Turkish Firearms You Shouldn’t Overlook – Canik, Stoeger, Sarsilmaz ~ VIDEO

by Sam Hoober
Alien Gear's Sam Hoober relates how Turkish firearms makers have gotten incredibly popular in recent years and why they shouldn't be overlooked.

Canik TP9 Series Pistols are some great Turkish Firearms
Canik TP9 Series Pistols are some great Turkish Firearms
Sam Hoober
Sam Hoober

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Some people prefer German, Swiss or Austrian guns, some people only buy American, but there are a whole lot of Turkish firearms coming on to the market these days.

A Turkish guns and gun makers have been around for decades, but a whole lot more have been showing up in the past 10 years or so.

Gun snobs might poo-poo them, but you shouldn't overlook Turkish firearms, as there are some quality long guns and handguns being made in that country.

What's established a minor foothold for a few Turkish gun makers in recent years has been quality of construction, along with reliability and accuracy that belie the modest price tags. In fact, those attributes have created a cult following for some Turkish gun makers.

Here are three Turkish Firearms brands you should give a second glance at if you have the opportunity:


Canik TP9SA Pistol, Cal. 9mm Luger
Canik TP9SA Pistol, Cal. 9mm Luger

Canik has gotten on the radar of late for their TP9 poly striker series of pistols, which have gotten an incredible amount of great press as nearly equaling the performance of certain Austrian polymer striker pistols and doing so for a few hundred dollars fewer in purchase price. However, those are hardly the only pistols they make – Canik also makes a line of CZ clones that are imported by TriStar Arms and are fairly widely available.

Among them is the Canik Shark 55 FC, a facsimile of the Baby Eagle, which was itself based on the Tanfoglio Witness – which was also a CZ-inspired pistol design.

The CZ-inspired Canik pistols have likewise gained a reputation for shooting about as well as the name brand models. Just like the TP9 series, which are imported and sold by Century Arms, they are available for very reasonable rates as well.

Canik's factory is NATO and ISO-9000 certified, meaning these pistols are service grade and are actually issued to a number of police departments and militaries worldwide.

Just don't expect a slim, subcompact 9mm. Canik's pistols are service arms, and though there are compact models (the C-100 and P-100 are both close in size to the Glock 19) none are exactly svelte. However, the good news is that finding a holster will be easy – holsters for CZ pistols are widely available and they almost always fit the corresponding Canik pistol.


Sarsilmaz SAR K2P Semi Auto Pistol
Sarsilmaz SAR K2P Semi Auto Pistol

Sarsilmaz, much like Canik, produces a number of pistols that are derived from the CZ-75, though Sarsilmaz's offerings more closely mirror the Tanfoglio Witness pistols imported for sale by European American Armory. As it happens, SAR pistols are also sold by EAA.

Just like Canik, they are made in a NATO certified factory and are issued as duty pistols to various police forces and a few military units as well. EAA has a few different models available, including full-size and compacts the SAR B6 in 9mm, the SAR K2-45 in .45 ACP and even the SARGUN poly striker pistol in both chamberings.

While they haven't gotten a lot of press, reviewers and owners have been noticing how well these guns shoot despite the low price tag. SAR B6 and B6P (the compact model) pistols are often found online for $300 or less.


Stoeger M3020 Semiautomatic Shotgun
Stoeger M3020 Semiautomatic Shotgun
Stoeger Industries
Stoeger Industries

Stoeger has actually been around for quite a while, at one time having sold a reproduction Luger pistol in the U.S., but in recent years has been known much more for their shotguns. Stoeger makes lines of over-under and side-by-side shotguns (including a coachgun, for those interested) but also basic pump guns.

However, it's their semi-auto shotguns that are the real stars in the lineup.

Stoeger semi-auto shotguns use an inertia-driven action, much like Benelli semi-auto shotguns. The mechanism isn't exactly the same, but works in a very similar fashion and Stoeger semi-autos are said to shoot just as well as some Benelli guns, despite costing hundreds of dollars less in sticker. As it happens, Stoeger is actually part of the Beretta/Benelli family, having been purchased by Beretta and the Mobil chokes work in all three brands.

Though handguns aren't necessarily their forte, Stoeger did take over manufacturing the Cougar pistol from Beretta, as the parent company literally shipped the machines from Italy so they could start making them, though the pistol is no longer mentioned on Stoeger's website, so production could be winding down to nil. The Cougar is somewhere between a service pistol and a compact, though Stoeger Cougar concealed carry is possible with a decent holster and gun belt.

New Stoeger Condor Combo
New Stoeger Condor Combo

There are more Turkish firearms out there, but these three brands make some excellent firearms, especially when you consider the price points. If you're looking for a quality pistol or scattergun, these would be great examples.

Sam Hoober is a contributing editor at aliengearholsters.com, as well as for Bigfoot Gun Belts. He also writes weekly columns for Daily Caller and USA Carry.

  • 28 thoughts on “Turkish Firearms You Shouldn’t Overlook – Canik, Stoeger, Sarsilmaz ~ VIDEO

    1. The new stoeger str-9 looks very much like a Sar 9 the slide serration are cut differently the takedown tab Is thinner and the slide and barrel are slightly shorter by about 3/10s of a inch they look so similar they look like they could be made at the same factory both are made in Turkey my Sar 9 has been flawless so far after 700 rounds the grip is outstanding the accuracy is very good as good as my Walther PPQ navy 9mm and it costed 330 dollars with transfer and call in fee the trigger and reset are very good on it but not as good as the PPQ but as good if not slightly better the a stock Glock trigger GEN 5 if the quality on this new stoeger str-9 is as good as the Sar 9 for 300 dollars it’s a winner and a keeper

    2. After three days at the ShotShow in Las Vegas, I flew to Istanbul and visited Armsan Arms for a factory tour. Then I went on to Ankara and fired a Canik 9mm pistol and Husan Arms shotgun at an incredible gun range – ASP (Ankara Silah Poligonu) that’s next to the new U.S. Embassy. The video simulation of Active Shooter situations showed how little time there is for law enforcement officials to react to a threat.
      My overall impression is that Turkey is a secular society. As an American, often wearing an American flag on my sleeve when I went out, I was treated with respect & courtesy, and as a curiosity. This is my first hand account.

    3. hello, theirs nothing wrong with buying a turkish made pistol, yes the turks are muslim. the people of china are mostly buddists. i dont see anyone bitching about buying from china. look around your house and see how many items are made there. china uses our money to build up their military. and guess what , we keep buying from them. turkey is an ally, china is not.

    4. Very interesting report. And a nice way to show you got much more real knowledge on firearms without any boasting, too. 😉

      My personal interest would be home-defense & having to react to street-crime (but German gun-ban makes that no option), OR the research of possible murder weapons for crime fiction & occult detective short stories (never hurts to know some facts and be creative with it).

    5. To everyone who only buys american made items out there, maybe you should look at your american made items like a car and look under the hood. Most of the parts are not made here in the US. You guys are stupid. We have everyone else make our parts in other countries because we cant make them that cheap like them. Try looking up most of our american made tools or parts or any item and 75% of that is not made here. Duhhhhh

      1. I’ve been saying this for a long time.
        Nearly all American brands are American in name only, just like Ford, GMC, Dodge.
        Looking in to nearly everything that boasts American made is assembled here but made from parts manufactured overseas.
        Look at dewalt. They boast. Made in the USA, from globally sourced parts or materials.
        So what exactly does that mean? It means all the parts are made overseas and there is an assembly plant here where those parts are put together. So not made in the USA but assembled here.
        There are videos on YouTube where they talk to dewalt about the made in the USA claim and they clarified it.
        Years ago when I was married, the wife and I were looking for a truck. Went to a GM dealer. The sales man proudly proclaimed that all their vehicles were made in America. I said “Great, which state” he looked at me blankly for a few min and said, “no one has ever asked me that before”. I said, “ No one has ever asked you which state they were made in?”
        The sales man was at least honest with his answer and it was not a surprising one.
        He said nearly all the trucks on the lot came from Mexico and the cars from Canada.
        So, made in or on the American continent but not made in the USA by American citizens.
        I see so many people claim they will only buy American made guns, and not guns made by enemies of the country like turkey.
        Keeping the above in mind. And the dollar value of most guns coming from that country, most that I am aware of come in under 400.00 dollars. And most in the lower to mid 300.00.
        These people admirably want to support American workers and spend their money with a supportive nation when the USA option isn’t available. So I wonder how many of those same people are harping, or in anguish when they drop 600+ to over a 1000 dollars on a iPhone that is made in China.
        I often wonder

    6. I can’t believe how ignorant the Obote commentators are. Typical white american trash! This tread is about guns not politics. Turkey is not a dictatorship nor ever will be. The Ottomons Turks stayed in power for 600 years treated Christians Jews and what not with respect. Don’t listen yo the media read and understand history the satisfaction is great when you have proper knowledge. Now I’m tired to even talk abou the firearm smh. Mark my words Amermrrica under this Adminstration is diminishing wake up people America is not great nor will be anymore.

      1. Turks history is not only based on ottaman empire but also tried to set big change with Atatürk. Modern face of Turkey is set by Atatürk. The symbol of the Turks is wolf.. Because wolf is never live without freedom. Also ottoman empire was the biggest empire. Respect is their life style, otherwise there were no man to set up europe.

    7. WOW, if you get pass all the B/S on this page . I have to say you can’t beat the quality of the Canik or Sar even if you were to pay more money for a better known firearm . They were great to shoot and no matter what type of ammo brand we used from Winchester ,Remington etc they never jammed. Very good guns and at the price you won’t cry if you get a scratch on them.

    8. Hi, I’m here because i was looking for a reliable shotgun. In Greek forums Stoeger are not appreciated but i am Open minded.

      By reading the comments i felt that i have to add my little note for modern Turkey and Erdogan. First of all, he took an almost bankrupt country and transformed it into a big player with the blessings of EU/US. Turkey is not trustworthy because this transformation is nor based on democracy and does not promote freedom.

      Erdogan is bullying every neighbour and forms short terms alliances for as long as he gets something out of it. He is using refugees to blackmail EU.

      I’m sure Erdogan is not Turkey’s future. As Greek i have many common things with Turks and I hope this period will end soon without any huge problems for all neighbours because of Erdogan’s attitude.

      I’m pretty sure US monitors this and will take action if needed.

      BTW I’ still have second thoughts for M3000 🙂 Would you ever buy a Remington made in Vietnam? I wish I could buy a Greek made gun but as you all know we’re pretty much a mess so I hope we will manage to get out of this bad trip.


    9. Although their current leader doesn’t appear to want to westernise and modernise Turkey as much as Ataturk did, they remain the gateway between the east and west and do a fair job of keeping terrorism and warfare from Europe to a minimum as best they can. We purchase a lot of things from Germany despite what they tried to do not so long ago.

    10. Mr. Hoober may choose to support an Islamic tyrant, who supports Sharia law and desires to institute even more all across Turkey, all the while mass murdering his opponents, but I will not.

      Making such purchasing decisions sans real world geopolitical events is not ethically or morally supportable in my view

      I refer to new purchases, not to purchases of used equipment already in the US: the damage has already been done on the new purchase.

      1. You have no shame, brainless animal why not you are using your brain. ” mass murdering opponents”
        I help you start thinking , ill help you use your useless brain.
        First of all,
        Before you say anything to others you have to look back to your bloody dirty history.
        Turks didn’t kill 150 million native Americans mercilessly in they’re own lend.

        Slavery is not Turkish Shame. after sucking 400 years they’re blood killing millions of them still blacks are second category citizens.
        What a fuck you was doing in Vietnam Korea Afghanistan Iraq Syria . Why im wasting my time for this Fucking blood thirsty pig.
        why im wasting my time for tbis stupid anilamal.

        1. First of all from your post we can see that you aren’t well educated. Secondly we didn’t kill 150 million native Americans as there never were that many in the 10,000 to 12,000 years they have been here. 10,000 to 12,000 years ago proto Mongolian tribes crossed the frozen Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska and became the American Indian. For thousands of years the tribes attacked, murdered and enslaved each other. The Sunni and Shia Muslims have murdered millions of each other over a difference in religious doctrine for 1200 years. Sunni ISIS is murdering Shia Syrians and that is what the problem is.

    11. I have a canik 120 in 9 mm and it’s good shooter. For the money i payed for it I’m very happy with it. No jams no problems at all.

    12. One question, why do Americans continue to support anti-American countries? If those of you that purchase these firearms are of the opinion that Turkey is a friend of America, then you sure as hell’ NOTE paying attention. Turkey only likes American and Americans for ONE reason, our MONEY!

      1. @TXGnr1911, It is not we American people that support the country of Turkey. It is the Government of the United States that supports the secular and elected Government of Turkey. All of the governments of the world play this game. The Government of any given country spies on, interferes with, destabilizes, supports or gives foreign aid to the Government of any other given country because that Government believes that it is in their (not necessarily their peoples’) own interests.
        Now, onto the issue of giving monitory aid to Governments and Nongovernmental Organiztions (NGOs), Donald Trump raises that same question and has an answer for it. That answer is STOP! No other POTUS or State Department has ever done that!

        1. It’s also a member of NATO so is, for now, an ally. I have a Tri-Star 16 ga Turkish made over/under. it’s very good.

        2. Apparently neither of you gentlemen (Wild Bill and TX 1911) who are pro Turkey products purchases, are dealing in either reality, or empiricism!

          Oh you’re both correct, in the letter of what you say, but in real world terms and in the spirit of real geopolitical events, Erdogan’s Turkey is an enemy!

          Hi there, if you were at all concerned with Islamic terrorism, then I strongly suggest you take a better look at Erdogan: he is attempting to create a Neo-Ottoman Khaliphate, with himself as the new leader of Islam!

          Unless neither of you gentlemen have bothered to consider real world events in Turkey for the last 6 yearsor so, you would understand just how close turkey is, to becoming yet another Islamic Republic!

          We’re Ataturk still alive, in good health of mind and body, he would have already had Erdogan killed out of hand! Turkey is now a quasi Islamic Republic, where the rule of law no longer exists!

          That is a fact, not my mere personally subjective opinion, and it is a hard dose of reality for a lot of people to swallow, but that is the reality in Turkey.

          So, if either of you or anyone else want to support state terrorism, while claiming to support the letter of the law and agreements but not the spirit thereof, or the empirical geopolitical evidence, that is your choice.

          However, some of us actually choose to make our purchases based as much as possible upon real world ethics and morality, related to real-world events and policies.

          I thought Obama was out of office, and Hillary did not win, so how about we walk the walk and not just talk the talk?

          1. @james bailey … i live in turkey … and i gues you are the one not looking what is going on …. i used to live in europe but turkey is far more better place to live …. and i am free here …
            i dont know where you did let wash your brain ?!
            have you ever been here ? did you ever talk with turkish citizens ? maybe even kurdish … living in turkey ….

      2. Tx one of the reasons the U S supported Turkey over the years was that we could keep military bases there. A major thorn in the side of the USSR. We had an air base there.

    13. I bought mossberg SA 20 Tactical last year but ordering it from internet. I read small review and thought gun might be good barn gun only to find out that it’s not made by Mossberg at all but made in Turkey. I was pissed off and felt kinda stupid for not doing more reserch. I try to buy American weapons only. That said this gun is nice and works. Sucks I didn’t know that it was made in Turkey though.

    14. I have a 9mm compact Stingray-C (3-1/2″ barrel), and I love it. Affordable, accurate, and heavy – very little felt recoil – with a 14+1 capacity. Magazines are interchangeable with CZ compacts. Easy breakdown for cleaning. I carry it regularly, and do indeed trust my life to it.

      However… the owner’s manual is a hoot! Tiny printing… and it was translated from Turkish (but NOT by an English professor LOL)

    15. Exact copy of my Magnum Research IMI made Baby Desert Eagle. The gun has a decocker which is safe to use rather than the one here.

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