Dallas Shooting : Statement By NRA Executive Vice President & CEO Wayne LaPierre

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Wayne LaPierre
NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

FAIRFAX, Va. – -(Ammoland.com)- The following statement was issued this morning by Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Rifle Association of America:

“On behalf of the more than five million members of the National Rifle Association, and especially on behalf of our members from the law enforcement community, I want to express the deep anguish all of us feel for the heroic Dallas law enforcement officers who were killed and wounded, as well as to those who so bravely ran toward danger to defend the city and the people of Dallas.

With heavy hearts, NRA members honor their heroism and offer our deepest condolences to all of their families.”

About the National Rifle Association
Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. Five million members strong, NRA continues its mission to uphold Second Amendment rights and is the leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the military. Visit http://nra.org.

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    1. We’re talking 8000 unjustified homicides a year. it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the countless other problems we have in our country of over 322 MILLION people. We DON’T have a problem with “gun violence” or “bat violence”, or “knife violence”, or really any other kind of violence. We rank 111 in the WORLD for murder, and only double what Europe’s per-capita violent crime rate is.

      And before you go off spouting that misinformed and illogical old chestnut, “..but if we save just ONE life…”, realize that between 500,000 and 3 million times a year, people use firearms in defensive situations, stopping either, murder, rape, or robbery, or all three. That’s a helluva lot more than 8000, or 32,000, if you want to count all the suicides, accidents, and justified homicides.

      I’ll sum it up for you very simply: Everything you’ve been being told about guns and violence in this country has been a lie.

      So shut your ignorant, sanctimonious little mouths, go get educated of the facts, and go actually shoot a gun and get to know some people in the gun community, and THEN come back and we’ll see where you stand. If you’re going to do anything short of that, STFU and save your B.S. for Gersh Kuntzman.

        1. You’re the only one who’s responded to my comment in the last week. Thanks for that. Looks like all the other little drama queens can’t contest the truth when it’s laid out for them. They’d rather get in a digital pissing match over stupid little details and hypothetical situations.

          Let me make it clear: I don’t care what you sniveling, small-minded sycophants think – The facts are the facts. One fact being that if you don’t support the Bill of Rights wholeheartedly and completely, you’re at the very least un-American, if not an outright traitor. Suck on that, ya pissy little bitches.

    2. There will always be a problem, of humans versus humans. Because we forget we are an animal and fight for sex, family, food and territory. Now, what makes us different than other species is that we kill because we can. If we did it on a daily basis, hand to hand, we would be more wary about fighting. But a gun just makes it easier. And while humans can “kill” with words by destroying the heart and spirit of another, and we train and kill with our hands and most any item we can reach, guns allow us distance, speed, and stopping power. Mr. LaPierre said only what was necessary. The video of Philando Castile, licensed gun owner, complying with police and still getting shot to death, is not going away easily. Weapons do not frighten me. But place me in a room with a table of weapons – and another human – and I start to worry. People kill people. Guns just make it easier.

      1. @Laurel, every predator species kills “because they can”. In fact they enjoy it. Even my beagle kills cute little baby rabbits for fun. I think that you better get some real world experience before you start lecturing this group of broad experience. What guns do is give every little old lady the ability to defend themselves from merciless, predatory thugs.

        1. More @Laurel, “…But place me in a room with a table of weapons – and another human – and I start to worry. People kill people. Guns just make it easier.” Why do you hate and distrust people so much, Laurel?

      2. laurel, Guns are not the only weapons that make killing easy. Do you think that the government should outlaw knives, billy clubs, swords, etc. In my opinion guns are the best defense against any other weapons There are millions of law abiding people that want to live in piece and not go out looking for someone to shoot, but if they or their loved ones are threatened, people will do whatever they have to, to protect themselves and their loved ones and property. Guns are what won us our independence, the civil war, world war 1, world war 2 and insures us of our freedoms. Any one that don’t believe that guns insure our freedom only needs to look at the history of Switzerland.

    3. NRA is completely to blame for what happened in Dallas, and elsewhere. The Fraternal Order of Police came out long ago calling for gun control. Police are scared to death of the ridicuulous proliferation of weapons that EVERYONE can access. The problem isn’t racism – it is the NRA.

      1. No Jane, you are the problem. When people are incapable of using logic to address a problem they use their emotions, people get shot – guns are the problem. When someone is killed in an auto accident do you blame the car? No, the car is simply an inanimate object with no will of it’s own. So why do you blame guns? They are no different than cars; simply a tool that can be used for good or evil, and millions of law abiding people use them for good everyday. hundreds of studies bear this out. Try to use some logic, and some evidence when looking at this problem.

        1. Jim,

          It doesn’t take much logic to understand objects created with lethal intent, well … have lethal consequences. To take your analogy further who stores their gasoline next to a toddler’s room & insist on smoking.

          Think it through, understanding will follow.

          1. There is no logic in blaming an inanimate object (guns) that is incapable of any action unless caused by human action. Automobiles are involved in 3 times as many deaths as guns and you would argue they are not designed to kill. A car moves in the direction it is steered and at the speed desired by the human driver, we blame the driver if someone is injured by their improper use of the car they were driving, A gun can only fire if a human squeezes the trigger after loading it and can only propel the bullet in the direction it was pointed when it was fired by the human. Your logic is fatally flawed, pun intended.

            1. “A gun can only fire if a human squeezes the trigger.” Indeed. It is designed to operate in a fashion where when pointed and aimed it has lethal consequences. Well said.

          2. Ipso, That is pretty vague and therefore hard to deal with, but I’ll try. Objects created with lethal intent (what ever that means), have lethal consequences, hmmm. The other day I was mowing the lawn and I accidentally ran over a baby bunny. The mower did not cut it in half cleanly, but rather, stretched him out about a foot. His intestines connected the back hips and legs to the front half of him. His back legs did not respond even as his head, shoulders and front legs tried to run away. It took him about five minutes to die. Yet my lawn mower was not invented to kill anything. But it did because I was not careful enough. My rifle only makes holes in paper, because I am very careful.

            1. Wild Bill, You aimed for wit this time. A sure shot indeed. We could discuss logic. Be it deontic, or take a hit of Aristotle.

              But my point is rather obvious: human imagination fashions objects for use & consumption. I fancy you would agree that the marketing folks at Toro would probably steer clear from a “Take your Toro to the Brier Patch & find Peter.” Or “Your new Toro, it takes intestinal courage.”

              You see my point, right? Again the folks at GM don’t promote their new SUV line with the tagline. “Hit the gas and clear the crowd” or “Homicide? Meh, It’s a great ride.”

              Again we are led to the very clear concept of “agency.” What is the purported point of a handgun? That should be obvious, as to any “alternative uses.

              I eagerly await your colorful reply.



            1. Ipso, you are a witty and entertaining fellow. I really wish that you were on the side of civil Rights. The “point of a handgun” is that a pun? Now down to business: the weakness of your argument is that hand gun has one use and alternative uses. Clever, but not correct. A hand gun or any other firearm is but one of many of the tools that mankind has invented. The good or evil use of any tool is up to the user.

            2. Wild Bill,

              Touche’. The admiration is mutual. No snark, I count your reply as one of the best I have ever received. I hope that you are using your gift of writing in some capacity.

              The issue you & I may disagree on is the proper function of a hand gun. Ok, fair enough.

              One key to our civil society is “lIfe, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Classic Jefferson). Before Jefferson, it Locke’s “property” rather than “happiness.” I argue that such virtues exist in a hierarchy. Simply put, Liberty is predicated upon Life. Happiness is predicated upon Liberty. Using this reasoning, one may argue that which strongly impinges upon life itself shakes the very foundation of a civil society.

              Using a thought experiment we can reason to the conclusion that unfetter Liberty cancels its very foundation: Life. We may reason backwards from unfettered Liberty to see that there must be some limit to such unfettered Liberty. (cf. Granted, we have the sorites paradox in play here.)

              The issue properly framed is how do we adjudicate between the two virtues. Complex indeed. Thusly, I argue that a civil society has a “monopoly on legitimate force” (cf. monopoly on violence, Hobbs & Weber).

              To be clear, I am not arguing away the Second Amendment (NB. I hold a FOID card)- though I find that the current interpretation on “well-regulated militia” is strangely inconsistent with a Scalia “constitutional originalism.” But, we need some limit on gun-proliferation.

              We, as a nation, appear to be at an existential crossroad.

              To be fair, I openly acknowledge that reasonable minds may disagree- and such is the very spirit of having a democratic republic.

              Wishing you much peace & happiness.



      2. The NRA did not write the 2nd amendment and people kill people . A gun is just a piece of metal until the trigger is pulled. You are just another uninformed moron.

      3. Dear dear Jane, When Cain slew Able, there was no gun around. Are you going to outlaw rocks, too! Currently, in the US the most common murder weapons are the baseball bat and the claw hammer. Maybe the common denominator is that some person made a decision to kill another person.

        1. Wild Bill, where on earth do you get your falsified information from, according to the FBI.gov the most recent available numbers show 8,855 people died by firearms, while blunt objects like clubs/hammers bats, accounted for 518 in the year 2012. You do your ignorant self no favors by re-posting that garbage

          1. iamz,,you’re the fool ! Wild Bill is spot on right with his stats. Go to the bull dykes website and whine there,sissy. You douche liberals like to deny real statistics,facts ! I hear the bull dyke calling you,punk a*ss bit*tch ! “TEXAS,LIKE A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY” ! Its so fine !

            1. Tex you and Wildbill are both wrong. Don’t be like many of the anti gun people and put out lies that are easily dis-proven.

              The 2014 number of murders by knives or cutting instruments 1567; hands,fists, feet, etc 660; shotguns 262; rifles (all types) 248; handguns 5,562; firearms, unknown 2,052; and other weapons 1,610, source 2014 FBI Crime Report.

          2. @smithy and cliffy. I got my stats from and expert on FOX news, who quoted the same FBI reports that you have. Strange.

            1. Ok, I went to the FBI crime reports, and as I studied them the stats didn’t seem right. Then it hit me, the stats were put together by the Obama FBI. The same FBI that recently told us that they can’t find enough evidence to indict Hillary.

      4. Jane- You need to get your head out of your ass and pay attention to what is really going on in this country.Obama started in his first term in office to separate the people of this nation and control all firearms. Look around you and smell the roses.We are almost there. It’s people like you that only hear what the news and political people put out, you don’t bother to check the facts.

      5. You people are absolutely disgusting… Blaming the NRA for unstable individuals with a gun? The NRA was not holding that gun, pointing it at someone and pulling the trigger. The NRA is mostly an educational institution. However, before someone wants to lose their damn mind, yes they do lobby on behalf of the second amendment. They support legislation that makes it impossible for criminals and other “bad guys” to get their hands on a firearm. What they do not is support is the rest of the law abiding citizens paying for a few rotten apples. Criminals will get their hands on a firearm regardless of the legislation that is in place… That is why they are criminals because they don’t care about the law, they believe that the law does not apply to them, just like Hillary Clinton. Since you want to take away my right to own a gun, maybe we should start advocating for your right to freedom of speech be taken away because what you say disgusts me. Because what you say is purely a resuscitation of the media. It makes me sick that you cannot think for yourself. That you cannot educate yourself before you speak. It irritates the hell out of me that you are another mindless drone. You don’t like my second amendment than go to a country that completely controls its citizens, where guns are illegal but crime is still through the roof… Crime committed with those illegal guns by the way. You don’t belong in America. Get Out.

        1. Sam,

          Such a comment truly puts the “well-regulated” into “well-regulated militia.” Think it through.

      1. All the shootings that have taken place in the past 10 years, have been done other than NRA members. Not one of the shooters were NRA members. Yet the NRA is the target of gun control. Wake up America, it is those that want to take away the guns that are the dangerous ones.

    4. Know what? Until he knows (like most common sense-oriented, thoughtful individuals) that our President, liberal Democrats and the Democratic Party, as well as, the weak kneed RINOS of the Republican Party continue to incite these types of acts through their failure to applaud the rule of law while placating the whiners, do nothing’s, and takers, saying it is “the establishment” or “the man” or some other entity to blame for their inability or unwillingness to make the routine sacrifices we all make daily to succeed and be productive, law abiding citizens of this great Country. Until this President and his left wing, socialistic, America hating bag of immoral, lying cheats are no longer in the White House, we will continue to see Americans die, mostly by black-on-black violence (as in Chicago) or in the case of the Dallas tragedy, misguided individuals stirred by this President’s and his ilk’s rhetoric to violent misdeeds totally un-Ameican and un-Christian. As a former Marine and Criminal Justice retiree, I applaud those who have the foresight to learn how to defend themselves and their loved ones and who take the necessary steps to prepare themselves for traumatic situations in life. They understand that “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” Minutes away is too long.

      1. Last year nearly six thousand black people were killed by other black people. The most common weapon was the baseball bat. The next most common was the claw hammer. Do you really think that LaPierre or the members of the NRA are the problem? Do ya think that the commissioner of baseball or Louiseville Slugger are the problem? Do you think that the president of Stanley Tools or the carpenters union are the problem? Really?

        1. Yeh I think Wayne Lapierre is still part of the problem. First, I’d question your data on baseball bats (http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/baseballbats.asp). But even if it were true, guns make it easier to kill than baseball bats for a variety of reasons (distance from target, energy expenditure, not many accidental deaths from baseball bats, etc. Read about it in “On Killing” by Dave Grossman). The subset of deaths that happen due to the enabling quality of a firearm would be prevented if, in a given instance, the gun was replaced by a baseball bat – this is what anti-gun people are arguing.

          In short, the analogy you’re trying to draw doesn’t exist.

          (for the record, I like Obama, I love guns, I’d be against a “ban on guns” in the U.S….but I’m not American. All of that is independent of making a valid assessment of the situation)

        2. Wild Bill, less than 600 (Six hundred, not six thousand) people were killed altogether by blunt objects, stop making up nonsense numbers, do yourself a favor and do some actual research. Firearms are used in over 8,000 homicides each year. But idiots will come here and salute you and your idiocity without looking up the data

            1. It’s roughly 32,000 gun deaths, 8,000 unjustified homicides, 3,000 justified and non negligent manslaughter, some accidents, and that leaves around 20,000 suicides. Homicide and mass murder by gun pales in comparison to the suicide by gun that happens.

      2. Hay Morton; are you an Obama ass kisser???? You sure sound like like a troll to me…. you should go crawl back under your rock and finish your kool-aid….

      3. When your freedom is irretrievably lost and you have nothing left to fight with, then perhaps you will understand why the founders wanted an armed citizenry. Repeating the lines of a simplistic folk song aren’t the mark of an intellectual,

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