UniqueTek Expands Swab-its Offerings with Bore-tips Multi-packs


UniqueTek Bore-tips Multi-packs
UniqueTek Bore-tips Multi-packs

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -(Ammoland.com)- Swab-its, makers of Bore-Whips, Bore-tips and Gun-tips, is pleased to announce that UniqueTek has expanded its Swab-its product offerings with the addition of the Bore-tips Multi-pack.

UniqueTek offers specialty products for reloading and other aspects of shooting. While they offer commercially available products like Bore-tips and Gun-tips, they also have custom made products developed to solve difficult challenges.

The Swab-its Bore-tips Multi-pack (Part# 41-7100) includes .22cal/5.56, .30cal/7.62, .357cal/9mm, .40cal/.410, and .45cal/11.5mm Bore-tips. Washable and reusable, Bore-tips are lint-free and provide complete bore coverage for cleaning and lubricating.

The Multi-packs are geared toward the shooter who shoots a variety of calibers, gunsmiths, range masters and armorers. Each bag contains a total of 28 Bore-tips.

UniqueTek also carries other Swab-its firearms cleaning products. Visit www.UniqueTek.com for more information on their products.

All Swab-its firearm cleaning products are all lint free, solvent, and lubricant friendly, washable, and reusable. Using Swab-its firearm cleaning products allow users to achieve an unmatched clean.


About Swab-its / Bore-tips / Gun-tips:

Bore-tips are a tough, reusable foam tips engineered for a specific tight bore fit providing a 360 contact with all the lands and grooves of the rifling. No more messing with jags or having to load poor fitting patches to the cleaning rod. Bore-tips thread onto a standard 8-32 cleaning rod. Bore-tips and Gun-tips perform better than patches and offer complete coverage and delivery of cleaning solvents and oils to the firearm. They are both reusable and can be washed, offering a very economical way to keep your firearm clean.

For more information on the complete line of Swab-its lint free, reusable gun cleaning swabs, visit www.bore-tips.com.

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