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California Handgun Roster Time Line
California Handgun Roster Time Line
Calguns Foundation
Calguns Foundation

California – -( have been some really awesome handguns rolled out by manufacturers this year.

From the new generation Glocks to Springfield Armory’s XD-S Series, there has been real innovation.

Unfortunately, as in years past, we will see none of these guns for sale in California. Our Second Amendment rights and market choices are being held hostage by anti-gun Attorney General Kamala Harris and her California Department of Justice, which implements California’s “Not Unsafe” Handgun Roster

Unless a manufacturer pays a $200 fee, cuts through all of DOJ’s regulatory red tape, and implements a non-existent technology (microstamping), perfectly safe and tested handguns “magically” become “unsafe” once they cross state lines.

Without a gun rights victory in our critically-important Second Amendment lawsuit Peña v. Lindley, DOJ will no doubt administratively restrict your access to constitutionally-protected safe, modern handguns and shrink the Roster into oblivion.

There was an attempt this year in the Legislature to repeal some of the most onerous parts of the roster by Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Tulare), but that bill fell on deaf ears.

This lawsuit is a must win. We won’t see a reversal of these policies unless the courts do it!

For years now, DOJ has required handgun manufacturers to attest—under penalty of perjury—to the specifics of their entire supply chain in a bureaucratic move to force handguns out of the state….and out of your hands.

And if a manufacturer makes even a small improvement to a handgun for safety, reliability, or as a response to customer feedback, the DOJ kicks it off the Roster because it is a “new model.

Worse, thanks to California’s “microstamping” requirement – a legal mandate to implement a non-existent technology – the de-listed handguns can never be re-listed on the Roster, even if they pass the State’s rigorous safety tests.

But YOU can help us end the Roster roller coaster by supporting our lawsuit Peña v. Lindley today.

Peña v. Lindley is the ONLY Second Amendment challenge to California’s unconstitutional handgun Roster laws AND microstamping requirements.

And if you ever want to buy new, popular handguns from a California retailer, our Peña v. Lindley case needs your support.

We are fully committed to eliminating California’s unconstitutional handgun laws even if that means going to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Peña v. Lindley is up on appeal to the Ninth Circuit, with a hearing expected to be scheduled sometime this year.

But gun rights lawsuits are expensive.

Without your help, we simply can’t win back your Second Amendment rights.

Please make a tax deductible donation to support Peña v. Lindley and other important gun rights lawsuits today.


Richard Thomson
Grassroots Director

About The Calguns Foundation

The Calguns Foundation ( is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which serves its members by providing Second Amendment-related education, strategic litigation and the defense of innocent California gun owners from improper or malicious prosecution. The Calguns Foundation seeks to inform government and protect the rights of individuals to acquire, own, and lawfully use firearms in California.

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Lew Christenson

Besides the unrealistic enforcement of Prop 65 AKA Safety fo all, This will be no surprise to California gun owners. The largest donator is the campaign to elect Gavin Newsom as our next Governor, a LOAN for over 500K. Along with his rich cronies and a huge amount “donors” who according to the list of donors on the S.O.S. web-site, are unemployed, out of state and reside in S. Cal and the bay area. When I speak to other about this bill, I remind them that the economic and additional cost for Law Enf, Courts, Jails and inspection stations to… Read more »


Californians are like Americans, only lazier, hence Democrats and the Roster control the citizens.

Neb Selim

After living in Commiefornia and observing the antics of the out of control CA DOJ, and state legislature, I now fully understand what sparks armed revolution against tyrannical governments such as we have here in this state. For a good number of years now I have heard so many people asking when are we going to act and take back our state government. Once you pick up your guns and converge on Sacramento and corner the Communist dogs and treasonous vermin in the legislature and Governors office and only through the use of force remove them permanently, THAT’S WHEN! …………….… Read more »


All the lefty libtards from New Joke and rotten new yolk moved to Commiefornia. They helped re-elect the worst Governor the state ever had (moonbeam brown) who spent the state so deeply into the hole that they almost couldn’t pay th income tax refunds the state owed. ALL THIS AFTER Reagan left the governors office with an 8 BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS in the Banks for the state.


Whatever ever happened to the “Jefferson” plan? The plan that would’ve to split CA into two separate state – California and Jefferson. As I understand it, the new state line would’ve gone east from just north of SF to just east of the coast range, then south to Bakersfield the then east again to the NV line. The rural conservative parts of the state would’ve been separated from the libtard urban areas which elect all of the libtards that have ruined the state.


Kalifornia sucks !!!


California doesn’t suck…. our so called “Democratic” politicians, who claim to be all about peoples’ rights, do suck.

Another one just got busted for money laundering. Makes me wonder whose pocket the rest of them, as well as the Gov, Lt Gov, and AG, are in.

Elizabeth Hanson

Thanks for writing about this! CA is the worst!

El Guapo

Wrong! Massachusetts and New York are worse. Get you facts straight 😉