Introducing ARMagLock: Render Your AR-15 and AR-10 into a Fixed Magazine Firearm

ARMaglock Ar-15 Fixed Magazine & Release Solution
ARMaglock Ar-15 Fixed Magazine & Release Solution

Winter Park, CO -( California Governor Jerry Brown enacted SB 880 and AB 1135 last week that places more restrictions on firearms, specifically “assault weapons” such as the AR-15 —and one company has a patented solution to get around the new laws.

Years before Governor Jerry Brown signed the “assault weapons” ban on rifles with “bullet buttons,” among other California gun laws, the inventor of the ARMagLock had introduced a solution to the dilemma of detachable vs. fixed magazine firearms, which makes even the AR-15 California-compliant by converting it to fixed magazine, which is not considered an “assault weapon” by California laws.

For starters, the “bullet button” is simply a magazine release that the gun owner suppresses with a sharp or pointed object — often the tip of a bullet. Democrats argued that having such a release allows criminals to reload too quickly, and therefore banned it for law-abiding citizens. Brown signed the ban into law on July 1.

But ARMagLock has the patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,756,845) on a long standing solution which brings AR-15 owners into compliance with the laws, and has been selling the kit for over 3 years to New York residents in need of the product.

The biggest difference between the method of the new release versus the classic bullet button is that the new ARMagLock method literally requires the firearm action to be disassembled (upper and lower receiver separated) before the magazine can be released.

The solution sounds slow and cumbersome, but ARMagLock has perfected the design to make the operation so quick and simple, it rivals or is faster than the old bullet button kit.

To see live video of installation, operation and even live fire demonstrations just go to ARMagLock’s Youtube channel.

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About ARMagLock:

By installing an ARMagLock you no longer own a “detachable” magazine firearm. ARMagLock renders your MIL-SPEC AR-15 (and AR-10) a fixed magazine firearm while installed, exempting the rifle from registration. Existing New York and California laws state, if you posses a “detachable” magazine firearm, you own what's classified as an assault weapon. If you owned this weapon between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2015 you MUST register it as an assault weapon before July 1, 2015.If you do not, it will be a criminal offense punishable by law! Locations where ARMagLock may be applicable: California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and many other counties, cities and municipalities. ARMagLock is a patented AR-15 fixed magazine solution.

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    1. Please. The OP here is about the parts, can we keep it to that ? I was looking for a specific part. On the left side of the rifle, where the mag catch arm is, that little stud right above it, you replace that with one that is longer and covers the mag catch arm . Then you pull the rear pin, open the rifle, that new longer stud goes up with the upper, allowing the stock mag release catch to slide out and release the mag. If you have that one part, you can use your stock mag release button. Now you only need two parts, that and a nice pull pin.

    2. E-mailed ARMagLock about their AR10 kit. The instructions do not show how the silver colored spacer is to be used. Got a e-mail back with instructions. Followed the instruction and it did not work. I checked a number if installation videos and none of them mentioned the spacer. The spacer makes the ARMagLock stick out so far that you don’t need to open the rifle to drop the mag. Another e-mail sent but NO response. Starting to look like poor instructions and/or poor customer service.

    3. Hey guys. I have a CA-10 DMR I am wondering if the Mag lock mentioned above will work for this rifles lower? I heard that the pins often have different sizes so I am not sure.

    4. I have a Smith & Wesson AR10 in 308, will the ARMagLock kit fit on it? I asked ARMagLock but got a flaky answer.


    5. It’s a damn crock of S#$%T you want safer streets get rid of the gun runners and black market dealers. Make stronger background checks instead of screwing legal law abiding gun owners. Quit [email protected]#$ting on us. It’ll blow up back in your face one of these days.

        1. From what I have read, the mag lock converts the gun to a “fixed” magazine firearm, which is not considered an assault weapon. Therefore you do not need to register it, or remove your evil features. It’s basically round two of the bullet button, modifies the gun enough to re-categorize it.

    6. What I want to know is after we make the mags “Fixed” Who’s going to check em to make sure ?

    7. just adapt it to take stripper clips through the ejector port. never have to change the mag until the war starts.

    8. @Eric_CA, You can store firearm that you want to, at my place. I won’t charge a thing, it will be here when you want them, and I won’t even shoot them much!

      1. @Wild Bill, Thank you. Luckily, I have a friend in Arizona and another in Nevada. If worst comes to worst.

    9. @WW,

      Honestly, I haven’t read the whole text of the law. I thought you didn’t have modify it. You just have register it AND all new ARs sold after 1/1/2017 have to be modified.

      1. And the moment you register it you have given the state permission to enter your home anytime they want without a warrant to “inspect” your weapon. Anything else they see while there can be held against you and you can be arrested for ANYTHING else they find. The registration list is a come and get it list for whenever they decide to.

    10. California law does not take effect until January 1 of 2017 and we have until June 2017 garage or modify it

    11. Why bother, governor moon-beam and his cronies will just find something new to mandate. Maybe for now CA residents can get a Carry-a-Rock permit. (As long as the rock doesn’t have a pistol grip.)

    12. And you go through all that to replace your “10 round mag”,,,,, screw you CA, NY, NJ, and the rest.. Thank God I live in Ohio!

    13. It’s better to use this system than register with anyone! California wackos! I live in the moonbeam state fighting Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris to the end! Never give up!

    14. Once you get past the egoists wanting to see themselves on video, they finally show what we clicked on the video for in the first place. What a great invention.

    15. Resist tyranny. Don’t comply with it.

      When its time to start burying our guns, its time to start digging them up.

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