Joker Bowie Knife, a Fast and Furious Favorite ~ Review

by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary
The Clarys review the handcrafted Joker Bowie Knife, a favorite of the Fast & Furious movie franchise.

Joker Bowie Knife
Joker Bowie Knife model CN100 :
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

United States -( Once again, we are pleased to be able to test and use one of the handcrafted knives from the Joker factory in Spain. The Joker Bowie Knife.

A knife that is truly made the “old fashioned” way, one blade at a time. The folks at Joker refuse to enter into the “race to the bottom” that seems to be characteristic of so many knife companies. Joker knives still reflect the pride and fine quality of handmade European blades.

Joker Bowie Knife

This knife is called by the name the Joker Bowie Knife ,model CN100. But we gave it the name, Fast and Furious Joker Knife, because it will be featured as the knife of choice by Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock” in the upcoming “Fast and Furious 8” movie. Fedor Palacios, former Marketing Communications Manager for Gamo Outdoor USA contacted the studios and was able to show the knife to “The Rock”. Long story short…. he liked it and you will see him use it in the movie this coming 2017. When the movie was completed, Dwayne kept the knife as his own. So, if you would like a bit of movie memorabilia, without paying an arm and a leg, you can order it directly from Gamo or their extensive network of online and brick & mortar retailers.

Of course, that is not why we like this knife. We like it because of its quality, design and functionality.

The CN100 is a big knife. You will have no trouble dressing the largest game animal with this knife; however, it is a bit too large to use as a skinner. No matter how you use this Joker, it will certainly find its place around your base camp, ideal for any purpose where a large blade is needed. It is incredibly sharp, right out of the box. In fact, they enclose a small piece of paper to that effect warning users to be careful… now that is pretty unusual. It is made with Krupp 4116 stainless steel, a high quality vanadium-molybdenum steel that holds an edge very well, yet is easily resharpened when needed.

Several other well-known makers, including Krupp and Grohmann use this steel in their blades. It is that good, especially when hardened to a HRC of 57.

The well-fitted deer antler handle fits the hand perfectly and takes one back to the days when a lot of custom knife makers (amateurs and professionals alike) used antler for their handles. One of my favorites comes to mind: Bo Randall, who meticulously fit a stag antler onto the tang of his custom hunters.

We have not encountered any knife makers who produce a better sheath than Joker. The bull hide leather is double stitched with heavy thread. In case some readers are not aware, bull hide leather is what our western saddles are made from… it is that tough. You won’t wear out a Joker bull hide sheath in your lifetime (maybe not even your kids).

The Features and Specifications of the Joker Bowie Knife CN100:

  • Type: Hunter
  • Handle Material: Deer antler
  • Blade type: Fixed drop point – hollow ground
  • Overall length: 14.25″
  • Blade length: 7.87″ (200 mm)
  • Blade width: 1.75″ at widest point & 1.375″ at hilt
  • Blade thickness: 0.1876″ (5 mm)
  • Blade material: Vanadium-Molybdenum steel (Krupp 4116 stainless steel)
  • HRC 57
  • Edge: Plain
  • Sheath: Bull hide leather
  • Weight: 16.05 ounces (455 gr.)
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • MSRP: $215.99) (Internet sales $135 – $185)

Whether you are looking for a great handcrafted knife for use around camp or a piece of “movie history“, this knife is the blade to buy.

While it isn’t cheap (high quality blades usually aren’t), the Joker Bowie Knife is worth every penny……. and, it is our feeling that you will be able to pass it down in your family to the next generation.

About Jim and Mary Clary:

Jim and Mary Clary have co-authored over three hundred and fifty articles, (and counting) on shooting and hunting. You can read many of them on AmmoLand News.

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