Review – Shoot for the Best with Etymotic GunSport Pro Earplugs

By Joe Evans

Etymotic GunSport PRO
Etymotic GunSport PRO

Ammoland Shooting Sports

USA -( Everyone who’s spent time out on the shooting range knows how important quality hearing protection is.

I know that I, personally, never feel those generic brand orange foam headphone do an effective job. They just don’t dampen the gunshots enough to make a real difference.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, those big, bulky ear muff style plugs dampen any and all sound, along with being crazy expensive.

How are you supposed to hear when the other people may need to go down range, or if someone needs to get your attention? Thankfully, Etymotic’s GunSport PRO electronic earplugs give you the best of both possible situations.

Etymotic’s GunSport PRO feature adaptive noise reduction technology, automatically providing protection up to 40 decibels. But here’s the cool part. It happens automatically, only when the sound exceeds normal, safe levels.

In other words, when there’s no loud noises, you hear normally like the headphone aren’t even in. These innovative plugs even enhance and amplify the surrounding noises.

When I put these in and turned them on, I felt like a superhero. The best way I can describe it was similar to sitting in a movie theater with an awesome, super-charged sound system. Every single noise from the birds tweeting, to the wind blowing and gravel crunching under my feet was amplified.

Etymotic GunSport PRO
Etymotic GunSport PRO

I was hyper-aware of my surroundings, which is incredibly important while handling any type of firearm. The Etymotic GunSport PRO earplugs feature seven different, interchangeable buds to fit any type of ear or preference.

I personally liked the big foam cylinders best, since they quickly molded to the shape of my ear after only about an hour or so at the range.

They also come with a convenient hard shell carrying case and cleaning kit to keep them in tip-top shape. I love the Etymotic GunSport PRO ear plugs. I think they’re the best quality hearing protection I could possibly get.

I could absolutely see myself using these in situations away from the range as well.

These would be perfect for frequent concert goers, since the plugs amplify and increase sound quality along with providing unmatched hearing protection. You can enjoy the music without that post-concert ringing in your ears.

Simply put, I couldn’t recommend the Etymotic GunSport PRO more highly. Want to get a pair for yourself? You’re in luck.

Etymotic is offering a special 15 percent discount exclusively for readers when they purchase on Etymotic’s website.

Just use the code EHP10TP at checkout.

These earplugs are as essential at the range as the firearm and ammunition you’re firing.

Get a pair of the Etymotic GunSport PRO ear plugs experience the highest quality hearing protection I’ve ever had. After using these, there’s no going back to those crappy orange foam plugs.


About Joe Evans: 

Joe Evans is the Assistant Editor at

The 22-year-old journalist, freelance writer and editor is a Pennsylvanian, a University of Scranton 2016 graduate. He’s a sports fan, blogger and lover of all things interesting. Forever writing something somewhere.

Find him and read his work on Twitter and

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Wild Bill

@AP, I think that he means without being crazy expensive.

American Patriot

Please elaborate on your comment “those big, bulky ear muff style plugs dampen any and all sound, along with being crazy expensive.” What muff style plugs are more Expensive then these???? My $15 bulky ear muffs work fine and so does my .25 cent foam plugs, I would never spend $300 for ear plugs. Leave it to an inexperienced 22 yr old to write an article like this. More FAKE NEWS!


Coupon does work $44.XX off


Or you could get them off Amazon for $5.00 cheaper and have them quicker.

Mike Murray

“On the opposite side of the spectrum, those big, bulky ear muff style plugs dampen any and all sound, along with being crazy expensive”.
Speaking of crazy expensive, these have an MSRP of $300.


The code is working now! We apologize for any inconvenience.


Could not get code to work! Maybe next time if they get site squared away! A penny saved is a penny earned !

Larry K

Unfortunately the code does not seem to work – all I got was the error message “Coupon code “EHP10TP” is not valid.”