Apex Updates King of New England Standings

Apex Sponsors 2016 King of New England
Apex Sponsors 2016 King of New England
Apex Tactical Industries
Apex Tactical Industries

Los Osos, CA -(AmmoLand.com)- Apex Tactical Specialties, the presenting sponsor of the King of New England series, is proud to announce the current standings after completion of the second leg of the event – the New England Regional IDPA Championship.

The King of New England is a three event concurrent competition taking place during the IDPA shooting season and features four stages from each of New England’s three biggest IDPA championships. Titles are awarded based on the best combined score from the 12 selected King of New England stages. In order to win the title of King of New England a shooter much compete in the same IDPA division in all three participating matches.

Hosted by the Harvard Sportsmen’s Club in Harvard, Mass., the New England Regional IDPA Championship drew over 180 of New England’s top shooters to compete for titles in IDPA’s five divisions – Custom Defensive Pistol, Enhanced Service Pistol, Stock Service Pistol, Compact Carry Pistol and Revolver.

Of the match’s 14 stages, stages 3, 4, 6 and 10 were used in the King of New England scoring. In the Custom Defensive Pistol division (CDP), Joe Linskey continues to lead in the race for King of New England with 176.54 despite finishing behind the 2016 New England Regional CDP champion Andrew Marocchini. Marocchini is second in the King of New England standings with 222.06, followed by Chip Dufault (273.01), Fred Dimmich (345.19) and Steve Lowicki (369.57).

In the Enhanced Service Pistol division (ESP), Mason Lane continues to open up his lead after winning the ESP division title. Earlier this summer Lane won the ESP title at the Massachusetts State IDPA Championship. Lane now leads the King of New England series with 138.30. Following Lane in this year’s series are Joel Penney (170.63), Tom Yost (186.55), James Davis (191.64) and Paddy Sullivan (195.93).

In the Stock Service Pistol division (SSP), Jim Meyers now leads those competing for the Kind of New England with 148.32. Following Meyers are Robert Lacroix (180.85), David Ritchie (215.74), Gregory Smushkin (218.65) and Shawn Sarles (221.22).

Like Mason Lane in ESP, Lee Adams has won his second Custom Compact Pistol (CCP) division title in a championship event participating in the King of New England. Adams now leads his fellow King of New England competitors with 192.63. Adams is followed by Brian Caira (216.37), Kevin Wagner (256.55), Alan Finkel (300.66) and Dan Robson (317.69).

Bill Thorpe joins Lane and Adams after winning the Revolver division title in both the Massachusetts State Championship and the New England Regional. His solid performance puts him in the lead for the King of New England title with 207.46. Close behind, and well within striking distance, is Gene Gelberger with 211.63. They are followed by Wil Cournoyer (235.55), Bob Biehl (241.59) and Andrew Luneau (291.24).

The third and final leg go the Apex King of New England series will take place October 1-2 when the Pioneer Sportsmen Club in Dunbarton, New Hampshire hosts the Live Free Or Die State IDPA Championship.

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