Firefield T180 Tactical Mini Flashlight Kit : Pocket-sized Shock & Awe!

Firefield T180 Tactical Mini Flashlight Kit introduction and product highlights.

Firefield T180 Tactical Mini Flashlight Kit: Pocket-sized shock and awe!
Firefield T180 Tactical Mini Flashlight Kit: Pocket-sized shock and awe! :

MANSFIELD, TEXAS-( The pocket-size T180 Tactical Mini Flashlight guides every hard-earned step to victory with big time shock-and-awe LED illumination.

Designed to be the lightweight, compact must-carry torch in every climb and place, the T180 just might be the perfect answer to low-light, no-light duty in those extreme environments you refer to as “your outdoor office”.

Featuring 120 lumens of bright illumination and a compact design, the Firefield T120 Tactical Mini flashlight is equipped with weapons-mountable capabilities for any rifle or shotgun. The device includes an accessory weapons mount, which mounts to any Weaver or Picatinny rail for a seamless shooting experience. Its Tactical on/off pressure pad helps saves precious battery life, ensuring a long-lasting experience for the novice or experienced shooter. The sleek, lightweight flashlight is ideal for travel, and its energy-efficient push button battery cap ensures that the unit outlasts any Expedition. Whether used for Tactical shooting, hunting or home defense, it can be a versatile part of any outdoorsman’s Armory.

Firefield T180 Tactical Mini Flashlight

While the Cree XPG2 180-lumen LED exposes every obstacle in your way, the IPX6 weatherproof, hard-anodized matte black aluminum barrel provides the reliability you depend on to get you through the night.


The 2-mode T180 Flashlight includes strobe and full-brightness operation and is powered by a CR123A battery. Battery run time is approximately two hours on high. Whether you carry the T180 independently or mount it to your firearm (recoil tested up to a 12-gauge shotgun), operation is made simple with on/off tail cap and wired pressure switch operation. The Firefield T180 Tactical Mini Flashlight Kit includes a firearm mount, click on/off tail cap and pressure switch.

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