Laserex Technologies Announce The New GLS-520 Green Laser Sight

GLS-520 Green Laser Sight
GLS-520 Green Laser Sight
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USA -( The GLS-520 is Australian made and manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions found in the outback.

Utilizing advanced laser diode technology and high quality precision glass optics, the GLS-520 is ideal for both professional and recreational shooters.

The unit weighs 300g and is made of Aluminum alloy with a black matte finish.



Green Laser Sights are around 5 times brighter than red laser sights. This makes them far easier to see as green is more sensitive to the human eye than the color red.

Hence, they have a distinct advantage over red laser sights in terms of visibility.


Wide Operating Temperature Range:

Previous green laser sights used Green Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Laser technology. This resulted in a limited operating temperature range.

These products would not work in cold and hot temperatures. Another disadvantage of green DPSS lasers was their unstable output power.

The GLS-520 overcomes the shortcomings of DPSS lasers and operates in a wide temperature range, from -15C to +60C. The unit comes with a 520nm green laser diode that eliminates the need for warm up times associated with DPSS lasers.

The GLS-520 is also shock resistant and withstands heavy recoil, holding its zero even on high powered weapons.


Beam Size:

The dot size of DPSS lasers is large due to the larger beam divergence angles produced and hence DPSS lasers are ineffectual for shooting.

The GLS-520 green laser sight has a small spot that is



One of the advantages of using the GLS-520 laser sight is the increase in accuracy. A green laser sight greatly increases the likelihood of a direct hit, first time.

When sighted to your weapon, the bullet lands where the laser spot is on your target. Being visible to the shooter either when attached on the rifle or viewing it through a scope, makes for an accurate first shot.

The GLS-520 is a valuable tool to assist with the eradication of feral pests e.g. rabbits, pigs, foxes, goats etc.

The GLS-520 has a 1km range with a scope.



The GLS-520 comes with a 1 inch Scope Mount and 5/8” Weaver rail included in the kit. The unit is Class 2 and is fully compliant with Australian Laser Safety Standards AS/NZS 2211.

There are some laser sights on the market that do not meet Australian Standards, in terms of output power and safety. These can de dangerous to users if not operated correctly.



The GLS-520 Green Laser Sight comes with a re-chargeable CR123A battery included (that provides 4 hours of continuous use), along with a switch lead and an Allen Key for attaching the mounts.

It is also possible to operate the GLS-520 with a constant on /off switch.


X-Y Adjustments:

The 2 external adjustment knobs allow for quick and easy X-Y adjustment of the laser beam. The GLS-520 is ideal for dawn, dusk and night time use.

The GLS-520 comes with a 1 year Australia wide Manufacturer’s warranty. The unit also includes clear and concise instructions as to how to zero the laser sight to your firearm.

Priced at only $385 ($US 295), the GLS-520 represents excellent value for money and is a must have for the shooting enthusiast in your household.



You can order online through Laserex’s secure Online Shop here.

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Pretty typical warning for laser use, no?


How much do I trust a company that puts “avoid directive exposure” out where God and everybody can see?