The Anti-Gun Movement’s War Against the NRA Is Based on Lies


Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Fairfax, VA -( Gun violence exists in only very small portions of our population. Most gun crime is committed by a small group of people, and 40% are repeat offenders.

We KNOW from the FBI Unified Crime Report that 83% of all gun-related murders are gang and drug related. There are around 12,000 gun deaths a year, 10,000 are tied to gangs and drugs.

In Chicago, 1,500 people are responsible for 90% of all the murders in the City. We also know that 40% of the assailants had prior arrests for gun-related violence. Out of a City of 3 million people, 1,500 people do 90% of the carnage. An impotent mayor and a police force dealing with Black Lives Matter having called for more police assignation mean the criminals are free to roam and murder at will.

It’s not just Chicago – here is a murder map for Los Angeles. Generally, the fewer drug dealing gangs in your neighborhood the lower the crime rate.

murder map for Los Angeles
murder map for Los Angeles

If we expand this nationally 90% of the 12,000 gun-related murders are committed by 28 – 35,000 people. There IS NO EPIDEMIC of gun violence. The NRA is NOT giving guns to babies, or RPGs to tweens.

Murders and crime are DOWN 50% over the past few decades. Why is Hillary blaming the NRA for an increase in crime?

If we eliminate gang and drug shootings, the US has a lower murder rate than England or France! So let me summarize this for you.

90% or more of our gun-related murders are committed by a very small percentage of our population. Many of whom are repeat offenders. Bashing the NRA will do NOTHING to prevent this type of crime.

We could drop gun gang and drug gun violence by 40% if we had MANDATORY sentencing for gun crimes, and KEPT THE CRIMINALS IN JAIL! Just keeping the repeat offenders in jail would save 4,000 lives a year.

So round up the relatively few people who commit 90% of the shooting and save 9-10,000 lives a year! The police know who they are. We’re a big county 310 million people; there are 100 million (legal) gun owners, and 90% of the murders are being committed by 28-38,000 people.

.011% of the total population commit 90% of all the murders. Why the hell are these people not in jail?

So the facts are there if you care to look. 83% of all murders with a gun are gang and drug related. These murders are committed by a VERY small portion of the population. If you want to address and reduce gun violence you need to address the economics of the inner cities and arrest the .011% of the population that is doing the killing.

The NRA has NOTHING to do with the gun violence issues in America. We know that; the NRA knows that.

So what do we know?

  • That we can identify the very small most violent portion of our population that does 90% of the killing.
  • That Hillary and Obama have chosen not to stop the slaughter.
  • That the effort would not be herculean to do so.

Every time Hillary blames the NRA she actually puts a nail in coffin of a black teen or urban innocent. By deflecting from the real issue the problem goes unsolved.

My solution to street violence:

Mandatory sentencing for using a gun in a shooting that is gang or drug related. Add 30 years to their sentence, add 15 for repeated illegal possession of a gun. Bring back stop and frisk and hammer illegal gun ownership. Deny early release or parole to anyone who had one in possession or used a gun. Take 2-3 years of these simple policies and the number of gun deaths will plummet.

The NRA and legal gun ownership is not the problem; a small hardcore group of criminals ARE the problem. They are a problem Hillary Clinton and President Obama choose to ignore. Let’s face facts, if the number of gun-related murders dropped to 2,000 gun control would cease to be a rallying point for the left. I propose the Anti-gun movement is really just a wedge issue used by liberals to get elected.

Picking up a gun to do harm is a choice, criminals are not stupid just immoral. Make the cost of gun violence so harsh they choose to leave the gun at home.

Register to vote, and vote to preserve your 2nd Amendment rights. Share this article where you can and with a critical election so close get off your ass and get involved. Join the NRA.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Carl Fyrdman

You need to list specific references for the numbers you give, otherwise the left will simply ignore this article and state that the numbers are made up/BS statistics.


The Truth: The political elite, for reasons incomprehensible, even with straight forward, easily manageable solutions as demonstrated by Mr. McDougall, will never do anything about gang/drug related murder. If they WANTED to ,it would have been done long ago.
The Truth: The political elite will NEVER disarm the American people. No way, no how, NEVER ,with or without the NRA ( I’m a life member) or any other PRO Second Amendment (GUN) organization. If they COULD they would have long ago.
Strength through Faith.


In the inimitable words of Charlie Brown “AAUUGH” – Please quit using the terminology of the left: There Is No Such Thing As “Gun Violence” or “Gun Crime” – guns are inanimate objects that CANNOT act of their own volition. They use those terms to minimize the accountability and responsibility of the ‘humans’ that misuse, abuse and illegally use those objects. Yes, those terms are ‘convenient’ but they are flat out WRONG. And speaking of WRONG – the assertions by folks like RR51 are also part and parcel of the hoplophobes grand strategies. He and his ilk ‘conveniently’ forget that… Read more »


RidgeRunner51: Sounds like the strategy used by the NRA according to your statement is quite similar (albeit for the opposite side of the issue here) to that employed by George Soros to advance the cause of voting without substantiated Identification and to ban firearms from law abiding Americans…..THE TRUTH. Now Soros is funding a legal effort in Virginia to overturn in Richmond the Photo ID law for voter verification, but his leftist proxy lawyer was left speechless when he discovered that the premise of his argument was null and void – that minorities somehow were significantly burdened to obtain a… Read more »


Fritz – afaik ALL states have a provision for NO or extremely low cost photo ID (financial aid available as well). And there are a host of organizations (like the League of Women Voters as one example) that will facilitate travel to and from the licensing agency for those who are not able to travel on their own. The claims that potential voters are somehow ‘disenfranchised’ by requiring photo ID is just a smoke screen. OBTW, those same folks who will assist in getting that ID will also assist folks in getting to the polls on election day.


The obvious reason that the democrap would like to abolish the photo I.D is because they wanted the illegals to be able to vote. Because they know that they were able to sell the idea of amnesty to these illegals and precisely the reason why the government is releasing a lot of criminals is because they know that these people are voting democrap.


Rather than LIES, the TRUTH: The NRA’s primary mission is to be a Lobbyist, a very, very effective one, for the arms manufacturing/selling industry. All of it’s other activities are nothing more than a smoke screen. As everyone knows, it does it’s job quite well. A job which is to: Pour huge amounts of $$$ into elected officials pockets to buy their favorable votes on gun issues, while at the same time, keeping consumers believing that it’s “fighting for their rights to own guns”. And firearm consumers are buying it, hook, line & sinker.


I’m a member of the NRA, and without their lobbying efforts I definitely would not still have my second amendment rights. It’s in the best interest of firearms consumers to see those in the firearms industry succeed.


Wow, you bought the liberal lies hook, line, and sinker !


Arms manufacturers and sellers should be doing their best to make sure Hillary is the next President. I can’t imagine much sales if people feel safe under President Trump.

Tom Gallagher

Stop and Frisk is unconstitutional! You can not protect your rights by denying others their rights. You also need to look at the law in CA and adjust your thinking about “gun crime”; way too many felonies on the books for what should be minor infractions.

Clark Kent

You meant to say ‘way too many felons not in prison where they belong’. There; I fixed it for you. Grow up.


Did Shaneen Allen belong in prison?

What “law” would *you* not enforce?

What order would you not obey?

Gary L Griffiths

Consider this: The Left/Democrat Machine wants to restrict gun ownership to facilitate their consolidation of power in this country, while pandering to their minority political base by being soft on repeat violent offenders. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle. Gang-bangers commit more crimes with impunity, while their masters use the increased violence to justify repressive firearms laws. Where’s the barf smiley when you really need it? 🙁