Magazine Loader – Video Demo & Review of Magloader, MAG Pump & Caldwell

Reverend Norris lays out his picks for the best gun magazine loader, with some curated video demonstration and review.

Gun Magazine Loader
Gun Magazine Loader

USA –  -( Let me confess that I’ve never thought much about ammunition magazine loaders or speed-loaders. Just like I put my pants on, one leg at a time, I load my cartridges like everyone else, one at a time.

Glock and some other manufactures include a mag loader with their handguns, but I never used them. I do own a Maglula UpLULA, but honestly, due to habit, it just lives in my range bag and gets rarely used.

However, recently during a Fighting Pistol class in Camden, TN, I found myself wanting more time for conversation and paying attention during the line changes devoted to reloading. Several of my fellow classmates were effectively using their mag loaders and completing their refills much more efficiently than me. So I fished around in my range bag and found my UpLULA. It’s quite handy actually.

It is hard to break old habits, but this is clearly a more effective process.

So as a recent convert to the value of mag loaders, let me direct you to a few options worth your consideration. I have limited experience with a few of these, but I’m intrigued by them all. I plan to put them to use and take time to discover my preferences.

Here are my pick of the best ammunition magazine gun magazine loaders that deserve your attention:

  • MagLULa UpLULA Magloader
  • StripLULA Rifle Magazine Loader
  • Mag Pump AR-15 Elite Magazine Loader
  • Caldwell AR Mag Charger

MagLULA UpLULA Magloader , Fits 9mm to 45ACP Ammo

UpLULA Magloader , Fits 9mm to 45ACP Ammo
UpLULA Magloader , Fits 9mm to 45ACP Ammo

The UpLULA features robust construction and efficient design. It’s made to use with virtually all 9mm- .45ACP single and double-stack magazines. Most .380 and 1911 mags will work, too. I own the UpLULA in black, but if I had it to do over, I think I’d buy one of the fancy bright colors for the contrast in my range bag and for easy finding when dropped. You don’t want to lose this handy little contraption.

StripLULA Rifle Magazine Loader

StripLULA Gun Magazine Speedloader
StripLULA Gun Magazine Speedloader

The StripLULA can’t be found dancing at local clubs. She’s a lady, thank you very much! The StripLULA is also made of military grade polymer and can be used to load stripper clips or (better yet) to load your AR mags ten rounds at a time. The StripLULA is also offered in a magazine loaders configuration made to use with Mini-14 mags.

Gun Magazine BenchLoaders?

If ten rounds at a time magazine loaders aren’t enough for your intended task, the BenchLoaders maybe the ticket for you. The Benchloaders are intended for ranges and other hard use applications. The end user is likely someone who will be loading and Unloading hundreds of magazines. With this loader, you can load thirty rounds of 5.56/ .223 at a time in one stroke. This product is offered in configurations designed for AR15, HKG36, IWI Galil, or Styer Aug & AR15, so be sure to get the appropriate model for your intended use.

Mag Pump AR-15 Elite Magazine Loaders

The new-kid-on-the-block is the Mag Pump, the marketing looks promising and the word on the street is favorable.

Mag Pump AR-15 Elite Magazine Loader
Mag Pump AR-15 Elite Magazine Loader

Mag Pump offers the MP-AR15 Elite, the MP-AR15, and the MAGDUMP. The first two in that list are a bit pricey, but they appear to facilitate rapid loading with a robust mechanical advantage. Mag Pump claims 30 rounds in 30 seconds, and that appears quite feasible. Cutting your loading time in half means more range time, and that’s a good thing.

You can dump the ammo into the top funnel, and the device orients each round correctly as it feeds into your magazine with each lever activation. The Elite model magazine loader is CNC machined out of aluminum billet, and all three models hold a lifetime transferable warranty.

Caldwell AR Mag Charger

Caldwell AR Mag Charger
Caldwell AR Mag Charger

Last on our list of magazine loaders is the Caldwell AR Mag Charger. It is one of the most cost-effective options listed, and it’s the only option that’s designed to work with fifty round boxes directly. Its plastic design isn’t as robust as some of the other options, but it’s likely sufficient for many range plinking sessions. This probably wouldn’t be your go-to option if you are working at a range loading hundreds of mags a day, but it may be a great option for those of you looking to charge a handful of mags and plink away.

Ultimately, the whole mag loader conversation comes down to one simple question, how do you want to spend your time? Loading mags or shooting? That seems like a no-brainer. I will skip the loading grind and go with a magazine loaders. It’s your time; enjoy it.

Brian (Rev) Norris About Brian (Rev) Norris:

Brian (Rev) Norris, in addition to writing and talking guns and gear via video, is a pastor (hence the “Rev”) who specializes in mentoring young men in the urban context. If he catches a moment of free time, you’ll likely find him enjoying his family or heading to the range on his motorcycle. Brian has enjoyed the shooting sports since his father introduced them to him as a child. He’s an outdoorsman who enjoys life to the full.

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Brian Norris

A couple of my bros are fire fighters I’ll be sure to talk to them about it.


In the MagPump, it is not the bullet weight that causes proper orientation. It is the fact that the bullet is a smaller diameter and drops through a slot that the cartridge bases will not drop through. Not rocket science. You can load 30 rounds in 30 seconds after you spend a minute loading the hopper. These systems appear to just save the finger tips. I’ll stick with my stripper clips and old school stripper clip loader. Preload the stripper clips at home, then quickly load a magazine at the range. 500 rounds in loaded stripper clips fit nicely in… Read more »

Isaac Miller

I’m still surprised that the MagPump hasn’t been touted more! I know the developer of the device and it’s quite awesome.


Plateloaders could have been added to this list. There are a handful of small operations that make them. I have a few from ACEM Plate Design and they are much liked at the range when I bring them out for our groups and events.


Hah, looks like the editor added a link to my post. That product, while excellent, is about the most expensive plate loader you can get. Podavich runs about $60-$70, ACEM’s run under $50 for most, Magpacker just under $40. I’ve used ACEM’s and have the older AR-only model, newer AR multi-cal model, a smaller one for ARs to fit an ammo box, and a dedicated AK loader. They’ve all worked great. Looking forward to picking up their new pistol loader for 33rd Glk mags.

Bill N.

1 pistol loader and 3 AR types. Worthless article for hand gunners.

Gregory Romeu

Yeah, must have something to do with the BASIS of the story as hidden by the title, that being a REVIEW of the particular loaders listed on said title?

Gregory Romeu

Great article, however, as usually brought up, WHY is there no PRICES mentioned?

M. Forsman

In the time it took you to post your unedited comment, you could have Googled prices.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Greg, we get this question often enough. We don’t include the prices as they change over time, Our article will be read for years and years online, so we have to make them timeless. Our articles look out of date when a year from now everyone is commenting that the prices quoted are wrong. We do provide links wherever we can so you do not have to search all over for the product our writer is talking about.