Bowhunters: ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Pursuit X Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Pursuit X Hunting Pack
ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Pursuit X Hunting Pack :

ALPS OutdoorZ

USA-( A critical element of good design in outdoor equipment is that creators know the outdoor customer. For example, odds are if a person has never shot a bow or climbed a deer stand, they’re probably not going to design a well-organized hunting pack.

Yet for years, hunters – especially bowhunters – have used packs that were not designed specifically for bowhunting in mind. ALPS OutdoorZ is working to give hunters better options by designing top-quality, well-engineered packs built around the needs of hunters in the field.

This led them to develop their Extreme line featuring durable 1680D Nylon ballistic and Robic nylon fabrics to ensure quality construction and superior performance. Molded foam suspension contours to your body to ensure a comfortable fit, meaning you can haul your gear in and your harvest out with ease. Lycra soft-edge shoulder straps add even more comfort for those extra-long treks.

Two elements to help make dark, early morning walks to the stand easier are the drop-down pocket designed to hold a bow or rifle securely to the back of the pack, leaving your hands free. Each side of the pack has a unique bungee and cord lock design for securing your quiver.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Pursuit X Hunting Pack molded foam suspension and Lycra shoulder straps ensure the walk to your destination is as easy and comfortable as possible.

The external material is a tough 1680D Ballistic Nylon, with Hypalon at stress points for added strength.

Not only does the waist belt help distribute the weight of the pack, but it also has two side pockets for easy access to any small gear you might need fast access to. It can also accommodate clip-style holsters so you can pack anything from a handgun to a ThermaCell with you and still access them easily.

Easy access to what you need is part of the pack’s overall design. There’s no wasted space or features that you’d never use – and wherever possible, ALPS designers have made each component multi-functional.

Once in your stand, the D-ring at the top the pack makes it convenient to hang your pack upright. The front organizational pocket unzips and folds flat to serve as a working shelf that you can put your gear on. No more taking gear out of your pack and having to put it on the footrest of your stand, or remembering what pocket you put it in. If you want your binoculars handy but out of the way, on the shelf they go.

This is a superior hunting pack. There isn’t a better organized, tougher pack on the market than the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit X. Before next season starts, get your hands on one and look it over. It will change being organized on a hunt from a hassle to a pleasure.

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