White River NEW Survival Knife Line for 2017

White River NEW Survival Knife
White River NEW Survival Knife
White River Knife & Tool
White River Knife & Tool

Coopersville, MI. -(Ammoland.com)- Earlier this year White River Knives debuted their NEW Survival Knife line releasing prototypes to actual survival experts and a very limited few to the general public for use and abuse feedback.

Their recommendations are the basis of this new knife line and its final design. Designed for heavy-duty use in real survival situations these also make excellent camp, hunting, backpacking or utility knives.
Every part is 100 percent U.S. made.

The five-inch-long full length slab handle is heavy canvas green Micarta with an orange liner.

The handle is contoured to make heavy cutting or chopping easy. The deep index finger choil cut allows for high pressure whittling and precision cutting.

The grooves at the top of the blade (called jimping) are course for additional thumb traction even with gloves or mittens on and also form a rasp like surface for making fine sawdust for ease of fire starting.

Just in front of the finger guard area is a cutout for efficient striking of a ferro rod fire starter rod and one is included with each knife and is part of the tough Kydex sheath.

 Handle slabs are adhered with a super epoxy and three brass lined hollow handle pins. The three brass lined hollow handle pins make possible the lasing to a stick to turn this knife into a spear if necessary.
The most rearward lanyard hole is larger for heavier mountain gear rope if desired.

The hand honed flat profiled stonewashed finish blade comes leather stropped razor sharp and is thick and deep for efficient cutting or chopping.

One side of the knife handle features a polished stainless steel metal dish like cutout (divot) for use with a fire bow.
This is a well-designed great looking and robust knife intended for serious work.

White River survival knives come in three blade lengths; the basics for all are
  • Blade: S30V steel with a stonewash finish.
  • Handle: Heavy canvass green Micarta with three hollow handle pins.
  • MSRP:
    $240, $280, $320 depending on model–see below please
  • Sheath: Kydex with ferro fire starter rod.
Individual model specifications:
Model FC-4                             Model FC-5                               Model FC-7
4-inch blade with 5″ handle     5-inch blade with 5″ handle       7-inch blade with 5″ handle
Blade thickness: 0.130″            Blade thickness: 0.158″             Blade thickness: 0.200″
Weight: 6OZ                             Weight: 8OZ                             Weight: 12 OZ
             MSRP $240                             MSRP $280                                MSRP $320


About White River Knife & Tool:

Excellent knives, made in the US – With great materials and workmanship, we offer custom made knives at competitive prices.

For more information, visit www.WhiteRiverKnives.com.

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Lacing, not “lasing.”