While House Ready to Take up Gun Control, Sen. Reid Frustrated with GOA

Senator Harry Reid Frustrated with GOA
Senator Harry Reid Frustrated with GOA
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC -(Ammoland.com)- Moving from the newsroom to the political backroom, there’s been a lot of “gun activity” on Capitol Hill in recent days.

House Speaker Paul Ryan recently announced that he will hold votes next week on barring Americans from buying guns if their names appear on a government watch list.

Gun Owners of America will issue a Call to Action this coming Tuesday, and give you pre-written text to send your Representative.

Gun Owners of America plans to fight this gun control legislation, every bit as hard as we did on the Senate side — something which garnered the ire of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), who is quite annoyed with Gun Owners of America.

But it’s not just the Gun Owners of America staff and me that are frustrating him.

He’s annoyed with you, too!

After all, all of the gun control proposals failed in the Senate last week.

One of the proposals still remains in limbo. But no gun control was added to the Commerce-Justice-State spending bill.

Not a single one.

And Reid blames you and me for this.

Reid went so far as to say that Republicans are “taking their orders” from Gun Owners of America and the NRA.

It’s a bit overstated, to be sure, but there is no doubt that your activism has played a tremendous role.

The Sacramento Bee reported that GOA’s message — that ALL gun control is an infringement — was finding a receptive audience amongst many Republican Senators:

“Any infringement (on the right to own a gun) violates the Second Amendment,” said Larry Pratt, executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America.

He found plenty of Republican support. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said using the Orlando attack to seek tougher gun laws was a “political distraction.”

“The American people find it ridiculous that in response to an ISIS terror attack, the Democrats go on high dudgeon that we’ve got to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens,” Cruz said.

What the Sacramento Bee had to say is not unique.

Two years ago, the New York Times credited GOA and its members with playing a huge role in unifying the gun movement — which, ultimately, helped kill the post-Sandy Hook gun control legislation.

The Times said:

Many lawmakers and gun safety advocates believe Gun Owners of America’s rising profile and heavy membership drive has led the N.R.A. to take a more aggressive stance against measures it once supported, like an expansion of background checks to include private gun sales.

Not only that, the Times reported that Republicans were now hesitant to support gun control compromises, citing “Mr. Pratt’s group [aka, GOA] as their biggest impediment, fearing retribution.”

Your loud opposition to gun control makes a HUGE difference.

It is what helps us to defend the Constitution and the Second Amendment, which protects our right to keep and bear arms.

And so I am very thankful that your support allows us to be here, putting the heat on wayward politicians.

About Gun Owners of America (GOA)

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no compromise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul.

Visit: www.gunowners.org to Join.

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The nation, despite some ups and downs, got along reasonable well prior to Harry, one hopes it will manage without Harry, aka Senator Reid.


NRA backed HoHouse Hairy Reep a couple of elections ago. I dropped out of the NRA when they compromised on the Cop Killer Bullets. I donate regularly to GOA.


Harry Reid is the best reason I can think of for term limits. He has been feeding out of the public trough long enough. The man amazes me with his half truths, and out right lies (typical politician) . I am a life NRA member, a Viet Nam veteran, senior citizen trying to get by on social insecurity. Because of Mr. Reid, I am going to make room in my budget for a membership in the GOA. Politicians only tell the truth two times in their careers, “Elect me” “Reelect me” The rest of the time they don’t even know… Read more »

Clark Kent

We already have term limits enshrined in our Constitution. They are called ‘elections’ and are held regularly.

Mike McAllister

Clark Kent – So your going to leave it up to the sheep to decide. That’s worked out really well so far hasn’t it!


Term limits are coming up after Trump is sworn in ! Damn it will be so fine.

Papa 313

Mr. Reid,
You are accusing Gun Owners and NRA and all people with guns as bad.
Does this pertain in full text to the people who are carrying guns to protect you
and your family? In the same character as I am responsible to keep and protect
my family with the exception I am not using tax payers dollars and believing that
your family’s lives are more important than my family?


What do we say? What to our Founding Fathers do we say knowing we just slept our freedoms away would those in Gettysburg roll in disgust knowing the price they paid for us Or the million plus that in uniform died Seeing WE THE PEOPLE just run and hide Like Americans landing a beach or in a reservoir frozen and those in the jungles when their number was chosen To WE volunteers all in Baghdad Street fights or fighting in mountains all day into night What do we say to those whom have borne the brunt The Airmen, sailors, soldiers… Read more »


I’m a lifetime NRA member, but one conversation with one NRA telemarketer changed my whole perspective. Any money extra, given this year, has gone to GOA. NRA, I hope your listening. I’ve noticed this trend in my area. The NRA is losing ground in the part of the gun strong south, I live in. Thankfully GO’sA, and VCDL, is getting stronger


After every terrorist attack we immediately see a major push to restrict gun rights. Makes no sense, or does it? Instead of a national discussion about how and why those whose job it is to protect the nation have once again failed miserably the subject is shifted to gun ownership and the Second Amendment. And we fall for it every time! Neither the president, DHS or any one else is brought to account and asked to explain their incompetence. Not a peep from the media. No one resigns in shame. No one apologizes. Works every time it’s tried.


I’m a Life/Endowment member of the NRA and plan on joining GOA today. By the way Harry Reid was never a boxer, a myth that the left tries to perpetuate. the Nevada AAU has records of all amateur Golden Glove fighters and his name is not to be found. He never fought professionally and his name is not found in Box Rec, which keeps an accurate record of all professional fighters, their fights and won and lost record. Reid is nothing but an opportunistic scam artist and couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag!


I also joined the GOA a couple of months ago due to the NRA’s lack of progress.


All you can hope fore is Reid dies in his sleep .
I would not mind the list thing except give them an inch and they take a mile . And they can make any reason to put you on it . I can be pretty loud at times with my opinions and that’s all it takes to be a threat !!!

Mike McAllister

Another liberal opens his pie hole with nothing but lies for the pro-gun community. Wonder if his voters will ever wake up to him? Bet not, to much graft coming into the state!


‘h.reid’ is one of the career political thieves or crooks that are religiously reelected, or by FRAUD, every term. He is the one who is using the FOREIGN GROUP called the “BLM” to remove Ranchers from there family owned ranches. He is involved in the assin a tion of Mr. Finicum. No one has been held responsible, YET!


Harry Reid and his ilk epitomize what’s wrong with politics in our country today. Wouldn’t it be great if those like him appeared as ugly outwardly as they actually are on the inside? Then people could see what they would be getting when these monsters come up for election. But then again, it wouldn’t really matter if the electorate are blinded by the politics of their respective parties. Our collective eyes need to be unshielded as to the corruption and greed that are so often visited upon us by our elected and sometime appointed leaders.


Dbltap2X: Very well stated.
I add: No man is perfect. One, cannot “always” agree 100% with another individual. This is the GIFT that our Founding Fathers gave us.
My Grandfather says: Know those you plan to vote for. If they vote against the People of America – – deny them your vote. Those that vote For the People – – – support them.


I belong to BOTH groups and plan to remain that way. Because they are run by people who are imperfect, neither group is perfect but together they have helped defeat many bad infringements.


Now is not the time for us gun owners to be divided. I am proud of the NRA and GOA for their contributions to the fight for our freedoms.


Senator Harry Reid Frustrated with GOA, aw too bad, this treasonous, cant find a better word for this POS, this guy needs to look in the mirror real hard, how can an American, sellout his fellow americans, so easy, word has it, that he and some others were involved in a land hustle in Nevada to the Chinese, similar to hillery doing with the Russians and the uranium one company, don’t know all the specifics, but enough people have been talking about it, so there must be something to it, talk about disgusting lowlifes , that should be in prison,… Read more »


Prison no, drawn and quartered yes.

Dr. Terry Joe Sprinkle

Now a member of GOA, also Georgia Carry Organization (GCO). NRA needs more spine to have me sign up again. Notice that the passed legislation in California recently was nearly all Democrat sponsored. Registering to buy ammo, when one has a legal firearm is stupid. My Beretta came with a legal 15-round magazine. In CA, would I have to replace it with a 10-shot mag? Glad the .308 is legal, but a .223 that is black is not. Who elects these idiots?


Dr. Terry: Your last word of your comment answers you question succinctly.


The voters good point.

Jeffrey Turner

I couldn’t agree more!! That’s why I suggest everyone check out Ceracoating, any AR you have or Duracoat it, I got a catalog and seems pretty simple and lots of designs and colors to choose from. See we should all paint out ARS pink with dk pink stars or glitter, purple, muddy -girl etc. You can get premade kits ready to goright out of the package and no baking parts in an oven ( one kind does) but 95% is just prep n spray! I/E. No m I re scary BLACK GUNS!! I’M GONNA start doing mine soon So they… Read more »


they are not only crapping on the 2nd they are crapping on the 5th and the 14th . Due Process Clause. ….nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…. Both the Fifth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibit governmental deprivations of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Putting an American on a government watch list without due process is against the law and anyone that puts an American on this list without Due Process they are at that point breaking the law and… Read more »


Does it mean I should leave NRA and join GOA?


You bet !


Yep, I am a nra life member but I quit giving to then because they were starting to compromise and not taking up the fight as much as they needed too. The nra seems to ebe and flow on how hard they will fight to protect the 2nd

Jeffrey Turner

I agree I’m also an NRA member & with 300+million American citizens you would think the NRA would have way past the 5 million they always say are NRA members! You think it would be alotttt higher I also stopped giving extra when I was getting 1 -3:e-mails a day for money or to give money to support some Senatat or or Congressman they say they are supporting. I don’t know much about the GOA but I’m always getting letters to sign& send to DC and I a k ways do it. Not sure of their annual Dues etc, but… Read more »


” A Nation of Scofflaws .” Enjoy your beer and spirits ? They were OUTLAWED by control freaks who know what FREEDOM we ‘ need ‘ or not.— America said ……. NO !! — EVERYONE Ignored the BAD LAWS . Prohibition Failed.


If I’m not mistaken isn’t Harry Reid a member of several gun clubs?