Praise the Lord for a Henry Delay ~ The Poem

By Major Van Harl

Henry Big Boy Silver rifle and a Mares Leg pistol in 357 mag
Henry Big Boy Silver rifle and a Mares Leg pistol in 357 mag
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

United States -( He hunted in the north woods, white tails on his land

He was a friend to many, held no malaise for his fellow man

He taught his children to do what was right and walk within the law

Crime stayed away from him, but on the news it was the violence that he saw


Some in our nation turned to the alleged easy way of crime

Many a young man by 21 had already done hard time

Taking to the streets while the sun shone down, making criminal hay

Sadly the good family of the north woods might soon need a Henry Delay


Henry Delay is not a person it is a fine rifle in a good citizen’s hands

It is a lever action rifle sitting next to mom on her way in the family mini van

Henry is the 22 bolt gun you teach your children how to safely shoot well

But most importantly, Henry is the tool–you dispatch evil back to the gates of hell


You are not a soldier or a cop standing on that thin blue line

You are a parent getting the kids to school and you to work on time

But evil is always out there rushing to block your way

You can run, hide or fight but with a Henry in your hands you can survive that awful day


Henrys have been around since 1860 when our nation was divided and torn

In 1996 with the legacy of the past and modern steel a new Henry was born

With great emphasis on quality and customer service a new rifle was produced

You may not stop a hostile army but with a Henry lever gun evil, will be reduced


To slow the descent of harm upon your family is the goal of a Henry Delay

With a Big Boy rifle in your hands evil is kept at bay

Henrys in the hands of an American family are there to stem the Godless criminal tide

A family in peril will be better served with a Henry Delay on their side.


Louis Imperato was a man of vision who saw a Henry in every American’s hand

But my family way up north hunt with their Henrys on Canadian land

There are Henry rifles in Scotland and in the Australian outback

An Aussie boy smiles at the sound of his 22 Henry’s reported crack


When I pulled out my first Henry the wife said “Oh, shiny”, it was that Henry bling

It is the workmanship and great looks that makes it a Henry-girl shooting thing

The finish and fine lines of the Henry with your hands you can trace

Quality and reliability that made a Henry Delay the cornerstone of your family’s defensive base.


Do your target shooting and fill your hunting tags this deer season

In your mind keep it clear that a Henry Delay is an important ownership reason

Can you stop evil before it crosses your threshold?

With a Henry, live long and prosper and gently grow old


If the sun were to always shine there would be only desert I am told

You would need rose colored glasses to observe and behold

Rose color distorts and can hide danger from your sight

Evil tells no time, a Henry Delay could arise in the dark or in the midday light


Quality counts when your life may perish in a moment’s time

The quality of a Henry will hold that defensive line

The Lord wants you to follow his rules and to him you obey

In the wee hours of the night when evil calls, praise the Lord for a Henry Delay

Praise the Lord for a Henry Delay

Major Van Harl UASF Ret. / [email protected]

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School. A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI. His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training. He believes “evil hates organization.” [email protected]

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Ronnie Blackstone

The only connection to the Henry pattern rifles of the past is the name. There was no Henry Rifle Co. Just like Springfield Armory. That isn’t the same company as the original, either. Only connected by name.

You wouldn’t really be getting a piece of history, per se. The only way that’ll happen is to buy an original Henry pattern rifle manufactured by New Haven Arms Co over 100 years ago.

Joe Mancy

For me, it would be about owning a piece of history…and a very capable rifle.

Ronnie Blackstone

But this company is inky connected to the old Henry pattern firearms by name. There was no Henry Rifle Co back then. Just like Springfield Armory. That’s not the same place either. Only connected by name.

Tim Maxey

A Henry is fine- I would be glad to have one in a crisis. I would rather have an AR15 with a Magpul 60 round drum magazine. Why give the bad guys an edge?