Cars and “Gender Equality!”

By John Farnam

Aftonbladet wants to Ban Cars
Aftonbladet wants to Ban Cars
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Next Step?

When liberals here promote the banning of guns, one retort is that, if liberals were really interested in protecting citizens, they would want to ban cars too. Liberals have always recoiled at the suggestion, saying that the two issues were “not related.

Until now!

An editorial in the popular Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, is now demanding that cars be banned from cities!

You’ll love the typical liberal rhetoric:

Cars “have turned into deadly weapons.

Cars are “effective murder machines” and “must simply be removed from city…

“It is remarkable that it is possible to drive around the Swedish capital”

“It’s vital now that cars be regulated” (as if they weren’t already)

Sweden’s “Environment Minister” has chimed-in with:

“Cars are driven largely by men, so by giving a lot of space to cars, we’ re giving a lot of space to men- at the expense of women,” (… not quite sure how that logic works)

In any event, owning and driving a car now apparently also represents a vicious attack on gender equality!

We’ll be hearing this same drivel, from the mouths of liberals here, before long. When there is any way to restrict individual freedom and independence, liberals will predictably be promoting it.

It is inevitable!

“Where liberals rule, abuse of power is the norm.” ~ G Hayes


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OOPS Dang fingers:
” id ” was suppose to be “is”


I wonder id stupidity is a disease that spreads rapidly among liberals after they are inoculated with it at the so-called institutions of learning. It is then passed on to the lower life forms among them by close contact.


I just heard that dark wood furniture and paneling is now a sign of racism because our forefathers, mostly old white guys, used it, and it is something rich people (mostly white) still use to intimidate poor people (mostly black). I was previously told (repeatedly by more “with it” friends, neighbors, and younger family members) that the wood paneling in my home was either “old-fashioned,” “so-’70s,” or “retro.” I still have it because I like the outdoorsy feel it has – but now I realize I must just be a subconscious, closet racist – and me a guy who once… Read more »