ATN Corporation X-TRAC System Now Available For Purchase

ATN Corporation X-TRAC System
ATN Corporation X-TRAC System

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -( ATN Corporation announced today that the company has begun shipping the much-anticipated X-TRAC (Tactical Remote Access Control System) that is compatible with the company’s advanced line of night vision optics and thermal imaging devices.

Through the use of the remote access control system, users are able to connect seamlessly via Bluetooth to their personal ATN Smart Device in order to control all features and functions without touching the scope.

The X-TRAC has been designed to simplify the user interface with the ATN smart device by offering a quick and intuitive means of operating the scope’s high performance features.

By incorporating the X-TRAC device, owners are able to access the optic’s pre-installed ballistic calculator, Smart Range Finder, Environmental Sensor Subsystem and a host of other standard features while maintaining a consistent sight picture.

“We strive to give our consumers the best user experience possible,” said Director of Marketing Steve Lemenov. “The introduction of the new X-TRAC system is a perfect example of our goal to provide cutting edge products that redefine the way people use optics.”

To promote easy of use, the X-TRAC features a zoom roller and six tactile buttons that allows users to manipulate the user interface of the optic while maintaining proper retention of the rifle. These instinctive control features allow users to make adjustments in real-time operation with incredible flexibility and convenience.

Unlike traditional optics systems that require shooters to position their hands on the top or side of the optic to increase magnification, the X-TRAC allows consumers to increase or decrease the optical power of the scope while maintaining a normal shooting position.

ATN Corporation X-TRAC System

Other standard uses of the X-TRAC include the ability to capture photos and video without removing your support hand from the rifle. The X-TRAC system is easily installed on the forend of any rifle through the use of elastic straps, which enable a secure, tight fit.

Weighing a mere 1.76 ounces and measuring 3.2″ x 2″ x 0.8″, the X-TRAC has been engineered to not disrupt the balance and ergonomics of its accompanied firearm.

To promote extended use and durability, the X-TRAC is operated by a single CR2450 battery, which provides over six months of runtime and is manufactured with a water resistant covering.

The X-TRAC is fully supported by a two-year factory warranty and is available to consumers at a low MSRP of $79. For more information, please visit their website.


About ATN Corporation:

ATN Corporation is a leading US developer and manufacturer of precision Night Vision Optics and Thermal Imaging. The company was founded over two decades ago. Due to the dedicated team of trained professionals that work for the Corporation, it still remains the well-known provider of high-end products based on innovative technologies.

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JorgeNorberto Pedace


Mark Are

This is a rather small light device that attaches to your firearm. I’d expect shipping costs to be low. WAY lower then the $25 to ship this that came up in my shopping cart. I’m going to wait to buy one with free shipping off of Ebay. ATN is ripping us off charging $25 shipping for something this small. I have two ATN scopes and am not happy with them on the shipping issue.