Another NRA Carry Guard Competitor Dropped as Annual Meeting Exhibitor

By David Codrea

Most attendees expecting to compare and assess exhibiting competitors probably won’t realize their choices have been limited, and the decision wasn’t based on putting member interests first.
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( Although they had planned to attend as they did last year, Second Call Defense will not have an exhibitor space at the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta this weekend, AmmoLand Shooting Sports News has learned. As with the United States Concealed Carry Association, which was suddenly “disinvited” from attending, Second Call’s services are in direct competition with those being offered by NRA’s new Carry Guard program.

The withholding of exhibit space stands in contrast to one of the prime reasons for attending the NRA Annual Meeting, the opportunity for gun owners to immerse themselves in an unrivaled gathering of gun industry competitors (comparable to the SHOT Show, which limits attendance to industry professionals and media). Companies gather under one roof at the most highly attended open-to-the-public firearms-related event of the year, each offering their unique brands and services, providing attendees with near-overwhelming selections and choices. Artificially limiting what is allowed to be presented — and by whom — limits NRA member choices.

Unaffected by this, some readers have pointed out, is the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, which remains on the exhibitor’s list. That appears to be apples and oranges though, as the ACLD FAQs specify:

“Are Network membership benefits based on an insurance policy that will reimburse me for my expenses if I must defend my actions in court?

No. Network dues give members access to specific benefits. See “Membership Benefits” page by clicking here. Network benefits are specifically not an insurance program nor are they prepaid legal fees.”

Mark Walters

Host Mark Walters and guest Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation discussed the surprise move against USCCA in the opening segment of Sunday’s Armed American Radio program.

“I think competition is good for gun owners, I think it’s good for all of us consumers, quite frankly it makes us all better rather than being afraid to compete with somebody. I think it’s much better to do the competition,” Gottlieb remarked. “And it always bothers me when somebody wants to be the only kid on the block so to speak. I don’t think it serves gun owners all that well.”

Sean Maloney

Those sentiments were echoed by Second Call Defense founder and attorney (and incidentally, NRA Board member) Sean Maloney.

“Despite our absence at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting of Members, in Atlanta, GA, it is business as usual for Second Call Defense,” Maloney told AmmoLand and assured existing and prospective members. “We will continue to offer the best protection available anywhere, for our members who are forced to use a firearm in self-defense.

“I welcome the NRA’s Carry Guard participation in this critical segment of the self-defense market,” Maloney added. “For over five years, Second Call Defense has been the leader in providing immediate legal protection for our members. Competition only serves to strengthen the services available for the millions of law-abiding citizens who choose to carry a firearm in self-defense.”

Bill Frady

“I believe there is a product that fits every niche in the marketplace, but for some people, brand matters,” observed Lock N Load Radio host Bill Frady, who initially contacted this reporter with the news that Second Call Defense, a longtime sponsor of his program, was caught up in the apparent blacklisting. “I am sure both USCCA and Second Call Defense have their stalwart clients that will stay year in and year out. Just as I am sure there is a segment of the American gun-owning populace that never knew this type of service existed, but they will now with Carry Guard. And that will be a very good thing.

“But this smacks of the Restaurant Wars out of the movie ‘Demolition Man,’ where all restaurants are now Taco Bell,” he observed.

It also turns out the ban is more far-reaching.

The Law of Self Defense
Branca will need to fnd another venue for his book, The Law of Self Defense

“[D]espite the fact that I’m an NRA Life-Benefactor member, and have been a Life Member and NRA Instructor for more than two decades, since I’ve begun to do work with USCCA I can no longer get speaking opportunities at NRA events, the NRA Store has ceased carrying my book (The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition), I can no longer obtain media credentials for the NRA Annual Meeting, and our efforts to secure a booth at the NRA Annual Meeting for ourselves could not get a phone call or email returned,” attorney, author, self-defense expert and certified firearms instructor Andrew F. Branca revealed on The Law of Self Defense blog . “All of these were routine activities that occurred with no difficulty prior to my association with USCCA.” (Branca discussed the USCCA ban in the same Armed American Radio program as Gottlieb.)

For its part, NRA has been responding to member inquiries with terse boilerplate:

Thank you for contacting us. It was a business decision. We’re launching what our members want in NRA Carry Guard. Please visit for more information. Thank you for your support!

It will be instructive to see if responses become more informative as NRA and its prominent spokespeople unveil Carry Guard with great fanfare at the Annual Meeting.

Also see: NRA Boots USCCA from Annual Meeting as It Launches Competitive Insurance Products

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Dallis Miller

I imagine if Hillary had won the NRA would be less selective about who they invited.

Charles Valenzuela

You said it yourself, Dave: “immerse themselves in an unrivaled gathering of gun industry competitors”. The key word there being “unrivaled”, as in “no rivals”. They aren’t going to allow any rivals to compete against them at their own venue. Like not being allowed to bring your own snacks to the movie theater . . . Only the theater’s offerings are available to the customers on-site. It is completely understandable but REALLY leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I’ve been a life member of the NRA since about 1986 I think. . . . . They used to… Read more »


VERY displeased with this action by the NRA! Seems kinda arrogant? Makes ya wonder… is this a case of can’t compete so remove the competition? Not sure I will renew my membership… perhaps they think they have all the power so they can dictate the rules? Might be time to send my funds to others…

Richard Cutie

Typical NRA tatics. I love my guns and strongly believe in the 2nd amendment. I’m a member of NRA but not a big fan of thier tactics. Makes me think about sending them another penny.

Bill N.

This whole deal is simply a poor way of dealing with competition. I am a member of both the NRA and the USCCA as well as other gun owners organizations. Hopefully this will change in the near future when the NRA opens their eyes to this petty behavior. I will remain a member of all that I am a member. Maybe common sense will prevail.


I am an endowment member. I will not be giving the NRA anymore of my money. They seem to think that they need to be the only ones that can give gun owners what they think is best for them. I haven’t had to have a baby sitter in a long time, and the NRA is not going to take away my choice of who I do business with. I thought that is what we were fighting for, the right to choose.
It’s NOT all about the money.

Jim S

First, it is the NRA’s show and they can invite or disinvite whomever. To me it sounds like an opportunity for someone else to step in and plan an open firearms products and manufacturers convention. Why let the NRA run this stuff?
The NRA is a business first, through products and fund raising. Their money raising efforts put me off and then they turn around a pay people millions of dollars in salaries. Their leadership seems out of step with the majority of firearm owners, backing questionable laws and refusing to support open carry.
My money is better spent elsewhere.


Finger-pointing will not help us keep our Second Amendment rights – or any of the others enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. ALL are under attack not only by the Left, but also the RINOS posturing as “conservatives” but in reality, happily munching at the trough of “business as usual” in D.C. : keeping everyone at home at each other’s throats while they spend and tax us into oblivion while enriching themselves. Right now, we have a Two-Party System: Trump against everyone else in the federal government. The Donald is finding out that Foggy Bottom is much… Read more »

Wild Bill

@SkyViking, Continue to march, brother. I could not agree more!

Wild Bill

Joe Biden run for president? Yes, and excellent democrat choice!


Could care less what other’s opinions are, I will never re-join or join the NRA. It appears that the leadership of the NRA is taking notes from Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals.”

Wild Bill

, there are lots of other pro Second Amendment Civil Rights groups available. You are a good man and we need you in the fight to preserve our rights.


Wild Bill, I’m still in the fight, just not with the NRA. When they start restricting “Free Speech & Competition”, that’s where I draw the line.


Does the NRA have the right to block competition from any event it hosts, sure it does. I look at this and say: In my business, if I can’t compete, either with my inferior product or higher cost, I just block that product from my vocabulary or in my store. Most often either the customer doesn’t care or they take their business elsewhere. I suggest you vote with your checkbook and lack of support or endorsement of the NRA, if you feel that strong. Me personally, I do my research and determine what scares the NRA about these competitors. I… Read more »


Leaving the NRA won’t get them to change. They do all lot of good, and they also make mistakes. A lot of noise from the members can make them change. Simply walking away will not let them know how displeased we are of their actions. you can only change the organization from within. I’m really kind of tired of the people who at the first sign of adversity drop their membership and walk away. Who site things done 10 or 20 years ago, but then can’t provide one detail of the reason they won’t be a member of the NRA.… Read more »

H.K. Latham

The NRA has reared it’s ugly head again. Several years ago when Sarah Thompson was the head over Utah’s grassroots gun organization, the NRA came in and fouled up a bill that was going fine until they stepped in uninvited and caused us problems with other states. When called about this issue the NRA was arrogant, lied to our faces. We will not tolerate this from anyone. We no longer are a dues paying member, nor do we buy someone a complimentary subscription for them to study the NRA each year, and no more mid-year contributions. We contribute to the… Read more »


This is crap.

Victor G Chamoun

I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t deal with unsavory companies or people. The NRA has done a lot of good in the past, but now it seems they’re new plan is “unsavory” to say the least. There are other groups out there now that are doing better with the political agenda. I for one will not renew this time. Overpaid, narcissistic executives are people you need to steer clear of! There is a real possibility that the NRA is losing it’s credibility with it’s cash cows, “members” and with the elites in Washington.


The NRA is a private organization and limits attendance to members only, aka they get to pick and chose. If you don’t like it, donate to GOA. But I’ll bet most of those complaining the loudest are not on the generous donor list!

Roger Mitchell

How come we elect a new president for the NRA and board members and never a executive vice president?


IRONY= The NRA shoots their self in the foot!

Mark Anderson-First Shot KS

I became a USCCA Instructor because after reviewing the NRA courses I have found that the USCCA course is more polished and more informative. The last class we had was 50% women. Women are the fastest growing demographic in the conceal carry arena. The NRA Carry Guard has militarized their director staff with Special Forces which is fine, but not everyone wants to go to boot camp again. The NRA has gone to E-Learning which severely cuts down on person to person time especially with new shooters. Bad idea. News Flash NRA— All of the organizations you banned (dis-invited) from… Read more »

Ed Glaze III

I have been with Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network from the beginning am a USCCA Platinum subscriber — their informative Concealed Carry magazine is my favorite. I hope to never need any of their carry insurance or legal support but am glad to have their resources behind me. Yes, there are other options available but the NRA is off to a bad start in promoting theirs. Maybe their less-informed members and new concealed carriers will jump on board but it seems many of the experienced carriers are rightfully upset with NRA choosing not to allow competition at their convention. I… Read more »

Stephen C. Gregory

USCCA Platinum here, also. Their magazine is so chock full of useful information, written by people that can write just like they talk. We take many magazines, but there is only one other we get that has as much useful info as this one. Advertising is minimal compared to all others, hands down. I only wish we could get away from our horses long enough to spend a few days at their facility getting some training.

Larry Brickey

I may not renew.

Old Persimmon

More proof that the NRA is a for-profit insurance racket masquarading as a non-profit advocacy organization.

When La Pierre starts showing up in Red Wings instead of $1200 custom made wingtips I might reconsider having dropped my membership.

Nevah hoppen, mon. He’s too much wedded to the DC lifestyle.

Bob in Florida

Have been a member of many of the different ‘gun’ organizations. Still a member of most. Each has their strong points and weak points. Some (like the NRA) are strong in the political arena and the size of their membership is an advantage there; other times that very political nature can be an aggravation when they feel the need to be politically correct on this issue to be able to influence that issue. Others have a ‘No Compromise’ approach; and there are times that is an advantage. Still others have top notch legal expertise on tap; there are,obviously, times when… Read more »

BillyBob Texas

WE….WE….WE are the MEMBERS. OUR DUES PAYS FOR EVERYTHING _ EVERYTHING the NRA does. ALL salaries, rent, mailings, etc.
Competition is good for our MEMBERS! Really disappointed in Wayne and Co. in this…. WE, THE MEMBERS are NOT locked into OUR NRA services.

Shame on Wane & Co. for reducing our OWNERS’ choices…..


Sounds like the NRA has imported some anti-gun rights lefties into its board of directors.


They do when it suits them. Look up Charlton Heston’s own history of gun control activism. All documented in a 1969 book (“Gun Control”) by a still proud NRA executive (Robert Kukla), so not fake news and not historical revisionism. But the guy knew how to hit his mark and deliver his lines.



Heed the Call-up

Kent, and what do you call the incessant begging the the NRA does for “your right to carry”? I get far less solicitations from the USCCA than I do from the NRA (Life member). Both need money from us to operate. The NRA also sells knives, clothes, etc., but they didn’t boot any of those vendors. I believe your rant about Democrats is well off-base. I am critical of what the NRA did, too, and I can’t recall ever being accused of being a Democrat. I also sent the NRA a message expressing my displeasure with their dishonorable tactic. They… Read more »

Old Persimmon

Do you know that the NRA opposed the Heller case until Alan Gura won it? And then went public trying to claim credit?

K. Ortego

Did the USCCA send any lawyers to work the case, or did they just benefit from the end result?

Stephen C. Gregory

Don’t shout, you impetuous brat. I have voted for Republicans since 1972. Don’t ever accuse me of being a Democrat. I have spent a small fortune the last 8 years and more between the Republican National Committee, the NRA, NRA-ILA, & NRA-PVF. How much have YOU paid in to preserve your 2nd Amendment rights? My wife and I are both NRA life members. We dropped an even grand just on the live auction at a Friends of NRA banquet less than a month ago. So, you can just sit down and shut up about who supports who. There is another… Read more »

K. Ortego

Contributed more money to the NRA. I’m a Life Endowment member by the way. My wife is also a life member. Also used their training materials to teach a CCW class that was 40% women (oh sorry, I didn’t know women could perform like men with guns). What a crock! No one said you had to buy insurance from the NRA, but you DO have to buy it from USCCA. I was a member of USCCA for 3 years before they tried to make me buy insurance to remain a member. Membership dues sky rocketed. The magazine was and probably… Read more »


The annual NRA meeting is one of the best in the world. Besides information seminars and current fights for gun owners rights, the amount of new and staple products on display was always impressive. Dis-inviting 2 insurance competitors is not what I expected. Yes, it is a NRA show. But dam, this is petty. I’m appalled by this action. I contacted the USCCA and expressed my distain and said I would cancel my NRA membership. They said many of them are life members and while very disappointed in this action, they will continue to support the NRA because of the… Read more »


You must be reading my mind, Bill. I agree with everything you said. Decisions such as this should be left to the membership. That’s what conference evaluations are for. I’m tired of getting the robo-calls from the NRA always asking for more money. They should be looking at cutting expenses if the budget is getting tight, just as most of us do.
Like you, I will not cancel my membership but I do plan to express my displeasure with them for what they did.


I’m a Lifetime Benefactor member of the NRA and a Platinum member of the USCCA and I must say I’m very disappointed in the NRA and there decision making. If there competitive product is a good value it will sell itself, if it’s not it will fail. Eliminating the competition from there expo is a cheap shot and a bad public relations decision although some may say a good business decision. I think they would have been better off to have all the competitors in booths right next to theirs to let people decide for themselves, let the product sell… Read more »


Never sending the NRA another dime, instead going to other groups that support our rights more over thecalmighty dollar. Once they bailed un supporting our gun rights in Washington State they lost me and all members of my family forever.


If this upsets ya”ll keep your NRA membership. Just don’t buy their fricken insurance.


Thread winner!

Scott Armstrong

While I don’t necessarily agree with the decision I think it’s good to have competing products in the market place – it ensure’s competition and uses market forces to control price and maintain quality to the consumer. That’s pretty American in my book. It isn’t just the NRA looking for money. USCCA is a financial juggernaut and offers good products, but it is at it’s core a business. It sells insurance, as does Second Call and now the NRA. These are profit centers for each organization, we should not be shocked that competitors seek advantage in the marketplace. We should… Read more »


So the NRA is using similar tactics the Mafia uses to eliminate the competition for its insurance program. I’ll never join for a simple reason; I don’t know when I’ll get stabbed in the back. I’ll be buying USCCA insurance.


I agree with the others. NRA has become more focused on revenue than on its stated purpose. It is sad to see what is arguably the most recognizable gun rights organization become run by bean counters. Competition is the American way. Please NRA do not disappoint us yet again.

Wild Bill

@Allan, it takes a lot of money to take a case to the Supreme Court. The NRA has taken many cases to the Supreme Court. Absent the efforts of the NRA, the various bureaucracies would have negated the Second Amendment a little at a time with rules and regulations, a long time ago.
The NRA filed suit against the State of California, just this morning, due to California’s recently passed anti Second Amendment civil rights statutes. The NRA is the only hope for gun owners in CA.


> The NRA has taken many cases to the Supreme Court.
The 2nd Amendment Foundation was the organization to filed the suit in the District of Columbia v. Heller case, not the NRA. The NRA after much complaining and moaning finally joined the suit and after the win, took credit away from SAF. Also, it was SAF that filed the suit in McDonald v. Chicago, not the NRA.


The NRA had to be dragged into the “Fast, and furious” Gun runnig. Actually I believed they were shamed into it. If you are waiting for the NRA, good luck.
I remember a time that an off shoot of North American Hunt Club was doing conservation work, and the NRA stepped in at the last minute to help, and took all the credit.
re nothing but a bunch of glory hounds padding their pockets!


The NRA leads from behind on litigation. They whined and begged the lawyers for Parker (later Heller) NOT to pursue their case, because it was “the wrong time.” (Cue Patrick Henry speech.) Then they tried to get the court to combine the case with one of their own cases with a much less sympathetic defendant. Then when Gura actually won at the Supreme Court, the NRA publicized it into “a big win for the NRA.” Disgusting.

K. Ortego

Well said Wild Bill. Bloomberg has billions and is willing to spend lots of it to defeat the 2nd. He and his cronies will try to spend all gun organizations broke to get what they want.

Jim Macklin

It must be understood, taking a case to a higher court has the risk of a bad decision setting a precedent that will be difficult to reverse. The NRA is cautious, can you imagine the world if a case prior to HELLER went to the SCOUS and itv was ruled to be a collective right for teh state to have a militia?


This ‘The NRA is the only gun rights/freedom/insurance/instruction/organization” in America has become the norm, in the eyes and the publications of the NRA. Rare indeed, is the time you will read any NRA news release that mentions another gun org that is working on a court case in conjunction with the NRA. According to the NRA, they are the “Only Ones” (Apologies to David Codrea).
From the exorbitant and overly generous salary paid to LaPierre, to the incompetent meddling in state and local elections, the NRA has become a money hungry, political narcissist.


Do not leave the NRA because you will miss out on getting your NRA pocket knife or whatever other useless trinket that they are currently hawking.

2nd Amender

Competitors don’t necessarily need to be friends, though it does appear better on the playing field. A late hit on the quarterback will get you fined, right?
If I’m selling cars and you are selling cars, who does the customer give his money to? If he gives it to me, do I owe you anything?
This will sort itself out………in-fighting is the worst we 2nd Amendment Patriots can do to ourselves! It would give fuel to the leftists, and most certainly to the Evening News harpies.
Remember! “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”

Ted Luedke

Reading all these comment is giving me a headache. The NRA has been the biggest voice FOR the second amendment in the Supreme Court, Washington, in the states, in the cities and news. We can count on them take the stand we need against the 2nd amendment detractors and carry it as high as it takes! It takes cash to do all this, hence the constant search for members and users of their services. I do not know much about having Standing or joining a suit as a Friend of the Court, or co sponsoring, etc; but you find a… Read more »

James Barnes

Really, uninviting a competitor? Will the NRA also only have one rifle manufacturer, one pistol manufacturer, one suppressor manufacturer?..etc in the future? NRA needs to rethink this BS.

If NRA wants to filter their competitors, they need to have a separate show with only NRA sold products and services, and call it the NRA only show.

Lifetime Member in Alabama.
PS- Won’t be attending this event for sure.

Scott Armstrong

It IS the NRA Annual Meeting, I don’t know how much more brand identity they can do. I don’t necessarily agree with their decision but it is their’s to make.

BillyBob Texas

Spot on, James.!!

So….competition is bad for the membership??!! BS> .

IF whatever the NRA is offering in this subject is better, we’ll buy it. If not – then to hell with it – and that program should NOT be in business – and wouldn’t be, without our membership dues subsidizing it……

Endowment Member for last 30 yrs. Life Member for last45 yrs.


Tell me more about NRA screwing things up! This could be very ingesting news to all members of NRA.


Dan, check out this Time story about the NRA, published 7/29/2018:


Here’s why nothing that Time Magazine publishes on the subject of guns is worth reading:

Translation: “From here on out, it’s all propaganda.”

Heed the Call-up

I just sent a message through their carry guard website expressing my dissatisfaction with their dishonorable way of doing business.


These idiots only care about their dollars, so don’t give them any. Your words mean nothing to them.

Don Razskazoff

Not so proud any longer, to be an NRA Life/Benefactor level member. They are acting “Un-American”

John Shaw

Well I just dis-invited my renewal membership, sick of nra’s BS, Will continue with GOA, and JFPO they need the money more anyway.

K. Ortego

WOW, everyone up in arms about this. I was a member of USCCA when it was an info and training organization. I dropped them like a bomb when they FORCED members to buy insurance or not be a member any longer. At least the NRA fights for my rights. USCCA just sells info and insurance. They don’t fight for my right to bear arms, they don’t have CCW certification programs, or teaching materials for my classes. Yes, the NRA went to online training, but in my state you still have to take the course and put in the range time… Read more »


I don’t know where you got the information that USCCA does not have teaching materials. My son and daughter-in-law are NRA Certified trainers. However, they use USCCA training materials in their Concealed Handgun Weapon License training.


Shortsighted! Unfortunately, shortsightedness has become a trademark of the NRA these days. The NRA needs to narrow its focus and stick to what it does well. Public education on firearms safety, the promotion of the shooting sports, and hold elected officials feet to the fire on Second Amendment issues. They have become to centered on profit and power and way to concerned with wheeling and dealing. I support the 2AF, NAGR, and GOA. I got tired of being an NRA member when it became obvious that a lot more of the dues money taken in was being used to pay… Read more »

Law of Self Defense

“Branca will need to fnd another venue for his book, The Law of Self Defense”

Well, fortunately there’s Amazon, Gun Digest, our own site (, as well as many other re-sellers for our book, including many instructors who include it in their course materials. 🙂


Law of Self Defense

My bad, I forgot to mention that my book is also available in the USCCA-licensed version, with a foreword by their President, Tim Schmidt. It’s the equivalent of the 3rd Edition version available elsewhere, and that is the most current edition available:



The NRA launched what their membership wanted by backing the Veterans’ Disarmament Act. Woops.
The NRA launched what their membership wanted with their online-only firearms training program. Woops.
Who’s to say the third time won’t be the charm? (My money says it won’t be.)


I will not renew my membership in the NRA. The Veterans’ Disarmament Act was despicable. The NRA has a history of working against the interests of gun owners. Check out this Time story about the NRA, published 7/29/2018:

Jim Macklin

You seem to act as though the NRA can block all bad legislation. NRA often suffers from inflation that has raised the cost of everything, from postage to Internet time. It is not a perfect organization. Maybe Wayne is paid more than some people think is reasonable. But he and Cris Cox do a good job.
The new Congress will pass National Reciprocity this year and President Trump will sign it.
It seems as though some people want NRA members to drop out, particularly Bloomberg, Soros and Schumer.

Jim S

I would suggest members dissatisfied with the NRA donate money to other noteworthy organizations. Stay in the fight, donate, just donate where it does more good

Silence Dogood

Job #1 at every non-profit (which is exactly what the NRA is) is maintaining the non-profit. Job #2 is to make payroll. Job #3 fund the benefit package. Job #4 fund the retirement program. Job #5, when the NRA decides it has the time, is the “Defend the Second Amendment.”

Don’t ever think there will be any deviation of the five “jobs” outlined above.


I am impressed that you are able to cite articles written nine months into the future. you are truly a sage.


Not a sage — dyslexic fingers. I assume you have never created a typo. Now that is impressive.

Rusty Rogers

The history related in the article is fairly accurate with the exception of the assistance that was rendered to newly freed slaves. It was not mentioned. In my youth I was not and would not have been a member of the NRA. However, no other group was acting on our behalf. With the mentioned act of gov. agents and the pressure of members, NRA has undergone great changes and will do so again. It is we who force these changes. If quitting is your way, fine, mine is to become a real pain and take a lot of my friends… Read more »


Really? You consider Time a creditable source for gun control information? I won’t bother to say more!


Bob – its not just Time. How about KeepAndBearArms or Salon or or the Atlantic. The NRA history is well known. Note the array of informative links below are from all sides of the political equation. You might want to consider why I am a member of GOA, KeepAndBearArms, SAF and OFF. I am also a member of NRA only because the gun club I belonged to required it.

Ed Clucas

NRA has not done a good job of being competitor friendly with this program. Now maybe only Smith & Wesson and Ruger will be allowed to exhibit. I don’t like the way this was done. I am a life/benefactor member of NRA and also life member of USCCA. I like USCCA and will continue to support them. Yes, NRA, does have a tendency to over sell itself, but you have to continue to promote yourself. There are many venues in the firearm industry.