NRA Boots USCCA from Annual Meeting as It Launches Competitive Insurance Products

By David Codrea

NRA Atlanta
Unless you’re USCCA, and for reasons which appear to be competition-related?

USA – -( “The National Rifle Association Disinvites United States Concealed Carry Association from Annual Meeting and Exhibits,” a Thursday press release from USCCA announced. The reason given was due to ““concerns regarding its programs.”

“The move shocked the leadership of the USCCA because they were given less than two weeks notice that they had been banned from the annual show, even though they had attended for the past several years,” the release elaborates. “This decision also came as a surprise because, over the past two months, the leadership of the NRA and the USCCA met twice to discuss the shared goal of the two organizations in support of the Second Amendment.”

What NRA’s “concerns” might be, remain unstated. The development was discussed by host Mark Walters on the nationally syndicated Armed American Radio Daily Defense program Friday, where he acknowledged USCCA’s statement. Walters indicated further developments will be discussed on future programs.

That said, enough clues exist to speculate that banishing USCCA may have something to do with NRA recently launching very similar insurance products competing with those offered by USCCA. Bearing in mind that USCCA acknowledges meeting with NRA over “shared goals,” it’s fair to note how similar NRA’s new Carry Guard service is to USCCA’s established program. Both offer three levels of services with similar price points (named after metals), and both offer magazines and memberships.

For its part, USCCA has taken the high ground, announcing Founder and President Tim Schmidt’s commitment “that even though the NRA might be fearing the competition, USCCA will still support the NRA’s efforts to protect the Second Amendment.”

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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More people on 1 side is a good thing. It would seem to me that setting up a divide and conquer is a bad deal for all.Also, if you are restricting USCCA access, it would be clear to me that you have something that can’t compete without setting up a monopoly.

Bryan D

No if I were you I would join the NRA for their fight for the 2nd Amendment but as far as bake sales and then begging for money all the time I wouldn’t give to that. After that stunt they pulled on the uscca.

Ἀγκυλ̆οβλέφαρος, Crown Prince of Elmira

For some reason–okay, pretty much procrastination–I haven’t joined the NRA. Now I definitely won’t because of its banning USCCA from the NRA convention. Terribly bad idea, NRA. I support your support of the Second Amendment, but now I’ve lost a lot of respect for your leadership. Per your tacky scheme, you will get a number of attendees to buy your insurance plan because, well hell, no other organization will be at the convention promoting ITS insurance plan. Just don’t send me anything in the mail asking me to join the NRA or to make a contribution. It’s time for the… Read more »

Bryan D

This is just what the Liberals want to see us fighting amongst ourselves. Here is the real joke some anti-gunners no more than the ILA. TRY CALLING THEM ON LOCAL GUN LAWS.
The only information they can give you is how to give them more donations..

Contractor and patriot

Not to sound or be irreverent, BUT in (the book of) ACTS when the early NT church known as “The Way”(Early Christians) were persecuted, they seemed to become bigger an grow. Will this also happen to the USCCA? I have votes for both companies and also belong to both. I read every blog and comment on this post and equally agree with many. It was in many way wrong, inappropriate and possibly unethical for NRA to follow the typical business model driven by greed and possibly plagiarism, even if they claim that it was done by Navy Seals and LAPD… Read more »

Thomas Reynolds

I have been an NRA member for about 60 years, more than half as a life member. I don’t understand your greed as a not for profit corporation to step into a market well served by a capitalist, an entrepreneur. I appreciate your efforts to keep the 2nd amendment sacred but not your encroaching on a former non-competitor. When my phone rings with a beggar for the NRA, I will nicely say, “So sorry, not now. You do not need my money!!” You business relationships are not very honest and respectful if you cancel an exhibitor’s participation just days before… Read more »


I contacted the NRA 3 times regarding this matter. The first time I received a cryptic email basically saying that this was just business. Then they tried to get me to view their Carry Guard program. I replied to this email again to express my concerns about the position they took. Received no reply from this email so I sent another email again expressing my concerns and stating that they are both defenders of the 2nd Amendment. I ended this email with requesting that my membership be terminated. I received an email with the address of the NRA stating that… Read more »


In the prior comment I forgot to give my opinion about NRA cutting USCCA out of the show. This action was formed on a poor decision and I do not like it. I believe the NRA should have done differently unless they are so afraid of the USCCA that they can’t take the competition.


I have decided to carry both USCCA and NRA insurance. I believe there are some differences in the policies that interlock needed coverage. I have USCCA Platinum which is $30 per month and the NRA coverage is $19.99 each month. We all realize that insurance is something we do not ever want to use, but I certainly do not want to risk prison and other ugly bills by selling myself short.


USCCA offers a 10% discount for military, veterans, police …. they don’t openly advertise it, but you can ask.

Rick S

NRA show, NRA rules, NRA decision. Free enterprise. etc. That being said… For an “American institution” to pull an obviously corporate profit-motivated move against another organization who obviously fights for the same 2nd Amendment rights and privileges is not only bad business and bad P.R., it goes against what the NRA claims to promote. Competition is good. If NRA wants to put together something to compete in the space, no harm, no foul, capitalism in action. However, to put together the same programs as a “long-term ally” and then purposely kick them out of the premier annual event 2 weeks… Read more »


Amen to that!


Dummy me!!!! I did not even know NRA offered this type of insurance! Whose fault is that? So…… I guess the NRA is not the only game in town for Insurance, FYI………..I recommend USCCA to all my friends……..


It seems that in the end, after the echoes of the patriotic words have gone silent, that our old friend Greed has appeared again. It is their business and can run it their way, but I would have thought they would have held themselves to a more honorable way to do business. I’ll still support the NRA-ILA for just causes, but that is about it. I’m also thankful that my USCCA auto-renews and have no intention of ever stopping it. I’m not an NRA member, nor do I think I’ll become one anytime soon. If they are willing to do… Read more »


I get a once every week or so email from USCCA. No big deal It beats the inundation of emails and snail mailings I use to get from the NRA before I resigned my membership. I know this will offend a lot of NRA fan-boys, but this is how I replied to Tim’s email about this situation: Tim, I understand your loyalty to the NRA, but I wish you would look at them a little more closely. I was a member for over twenty years before I saw what was really going on. When the Lautenberg Amendment was passed –… Read more »

Dr Dave

Everyone is trying to compare the two organizations when that is like comparing apples to oranges based on the fact they both grow on trees. The two organizations are not even similar. One is a business in the world to promote insurance sales the other is an organization organized to force non-gun supporters to be unable to undermine the 2nd Am Yes they both constantly both want more money to operate with but one is doing one thing while another a totally different agenda The fact that the NRA is looking to generate added revenue by hooking up a sales… Read more »

Martin Bare

Did you ever get an article like this from the NRA?

Martin Bare

I’ve been a NRA member for years, and a USCCA member. USCCA is likely very useful if you have to shoot some nasty puke late one night. And you actually get useful training and information from them. (Kevin Michalowski’s articles alone are worth the membership. But I am sure the legal assistance would seem most valuable if you came up needing it!) NRA offered NOTHING of the kind for YEARS. The only thing I have seen from NRA lately is BUTTLOADS of begging and nagging. I could have stayed with my ex-Wife if I wanted that! NRA, like the Republican… Read more »

Bill N.

The idea of the NRA? Dump the competition.


see the tall building pictured in the for ground? I helped build that thing inside the top squares are the cooling towers.
i spent 3 months putting the towers and piping together. wonderful job. if you look to the top you can see ornamental balls on the corners. i stood on top of the one in front on the left.

And I have closed all the e mail accts. of all of these sites. WAY TO MUCH CRAP EVERY WEEK.

Patrick B.

I am very disheartened by the NRA’s move. I too am a member of both and like both. From what I have read, I think the NRA tried buying out USCCA, and they refused. So the NRA decided not allow them at the meeting. Tim Schmidt has definitely taken the high ground on this. I feel the NRA was wrong in their decision, and I will be sure to let them know.

Larry Brickey

The USCCA is the more informative group. Sounds like the NRA is trying to push any sort of competition to the curb. Shame. If it keeps up I will not renew.

Bill N.

I am a member of both the NRA and USCCA also WVCDL. I am deluged with the NRA and NRA-ILA begging for money. I get offers from USCCA. Sometimes I would like to contribute to certain programs but I’m retired and on a fixed income and can’t afford these luxuries. I get a very good, informative magazine from USCCA and nothing from NRA. They should be happy that I’m even a member. As far as Ammoland is concerned I have had several posts edited and not even posted. There has never been any profanity in my posts but I see… Read more »

Bob in Florida

Is the NRA really that worried about the USCCA? I’m a member of both organizations and I see only two overlaps in their respective missions: First, both profess to be looking out for our second amendment rights (and I see both doing exactly that – but, in somewhat different fashion) Second, (and I wasn’t aware of this until this article) now NRA has gotten into the gun owner’s insurance business. Other than those issues, I see the two organizations as filling two somewhat different niches in the world of gun ownership. NRA has, for years, been pre-eminent in the political… Read more »

Dr Dave

Problem with both plans is that they are based on equital/dropped cases. the are reimbursement plans NOT coverage plans. If you have $100K in savings then these plans are great you pay the lawyer and they reimburse you IF you are found not guilty or case is dropped Unlike some of the other plans who actually pay the lawyer fees from day one these two examples are true “insurance” so they are not allowed by federal law to “insure/indemnify” against a self admission of guilt which is technically what you have in a self defense case. You ADMIT to homicide… Read more »


The USCCA has been a true innovator in shooting insurance. Their generous program is apparently forcing the NRA to upgrade their rather week program of shooting insurance. The USCCA sends free training videos and try’s to give something back with their gun give away contests. The NRA offers cheap crappy trinkets with their logo. The USCCA magazine is slick and very well produced. The customer service at USCCA is second to none. My “Annie Oakley” (Kelli Glock 26) enjoys the women’s section.
Las Vegas Craig & Kelli


True, NRA needs to beef up their customer service, I can recall when NRA were people orientated, now its just a business, USCCA maintains very good customer service, talking with them is like talking to a family member.

Chuck Falknor

I was a member of USCCA for a number of years and participated in their insurance program. They offered a loyalty membership discount which I signed up for (Gold Plus). The first year discount was 10%, second year 15%, third year 20% and the fourth was to be the max of 25%, which would be the your premium locked in rate going forward. When it was time for the fourth year payment, the premiums increased substantially, totally against the agreement. After many unsuccessful attempts to get them to agree to their original offer, I cancelled my membership. While I agree… Read more »


I can’t stand “your dues are not enough” in every NRA magazine. The NRA is a fine organization no question, but begging for money constantly is insisting I’m a bad guy for not giving them more money. USCCA is a fine organization and gives me informative information. No begging. Their insurance program is exceptional. The NRA’s is more expensive and has much less benefits. USCCA’s insurance has been around for years and it’s obvious the NRA copied them in most respects and NOW wants to eliminate them. I always believed there was pleanty of room for all firearms related organizations.… Read more »


Yes, I agree, it appears that although the NRA supports the 2nd Amendment, it seems to say my dues are not enough one more time to many. This is getting old, dis-inviting USCCA is petty.


If i’m understanding this, the NRA rips off USCCA with a copycat insurance policy, then boots them from it’s annual meeting. Sounds like something Obama or Hillary would do.


The both have contributed to our ’cause’ though both border on harassing to meet their fund-raising quotas. Tactical ‘Tacky’ Tim seems to always be plugging something, kinda like a used care salesman who needs that ‘one more sale’ under his belt. It comes across as insincere and more of a business transaction than anything else, maybe thats how he is wired. Dont know him personally so I will never know his true personality or motives. NRA’s blended program was a utter joke, I have held numerous instructor ratings with them since ’94. They never seem to listen to the rank-n-file… Read more »

Walk Softly

Don’t trust the NRA’s insurance program. Our gun club had to hire it’s own lawyers after a first round initial ruling loss in a legal battle and the NRA lawyers jumped ship. Of course from that point on we had to pay out of our own pocket. Come renewal time we found better insurance , with wider coverage and higher limits for the same buck.

Lawrence Licata

I want to post questions about this decision on the NRA website and their Facebook page but I cannot any place to do so. Can you provide links to NRA sites that allow comments?

Dr. Strangelove

You mean that the USCCA isn’t just an outfit that fills your inbox with spam when you sign up for their “newsletter?”


My reaction, EXACTLY!


No, they DON’T spam you……on average, I get LESS THAN one email per week from them, and then only when they have something pertinent to say. And yes, I am a USCCA member…have been for years.

Dr. Strangelove

They spammed me every. Single. Day. Never got an actual newsletter. YMMV.


You can unsuscribe if it bothers you.


I got 13 emails in 7 days from USCCA. Few have any valuable information. Some rehash the same old cases about somebody who needed the insurance. They are all just trying to sell the insurance or get me to visit the web site to sign up for the daily drawing. If they can give away $1000 a day to purchase a handgun, it suggests to me that they have a very high profit margin.


I have received 14 emails from USCCA in the past 7 days. That is quite normal for their email frequency. I may receive an informative email once a month. Plus, I also get the occasional email from Kevin at USCCA.

Bryan Dailey

The NRA oughta be ashamed of itself
We are all in this fight for the Second Amendment together. I will continue my support for the USCCA SHAME ON YOU NRA

Bryan D

Has anyone look to see where the NRA is getting that insurance from

Heed the Call-up

I get many times more email from the NRA and the NRA-ILA than I do from the USCCA. I get about one two per week from the USCCA and several daily from the NRA and the NRA-ILA. I just highlight and delete those I don’t want to read. Do you also complain about all the Brownell’s and other such companies’ emails and the.daily Ammoland emails? I am a NRA life member and a USCCA member. Of the two magazines, the USCCA one is far less political and is much more informative. I also get numerous emails from PDN, but, they,… Read more »


NOT a smart move, NRA! I would have thought cooler heads would prevail, especially when the reasons for such ridiculous juvenile behavior is SO OBVIOUS! Shame on those who would take their ball and go home, based on such a fourth-grade-mentality!

Jim Macklin

I’ve listened to ARMED AMERICA RADIO and read the sample magazine. I haven’t watched the DVDs But living in Kansas I see little need for te protection offered by USCCA since Kansas laws are now written to recognize the honest citizen’s rights. Being on a low fixed income even the lowest level of insurance is expensive. I’ve been studying the gun laws and the Use of Force laws for half a century. I am competent to advise a public defender in my defense should I be involved due to some lapse of awareness on my part. THAT SAID, It was… Read more »

Craig Butelo

He who represents himself in court is a fool. Kansas or not your self defense shooting will not be as cut and dried as it is in your mind. If you are so up on the law you should know that you are entering a system that is set up for obtaining your conviction. Police and prosecutors make a living and a name convicting people (not looking for the truth). Could you post bail today? Could you afford to miss work. Do you own a home? If your shooting is at all questionable you may lose everything. Many people only… Read more »

David G from TX

Dear NRA, one fight, one team! Whatever happened to common goals and unity? We band together to block the rules and regulations the liberal snowflake tree huggers are trying to force down our throats, and low and behold, we turn to our right and our wingman has left us. WOW! Really?

Bob Hillard

I have had USCCA for several years and I’m very pleased with it. I have been an NRA member for many more years and after this stunt I’ll be letting my membership expire in 2019.


Letting your membership go…USCCA or NRA?