Weinberg’s Dumb “Smart Gun” Law Is Hated By Everyone. Even Democrats ~ VIDEO

Senator Loretta Weinberg
Senator Loretta Weinberg
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –  -(Ammoland.com)- As many of you know, in 2002 New Jersey passed a law that mandated that once any “smart gun” is available for sale anywhere in the US, then that will be the only gun that is allowed to be sold in the state of New Jersey.

Considered one the worst “strategies” of the anti-gunners, they exposed their goal right out of the gate: to force every NJ resident to purchase the only type of gun they deemed fit!

The sponsor and mastermind of the bill was State Senator Loretta Weinberg (no shock here).

This law has had the effect of stopping any technological progress in the area of “smart guns.” This has led to gun control supporting comedian Samantha Bee to do a segment on her about the stupidity of NJ’s law and how ridiculous Senator Weinberg really is (as if we did not know).

But Senator Weinberg did what she does best while being interviewed by Samantha Bee, lie. While being questioned about the NRA, Senator Weinberg, as always, deceived and did not tell the truth. She offered to replace the law and then force every gun dealer in NJ to carry them and post a big sign advertising the firearm.

But hey what more can we expect from Weinberg whose entire platform is based on lies.

As if we do not know what Senator Weinberg will do next. Force dealers to purchase the “smart guns,” create an artificial market, and once they can prove that the guns are being purchased (by another law) and sold (by dealers), reinstate her original law and force everyone to buy them. This would easily resolve the issue with “smart gun” companies going bankrupt!

Without this law, there could be these smart guns everywhere and the market would decide how they sold. But this law stopped all that. No retailer dares sell any kind of gun like this for fear of triggering New Jersey’s law and banning all other handguns in the State. But we suspect that was the plan after all, using $2,000 smart guns was just a vehicle to get to a near total handgun ban.

Anyway, the video speaks for itself.

If you want to be a part of repealing this ridiculous law, make sure to join today, or make a donation. Everyone who joins NJ2AS, renews their membership or donates $20 or more will automatically be entered into our April Giveaway for a chance to win a MODMAT-15 Rifle from Modern Materiel. So join today! Help the fight and get a chance to win an awesome rifle!

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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Anyone notice all the wiring hanging out of the grip? Where’s the magazine go? But I guess that’s the benefit of the “smart” gun. It does away with the 30 caliber clips. You know, aside from malfunctioning & getting its owner killed by criminals. One less law abiding gun owner for them to worry about.


Us that camp already exists ,it’s called north korea just give them each a radio and ship them over! ASAP!


Just another example of jp how evil the devilcrats in the commie coasts have become in their actions to destroy our rights ,weaken America for our enemies and actively work for our enemies here in the commie states while trying to spread their anti America disease across the country! They will always sink to new lows in their actions for our enemies they are not to be trusted in any way! To traitorous to be allowed in America

Brian M. Conner

Weinberg, just one many legislators who have outstayed their usefulness to society. She only seems to introduce gun control related bills without the slightest conveyance of common sense.

Michael Seals

Why don’t we confiscate all Democrat property?


Whenever someone works that hard and persistently to force the purchase of a specific product, it is almost always because of some sort of back-end deal where the promoter stands to profit from the widespread use of the product. WHY is she so set on promoting this technoogy, still in its infancy? I’m convinced that if someone were to be able to examine her personal financial dealings there would be some link to her investment in this technology, such that when it IS commonly purchases, SHE gets a cut. ANyone else want to bet on that one? She’s been about… Read more »


Time to build a “camp” for the likes of Weinberg, Pelosi, Waters, Boxer, and several others in government jobs across this land.

Wild Bill

, Rope is cheaper. Just a thought.


I should have known that one of the gun dealers who were willing to sell the smartgun was a Maryland gun dealer. Since moving to this 2A toilet, some of the rudest, most condecending, arrogant and money hungry people Ive ever met in my 50 years, have been behind the counters of gunshops. Sorry for the off topic opener. I just hate this state, and yes, we will be moving back to the free world as soon as we are able. About the comment above, absolutely correct sir. The Republicans are every bit as bad because they are every bit… Read more »


Spot on about Marxland


Apologies, got carried away in my earlier post and got completely off subject.
This whack job Senator Loretta Weinberg obviously belongs in the Laughing Academy wearing canvas wrap around pajamas with the sleeves that tie in the back. The dishonesty of politicians is just absolutely appalling and never fails to amaze me. This particular bit of nonsense is so over-the-top that this woman should be bounced out of the Senate for suffering from a demonstrable case of dementia.
Sorry, but this sort of stupidity just pisses me off so bad it leaves me stunned into speechlessness.


Have you ever noticed that these liberal demoncrats are about as ugly as anything, they have no looks at all. They are always wanting to take our guns away but they do not want to give up the guns that they have, when ALL the DEMONCRATS step up and get rid of ALL the guns they have and go after the criminals and gang members then I might think about not using my guns, I know it is a very long shot but I can wish right. This weinberg needs to go away and get out of politics she/it is… Read more »


Unfortunately it’s not just stupid Democratic politicians, but stupid Republican politicians as well who are infringing on our Second Amendment rights. Just look at the recent incident in Idaho where there was a secret government group comprised of conservatives, that is Republican politicians who were working behind the scenes to infringe on the Second Amendment rights in Idaho. It’s time to realize that it is not just the so-called liberals or Democrats who are working against the Second Amendment. There are nearly as many so-called conservatives or Republicans who are conducting themselves in an anti-Second Amendment manner. Unfortunately, a lot… Read more »

Jim S

And yet the sheep keep re-electing the same cowards and liars over and over. Will the conservatives who elected those goons in Idaho turn around and vote them out? I dont think I would put money on that.


You got it right. The real lunacy is among the voters who continually re-elect these mindless people. I wonder of this woman has armed guards. If so would she demand they carry slingshots?

John H

Don’t confuse RINOS with Conservatives republicans, and don’t think because some democrats might have a gun, that it makes them one of the good guys !! Any vote for any democrat is one vote closer to loosing the Second Amendment, and if you don’t believe it just look at how hard they are fighting against everything in Congress right now !!

David Telliho

I`d travel to the nearest state, meet their ‘resident’ requirements,&buy any gun I wanted.