHOENIX, Arizona –   -(  If this myth had any serious grain of truth we’d be in a world of hurt, because guns would be useless oxymorons and we’d be defenseless slaves by now. Everyone would be slaves, even the slave masters. This myth could never work. It’s circular logic that never ends. Lookit:

If you had a gun to protect yourself, but the crook could just take it from you, you wouldn’t need a gun. You could just take the crook’s gun and use that.

Folks, guns just don’t work that way. If they did, guards could never guard anyone, slaves could simply shoot their masters, the masters could then just shoot the slaves, it’s absurd. The one with the gun gets things done son.

“The crook would just take it” myth has enormous value because it lights up the scrambled eggs that pass for brains in the progressives and anti-rights bigots who offer up that silliness when the issue of self defense and guns is addressed.

So many of the people we battle over our gun rights are so terrified of guns they can only picture themselves like Don Knotts from the Andy Griffith show, fumbling and bumbling, doing themselves total harm and failing incompetently, with the crook masterfully overpowering them.

Guns Make You Strong

Anti-gun-rights advocates have no idea of the empowerment a firearm provides. They have no space in their psyche for true empowerment, the very idea is abhorrent and inconceivable. So they concoct this magic of a gun simply being wrested away, instead of fired and stopping an adversary cold. Isn’t that what the gun is for?

The party of the teachers union (democrats), the people who consider themselves so much better educated and capable than the knuckle-dragging republicans who tout and laud guns — how ironic that they are the ones who can’t imagine having gone to a class and learning anything about a gun before venturing out with one and getting it snatched.

The idea that they might be trained, know how to hold onto the darned thing, grip it tightly, keep their distance, even know how to avoid the criminal in the first place… All their minds fill with is this notion that: “If I had a gun the criminal would take it and then I’d really be in trouble.”

Can you imagine living your life like that?

Never feeling a sense of competence, ability, feeling like an adult who could handle and persevere in a difficult situation, especially given the overwhelming power a gun provides? God made us, Sam Colt made us equal. Not in their book.

Sure, it is possible to lose a firearm in a struggle. Police are shot with their own firearms. There are retention holsters and retention techniques and all sorts of steps a person can take to prevent that frightful awful experience from occurring. Shoot happens. But hinging your safety on the idea that a criminal might best you in an incident, and so deciding not to be able to respond, well, that’s a choice you’re free to make for yourself, but not for anyone else.

If a person doesn’t want a gun because they harbor an internal terror that an attacker might get it (and I’ve met plenty of people like this) I counsel them in no uncertain terms, “You should NOT have a gun.” That puts their fears to rest. Sometimes. Takes the pressure off. Whew, I don’t have to have a gun. No one ever really told them that in so many words. Release. I would never insist a person have a gun, and in fact I know people who I’m convinced should not have a gun, for all kind of reasons.

On the other hand, once some people hear that, especially “I think you should never have a gun,” some of them feel left out, a sort of, “What, you’re special and I’m not?” kind of reverse psychology motivation, and suddenly the only thing they’re interested in is owning a gun. Or three. They’re not all too happy living with their recognized ‘fraidy cat disability. Might maybe I should try that more often.


Alan Korwin’s website features plain-English books on state and federal gun laws for the public, and more common sense like you just read. He invites you to write to him or see his work, at, where you can get his 14 books, like After You Shoot, and DVDs that help keep you safe.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Bloomfield Press, founded in 1988, is the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country. Our website,, features a free national directory to gun laws and relevant contacts in all states and federally, along with our unique line of related books and DVDs. “After Your Shoot” for media review is available on request, call 800-707-4020. Our authors are available for interview, call to schedule. Call for cogent positions on gun issues, informed analysis on proposed laws, talk radio that lights up the switchboard, fact sheets and position papers. As we always say, “It doesn’t make sense to own a gun and not know the rules.”

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Cassandra (of Troy)

Mr. Korwin,

The following items expand on the theme of the mentality of the anti-2A cult/its members,:

here’s an item showing that the anti-2A urge isn’t as recent as many believe,:

& these items concern another aspect of hoplophobia/its psychology that tie all of the above together.:

While the previous may be familiar to you/others here, there are many who’ve never seen this info & as such may find it useful.

Bryan Munson

Just once I would like to see one of these Anti-Gunners show me how that would work. Here I am, armed. Take away my gun. Now realize that you are now using deadly force and I am obliged to defend myself with deadly force. Winner takes all, loser goes home it a box.




Most of the time criminals choose their victims based on flawed stereotypes. The mom walking out of a grocery store, and the hipster busy texting on his cellphone, are presumed to be defenseless. That thought process gives the potential victim one of the greatest advantages in armed combat, the element of surprise. A classic example was something said to me by a relative at the Christmas dinner table a few years ago. With a shocked look of disbelief she said, “Oh my God ! If someone had told me you carried a gun, I would have never believed them”. I… Read more »

Witold Pilecki

I offer, free of charge and by word of mouth only, a Firearm Basics 101 as well as a Reloading Basics 101 informal class. As a state certified fire instructor, I have the tools and ability to teach others skills I know. I find people that have never even seen a real firearm in person, never mind handled or fired one, too frightened of the unknown and intimidated to take the NRA Pistol Safety Course, so I recommend spending a day with me at the range for their first time. NRA Courses in Kommiecticut are running in the $115 range.… Read more »


Whenever I hear the argument that they’ll just take it away from me, I always reply with “In your case, yes. You’re what we call a crime statistic. But when I’m attacked, the attacker becomes the statistic.”


It is allways the same disengenuous type of argument. Most of wich are based on COMPLETE fabrication. The spout numbers from a varity of sources that start and end with deliberate lies to foment fear and anxiety, as they thrive on fear (what if). All across the country everytime their (old west blood in the streets) promises, crater they just make up another excuse and say (it’s for the children). It is quite disgusting how they will forcibly abandon any common sense or law that impede their ability to excersize power over everyone else and their unique fantasy vocabulary where… Read more »

Webfoot Logger

There are only two significant groups of gun people who get shot with their own guns: cops and abusive males.
Nobody is talking about disarming cops.
Now explain why I should be concerned about a wifebeater getting shot?


Example: When asked about whether an armed patron could have lowered the death toll in the recent Orlando massacre, Bill Clinton stated, “Did you see how dark it was? It’s likely that if someone had been armed, there would have been more deaths”. Yet, Clinton and every other theiving liberal are surrounded by armed security. Hell, Charlie Rangel flat out stated that he deserved armed security while ordinary citizens did not. At least he was honest enough to be the elitist snob that we know 99% of politicians to be. And, these crooked hacks wonder why the country and, according… Read more »


I’ve always hated this stupid argument.

Jim Macklin

Be not afraid of any man.
When danger threatens call on me and I will equalize.

This was a common engraving on handguns in the 1840-1880s
Sam Colt empowered women’s liberation.

Bob E Long

what utter BS, with training, there is no way they could ever take your firearm, but too many people dont get training, they spray and pray instead of engaging with a scientifically proven counter attack methodology.

Kathleen Flournoy

Need basic gun handling and gun safety training. New gun owner. Have 9 mm Ruger which I want to get training to use before shooting.

Paul Foreman, NRA Firearms Instructor

Very wise, Kathleen, Just like driving a car. Sure, a person could get in a car and just drive away, without going to drivers school. BUT; actually, they (you) are far better off than the “self taught”. Find a qualified Firearms instructor, near you. ask for references. Take a class or two. You will feel far more comfortable shooting your new Ruger.

Gene Ralno

Training is available in many places. Cabelas offers free training on weekends (BYOG, field stripping, safety, etc.). Dealers usually provide a short orientation to what you buy. Ranges usually rent firearms with brief how-to instruction and most have lists of local certified instructors who will meet you at the range for hands-on training. Classified ads usually list instructors who train for licensing, handling, sighting, shooting positions, etc. Depending on your county, sheriffs often have deputies who moonlight as instructors. And depending on police department policy and your willingness to trust them, officers sometimes are certified. As a last resort, your… Read more »


Kathleen Flournoy,
Plenty of places to get training. I don’t know the area where you live, but just go on line and find a place. If you live in a free State, go talk to someone in Law Enforcement on who they might recommend. Another possibility is go to a local Gun Range and speak to the Range Officers or whomever runs the range.