Hateful Tone of Debate on the 2nd Amendment Started by Clinton & the Left

By Don McDougall

Republican - Democrat: #gunvote
Hateful Tone of Debate on the 2nd Amendment Started by Clinton & the Left
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

USA -(Ammoland.com)- This election will be a referendum on guns! 

That’s not me talking, it’s Hillary and the anti-gun left.

Do a quick search, and you’ll see the results. Go ahead I’ll wait here while you look it up. You’ll see these headlines.

  • Gun Control A Winning Issue!  Dem’s Revved Up! (CS Monitor, July 2016)
  • Hillary Can Win On Gun Control! (Time Magazine, November 2015)
  • Hillary Says Gun Control Is A Voting Issue! (The Guardian, November 2015)

It comes down to this Hillary says “We’re going to make gun control a voting issue!”

So why has Hillary stopped talking about guns now? Has she dropped gun control as a focus of her campaign?

When Trump was leading in the polls, she was silent about guns. With her fortunes improving, her surrogates are back whispering the words “gun control.

No other Democrat presidential candidate has open their campaign calling for a gun ban and confiscation. No one else named the NRA as the greatest threat to America, over ISIL and the Russian Government.

President Obama did not need to go after the NRA and people’s rights to win two elections, none of the past Democrat Presidents did either

Hillary is going after gun owners and the NRA because she chooses to, not because she has too! She is placing her election at risk to pursue a personal agenda leading to gun bans and confiscation.

According to Hillary, you have no right to own a gun. She’s very clear that she rejects the foundation of Heller and McDonald.For her, gun ownership, is a right to be granted or denied by the government. 

A compliant liberal media apes the viewpoints they are fed and asks no questions. This won’t end after the election. The news media won’t suddenly decide to keep properly us informed.

The news media is too valuable a pet for Hillary to let free. We see it this week especially, as a dozen plus articles about how the NRA is responsible for accidental discharges and anyone who is hurt. It’s just going to get worse once the power is consolidated in the oval office.

We did not choose this fight. Gun owners just want to be left alone to enjoy our freedoms and our families. The anti-gun left drags us in every four years.

Back in the day, when Democrats cared about their country and not just personal wealth or power, things were different.

Kennedy, Johnson and Carter all were more pro-2nd Amendment than Hillary.  Even Obama is further to the right than her on gun owners’ freedoms.

While Obama disagreed with Heller and McDonald, he respected the law [kinda]. Hillary, not so much.

We’ve seen this before. Bill Clinton assured us all as a southern governor and member of Ducks Unlimited, he would not attack our gun rights.

Look how honest he was then. Why should we believe her now?  A hundred million gun owners will not be played as fools.

Gun owners know that their right to own a firearm for personal protection will end with our generation if she is elected.

  • Hillary Clinton, armed with the potential for multiple appointments on the U.S. Supreme Court, assure you will lose those rights forever.
  • Hillary Clinton, along with a Democrat House and Senate, assure that gun dealers and manufacturers will be sued out of business through frivolous lawsuits.

This election is a referendum on gun rights because Hillary wants it to be so. We and the gun grabbing left realize she is 100 percent serious about her ending your right to own a gun.

They are fighting to take away our rights away. Will we fight as hard to keep them?

Get up off you asses, register to vote. Get involved and fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment, your rights and the rights of future generations.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety.

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Gun owning liberal from California

If only the Republican party didn’t nominate a jack wagon. John Cary would have destroyed her, Mit Romney would have easily won over her. There is nobody running for president that looks like they will do a good job.

Peter Kelly

Get a grip!

Clark Kent

‘Gun owning liberal from California’? That is like claiming to be a ‘pro-Zion Nazi’ or a ‘pro-life member of Planned Parenthood’. You have ZERO credibility, amigo. Grow up.

Kenneth Keele

my two cents we have one president that took the oath to protect the constitution of America that was an oath that he took and he has not done it at all to me that is treason and he should be removed from office and put in jail for it. Now we have Hillary Clinton going after the guns if she gets an office then we’re going to have to worry about it again and she’s going to take the same oath that the Obama Administration took and neither one of these people will uphold the constitution of America the… Read more »