Introducing Duel Game Calls’ New Series Bugle

Duel Game Calls Pro Series 17 inch bugle tube.
Duel Game Calls Pro Series 17 inch bugle tube.
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Duel Game Calls Logo

Rochester, NY – -( Now you can coax pressured, call-shy bulls in close with the new Duel Game Calls Pro Series Bugle. Duel’s patented Dual Chamber Technologically and interchangeable color-coded reed system works where other calls fail, guaranteed.

Through the use of this exclusive technology no other call manufacture can produce the realistic dimension and natural resonances of Duel’s Dual Chamber Technology. The Pro Series Bugle mimics the oral and nasal cavities live bulls use to make natural sounds.

That sound starts with air pressure from the lungs, pushed with the diagram, moved up the throat as sound waves before “splitting” through the mouth and nose, or the oral and nasal cavities. The Duel Game Calls Pro Series Bugle’s anatomically accurate design works the exact same way with the larger oral chamber producing volume and vocal articulation while the smaller nasal chamber generates tone, dimension and a deeper, realistic resonance for a vocally realistic sound.

To elk ears, Dual Chamber Technology versus old-fashioned single-chamber bugles is like stereo vs. mono. One sounds real while the other falls flat. Every bull has a unique vocal signature, now you do, too.

Available in 17 or 21-inch models, Pro Series Bugle lineup combines Duel’s patented Dual Chamber Technology with a new simple-to-use reed retainer system. The color-coded rubber reed packs allows for seamless and fast changes between spike, rag horn and herd bull sounds.

“Never before has a hunter been able to change bull vocalization directly on the call, until now,” said Colorado outfitter and world-class elk caller Weston Clark. “The New Pro Series Bugle does just that with three different bull sounds-a spike, a rag horn and a herd bull. Partnered with Duel Chamber Technology it should be downright illegal.”

The anatomically accurate and vocally realistic design of the Pro Series Bugle includes:

  • Easy-to-use latex-free single reeds for long-ranging bugles to close-in grunts
  • Camo cover, three color coded reeds, and instruction manual

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 4-Time World Elk Calling Champion, Dieter Kaboth had this to about the Pro Series Bugle, “I am a fanatic when it comes to perfect pitch and sound quality. Dual Chamber Technology can produce sounds like no other bugle tube I’ve ever used. The Pro Series Bugle is not only the most realistic elk bugle on the market but also the easiest call to use. The proof is in the freezer, give it a try!

Duel Game Calls Pro Series Bugle Reeds.
Duel Game Calls Pro Series Bugle Reeds.

The Duel Game Calls Pro Series Bugle works where other calls fail, but don’t just take our word for it.

The Duel Guarantee: If your Dual Chamber Duel Game Call Pro Series Bugle isn’t the most realistic, most effective elk call you’ve ever used, “We will replace it”, no questions asked, guaranteed.

Available in 17 and 21-inch models

  • Pro Series Bugle 17 inch MSRP: $71.99
  • Pro Series Bugle 21 inch MSRP: $81.99

About Duel Game Calls:

GET REAL with Duel Game Calls! The ONLY game call company on the market to utilize Patented Dual Chamber Technology™! Like animals, Dual Chamber Technology, exclusive to Duel Game Calls, projects sound though two chambers to mimic the oral and nasal passages of the game we hunt, producing realistic and authentic vocalizations. This Patented Technology gives Duel Game Calls dimension to the sound that no other game call manufacturer can duplicate. Duel Game Calls is a proud member of The Outdoor Group family of brands, parent company to ELITE Archery, Duel Game Calls, CAMX Crossbows, Scott Archery, Custom Bow Equipment, Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings, Lynch Mob Calls, Slick Trick Broadheads and Solid Broadheads. Visit :