Kill The Shine, Kill The Game with Ameristep Supernatural Blind

Ameristep Supernatural Blind
Ameristep Supernatural Blind

PLANO, Ill. -( We live in remarkable times. As hunters, we enjoy standard back-up cameras on our trucks, advanced trail cameras that keep track of our game, and smart phones that are capable of taking professional-grade images that enrich our social media cred. The list goes on.

With so much rapidly changing and affordable technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to miss the distinction between the things that really help us succeed and the novelty of other technology that is merely an interesting distraction.

The truth is, nobody can swing by the strip mall and buy a month’s supply of woodsmanship. That said, there are many advances manifested in our various gear and equipment that up our confidence and effectiveness when pursuing wild game.

At the time of purchase, new gear with new features provides a good feeling that we haven’t left anything to chance – a positive thing when hunting the wariest of game species. Sooner or later – through experience – hunters begin to actually distinguish between the things that make a difference and those that are just fluff.

Ground blinds have opened up new opportunities for hunters and wildlife photographers ever since they first came to market, and hunters who have employed different models over the years have learned a lot about the features that work and those that don’t.

El cheapo blinds on sale at the local discount store may work okay some of the time, but like an old flip phone, these underperforming utilitarian designs leave much to be desired.

Drive through the countryside during hunting season and you’re sure to see plenty of ground blinds blinging in the sun. Wrapped in off-the-shelf nylon fabric manufactured for other purposes, these blinds stand out like a shiny new pickup truck in a junkyard.

On the contrary, you’re not likely to notice the new Ameristep Supernatural Blind on the landscape. From the southern swamps and deserts northward to the edge of the Boreal forest, this remarkable new blind disappears into the landscape like no other.

Hunters in camo
The truth is, nobody can swing by the strip mall and buy a month’s supply of woodsmanship.

Improving on what anyone else would call perfection, the new Ameristep Supernatural Blind takes ground blind performance to a supernatural level – starting with its new NATURSHELL exterior fabric. A custom, dual-layer exterior shell employs a proprietary fabric with natural fibers to eliminate all glare and sheen.

Finished in versatile Realtree Xtra camo, this incredibly stealthy exterior provides a primary defense against game animals’ highly advanced eyesight. The Supernatural Blind also features Ameristep’s new patent-pending organic window opening shapes that blend into the environment better – no straight edges and angles to draw the attention of wary deer and turkey that have seen it all.

The Supernatural’s new daisy-chain window curtain closure system is totally silent and operable with a single hand. All window openings are also equipped with replaceable shoot-through mesh camo window screens.

Borrowing standard features from other hunt-proven Ameristep blinds, the Supernatural is built on the company’s industry-leading Spider Hub frame, featuring stamped steel hubs that are stronger and more durable than the competition.

It affords maximum concealment from Ameristep’s ultra flat black, quiet Shadow Guard interior and two rows of sewn-in brush pockets above and below the windows for adding natural vegetation from the surrounding terrain.

Of course, the compact Supernatural is easy to store and transport with the included backpack carrying case, and set-up and takedown is easy and lightning-fast.

Ameristep Supernatural Blind

  • Custom dual layer NATURSHELL with natural fiber exterior to eliminate glare and sheen
  • Patent-pending organic window opening shapes blend into the environment
  • Brush pockets above and below windows for adding natural vegetation
  • Silent daisy-chain window closure system with replaceable camo, shoot through mesh
  • Rugged Spider Hub frame
  • Footprint: 59” X 59”
  • Height: 67”
  • Shooting width 75”
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Realtree Xtra camouflage
  • Includes carrying case, stakes, and tie-down rope

SKU: 1RX3H118
UPC: 76952491519-0
MSRP: $249.99

It can be hard to improve on the best, but Ameristep’s unrelenting design professionals never let challenges stand in their way. You shouldn’t either. Thanks to their efforts, the all-new Supernatural Blind appears as a living extension of the natural landscape, incorporating innovative and effective new features.

Its one-of-a-kind NATURSHELL dual layer exterior fabric and organically shaped windows extend well beyond novelty. So step up your ground blind game and go Supernatural – the next generation of all natural, organic concealment.

Ameristep’s new Supernatural Blind headlines the hunter-preferred brand’s lineup of exciting, new-for-2017 ground blinds that will be unveiled at the upcoming ATA and SHOT Shows next month. These products will begin shipping to retailers later in 2017.

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About Ameristep:

A leading brand of tree stands, ground blinds and accessories, Ameristep has been helping hunters find more success by equipping them with an element of surprise. By creating products that cleverly conceal positions from up above and on the ground, hunters are able to get closer to the action and enjoy more thrilling experiences. Known for its innovative and highly-mobile designs, Ameristep products give hunters the flexibility to choose the right location for their hunt with simplified assemblies to help them quickly set up and capitalize on the moment. With dozens of patented features and exclusive relationships with leading industry supply partners, Ameristep extends confidence to hunters and enables them to make hunts happen.

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