2017 SHOT Show, After Action Report – From Day Two

By John Farnam

Hexmag G17 Pistol Magazine
Hexmag G17 Pistol Magazine
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- I saw Dick Davis of Armor Express today! Dick, inventor of soft body armor and supposedly “retired,” still mans the AE booth. Dick and I go back a long way. He is a real hero!

Dick is reviving the Bowling Pin Shoot, where we all had such a great time so many years ago! Central Lake, MI, 9-16 June 17. I’m going to try to make it!

At Raven Holsters, I confirmed that they are still making the “V62.” Basically, a trigger-guard cover, with a lanyard. Perfect for pistols kept in handbags. The trigger is protected. When the gun is drawn, the cover pulls off, and the pistol can then be fired normally. They’re making it for the G19/23, and now the S&W M&P, and the G42.

Phalanx Defense is still making their “Stealth Operator.” A kydex belt-holster (outside and IWB) that fits nearly any modern service pistol. Perfect for equipping students coming to Courses without holsters or with nonsense “holsters” that are unsuitable for serious carry.

A company called SERT had on display their line of “Sneaky Bags.” Soft rifle cases that don’t look like gun cases. Several sizes to accommodate nearly any serious rifle. I’m getting one!

Blackhawk makes a similar line they call “Diversion Bags

UTM NLTA Helmet – Full Face Visor
UTM NLTA Helmet – Full Face Visor

UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) make a clear face-mask, suitable for Airsoft training. One problem inherent to Airsoft and Sims training is that most face-masks make it impossible to see facial expressions, and interpreting facial expressions is an important component of scenario-based training. This face mask solves that problem!

Hexmag, famous for AR magazines, is now making a G17 pistol magazine, as well as a 20-round 308 rifle magazine.

Lancer Systems L7AWM Advanced Hybrid Magazine
Lancer Systems L7AWM Advanced Hybrid Magazine

Lancer is also making an excellent AR magazine, and 308 magazines. Semi-translucent plastic body reveals remaining round count, without making it obvious to everyone. Hard to beat!

Friends at Lehigh Defense, makers of high-performance ammunition, showed me their new FTM round. The 9mm version features a solid copper, 90gr bullet with a “scalloped” nose. It is not a hollow-point, but the Lehigh folks are convinced it has superceded conventional controlled-expansion projectiles, and thus represents the next step in the evolution of serious pistol ammunition.

Velocity is 1400f/s. Penetration 12″-18″, per FBI standards. Gelatin tests are impressive, and of course, there is no hollow cavity to plug-up!

I’ll have some to test shortly!

Friends at Lone Wolf, makers of replacement Glock barrels, and a host of other Glock replacement parts, tell me that the barrel they make that converts a G22/23 into 9mm (9mm Glock magazines run in 40S&W Glock pistols just fine) is their most popular item. Can’t make them fast enough!

Owners of 40-caliber Glocks can thus “convert” their pistols to fire relatively inexpensive 9mm ammunition.

Lone Wolf is now doing the same thing for the S&W M&P Pistol! The surging popularity of 9mm pistols is insuring prosperity for Lone Wolf!

Friends at Eotech tell me the “thermal drift” issue that reared its head last year is now history. I editorialized at the time that the whole affair was mostly BS anyway, and irrelevant for the vast majority of users. In any event, it is long-since been taken care of.

More to follow!


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It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit: www.defense-training.com

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It’s Raven Concealment Systems NOT Raven Holsters and it’s the VG-2 NOT the V62.