Essential Self-Defense Techniques For Summer

Police Lights and Crime Tape
Police Lights and Crime Tape

Krav Maga WorldwideU.S.A.-( Run a simple Google News search for the term “attack” and you might never want to set foot outside again. Reports of women being pulled off bicycles and robbed, senior citizens randomly beaten, attacks with hammers, canes and knives are enough to make anyone question their safety in public. Being able to respond effectively during an attack can mean the difference between escaping unharmed and serious injury or death. While many people think being strong and knowing how to fight are what will save your life, it is actually training your body to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter that is most important.

Because attacks happen so quickly it’s often difficult to predict which self-defense technique is needed before the attack actually happens. It is because of this that Krav Maga Worldwide training utilizes the body’s natural reaction to being attacked to teach people to defend against common chokes, grabs, and strikes, as well as more serious threats involving weapons.

If you are training on a consistent basis you will cultivate a self- defense skill set, a “tool box” if you will, that will help you be prepared for self-defense situations. The following are techniques that Krav Maga Worldwide recommends as essential for people to have in their self-defense tool box.

Straight Punch

The basic movement behind a straight punch is to push off from your legs, rotate your hips and shoulders, and extend your arm out toward your target as explosively as possible. Clench your fist tightly and aim to make contact with the two knuckles at the base of your pointer and middle fingers against your attacker’s chin, mouth, or nose.

Essential Self-Defense Techniques For Summer
Essential Self-Defense Techniques For Summer

Front Kick to the Groin

The front kick to the groin travels on a vertical plane up the “A frame” form of an attacker’s legs and lower body. To deliver the kick drive your hips forward with your knee bent so your heel is back. Let your knee and leg extend and with your foot flat (shoelaces up and toes forward gives the most striking surface), kick up and through the attacker’s groin. Imagine that your kick will travel through the attacker’s groin and out the top of the head, as if you were going to split them in two from the groin up. Recoil your leg back to it’s original position.

Front Kick to the Groin
Front Kick to the Groin


Knee strikes are very useful for creating damage at close range. If the attacker is close enough to grab you, that means you can grab that attacker and start making damage using your knees. Grab as much skin, muscle (and whatever fabric the attacker is wearing) at the attacker’s trapezius (that’s the spot between the neck and shoulder) as possible. Keep the elbow of the arm grabbing the trap pointed down so you can brace yourself if the attacker comes forward. Use your other hand to wrap behind the elbow on the same side of the body you are already grabbing. This grip on the trap and elbow will help you maintain a position from which to knee. Drive your hips forward with your heel back (so your leg makes a triangle in profile view) and imagine that you are going to punch your knee straight through the attacker in front of you. Recoil your knee by bringing your foot back to the ground, and continue to deliver knees until you can get away safe.

Bear Hug Defense

If you are grabbed in a bear hug, from the front or from behind, the key to getting out is to start fighting back right away. It’s hard to start fighting back unless you establish two things; base and space. Lower your center of gravity and “base out” by bending your legs and widening your feet. You will immediately become more difficult to lift off of your feet and more difficult to move in general. As soon as you’ve established a solid base, immediately begin striking at any open and vulnerable areas that the attacker presents. Continue to strike (head butt, knee strikes, kicks, punches, bites) until there is sufficient space for you to turn in (if attacked from behind) and continue with more strikes, or to simply separate and run away.

Choke Defense

If a choke comes on from the front, back, or side and that choke happens “in place” (which is to say that you are being attacked but generally standing in the same place, not being moved or pushed while the choked) Krav Maga Worldwide students are taught to “pluck” the choker’s hands away and immediately strike back. Your body (meaning your hands) will want to immediately go toward your neck if a choke is put on you and will most likely end up on top of the attacker’s hands as they are already on the neck. Instead of trying to pull the attacker’s hands off of the neck, which could be impossible if the defender is a much smaller person than the attacker, use your hands like hooks (thumbs against pointer fingers, hands in a “C” shape) and explosively pluck at the attackers thumbs. The attacker cannot maintain a choke using their hands (it’s a different defense if the attacker is choking with their arm like a “rear naked choke” or similar) if their thumbs are plucked off of the defender’s neck. Immediately begin to strike vulnerable areas on the attacker’s body.

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    1. Krav Maga is a practical self defense program and does not require extensive experience or time spent training to be able to use effectively, but the author is right; training for stress of the encounter (and situational awareness) is often neglected and is a crucial component of any good self-defense curriculum. This is also a problem for “seasoned” martial artists who can freeze in the high stress situation. Unfortunately, this is all too common.

      Everyone has a natural right to self defense. It is not bestowed by any government, or any group or individual. If, however, you go beyond self defense to maim or kill someone unnecessarily or deliberately, then that is not self-defense.

      1. No it’s isn’t. It’s a hard-hitting fighting style for soldiers for close-quarters combat and guerrilla fighters who sneak up to someone, seriously hurt others then get away fast. There’s no right to seriously injure or kill someone else unless you were under serious threat of harm.

        1. Yes, originally taught as a collection of techniques for combat scenarios, but outside the Israeli military it is now a somewhat faddy martial art for urbanites. We will see if it stands the test of time. Nobody had heard of it five years ago. Agree about serious injury being restricted to serious threats because some people are just looking for an excuse.

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        1. Gil is not paid by anybody, so just stop with that idiocy. He does like to be contrary though, even when he doesn’t need to be. He is anti- violence/anti-gun, which I am not.

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              Otherwise, XX makes strong statements without the wherewithal to back them.

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            1. XX is so full of hate and inner turmoil that he will never see XXX. I am hosting a ceremonial teepee raising, here, on the ranch beginning 4 August through 6 August. Four is a lucky number to the People. The People are coming from as far away as S. D. There will be lectures and demonstrations of the old ways of making weapons and clothing, and of course singing and dancing. Attending would do TS good. It would free his spirit. I am not assured of the ceremony’s success, though… we have not yet found a leftist white man to sacrifice. But TS is invited.

      3. Regarding your last sentence: I don’t know about you; but, I was guided by a “use of force” ladder for over 22 years. I was allowed to use one step above what the bad guy was using. Considering that thugs now days are trying to seriously hurt you, if not kill you, I have no problem with doing the same to them. YMMV.

        1. Civilian vs military vs LE, there is really not much difference as far as essential elements go. Only military has declared combatants, etc; only LE (in general) has to worry about making arrests. But all three have to worry about concepts like ability, intent, and means; or opportunity, intent, and jeopardy. And all three have to be aware of necessity and proportionality.

          That said, the krav techniques discussed could well be necessary and proportional in many circumstances, while they would admittedly be overkill in others.

          If one can apply the techniques, one can always decide not to if inappropriate. If one cannot apply the techniques, then one is out of luck should they be the appropriate response.

          Kinda like firearms, eh?

    2. ALL is fair in LOVE and WAR. Defense is 1/2 of war.
      I say again ” ALL is fair in LOVE and WAR. ”
      Adapt and survive.
      >>>> Oldmarine

    3. Gil you talk like a crazy person with no comprehension of the world around you.
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    4. I find it interesting that the writer did not mention attacking the eyes or throat of your assailant. If someone else rings the bell, it’s on. And then there’s that whole shooting them in the face thing. Perhaps his article was meant for more “civilized” parts of the country.

        1. Absolutely correct, Bill. And, I hope Gillie the Troll reads my comment, which refers to him, on the article concerning AUS firearms by Dean Weingarten.

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      There are those who understand this immediately, those who have learned the hard way, and those too dim to comprehend until the lesson is delivered with blunt instruments.

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    6. I am a older man. I was taught that the little fingers should be grasped if you are being choked. They are the weakest part of a grip and can easily be broken if grasped and jerked down as hard as you can. It works from the front or back.

    7. Actual defense refers to avoiding and blocking violent attacks. What AL and co. are advocating are (possibly legal) offensive behavior. Hence few people are interested in self-defense but rather attacking someone and hope the law is on your side.

      1. You have had no training in self defense, have you? I don’t mean in tactics and techniques, I mean in the legal aspects of it. Because you just always seem to know things that are not true.

        1. Because the way replies stack can make this unclear, I was replying to Gil, not Paladin.

            1. @JoeUSooner, That is so typical of a leftist/progressive/socialist (in this particular instance GFYG) to try to change the definitions to fit their arguments. Controlling the language is just another transparent attempt at thought control.

            2. Yes it does. Self-defense is about ending a threat not giving permission to seriously injure or killing someone. Hence folks like you risk going to jail for “defending yourself.” Most people, such as yourself, are more interested in fighting than self-defense.

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