Gun On A Stick Banned from the Minnesota State Fair

by Mark Walters

What in the heck is a "gun on a stick," anyway?
What in the heck is a “gun on a stick,” anyway?
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

U.S.A.-( What in the heck is a “gun on a stick,” anyway? Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’ll tell you what it is. It’s not allowed anymore, that’s what it is. Ok, let me be a little more specific.

Every year at the end of August my travel begins to pick up when I attend a few regularly scheduled events as summer winds down and fall begins. My first trip is the annual trek to the Minnesota State Fair where I join my great Armed American Radio Twin Cities affiliate radio station, Salem Radio Network’s AM 1280 The Patriot for a live broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair. It’s a blast as I broadcast from the radio station booth, outdoors on the deck platform and under the stars on the midway. The crowds at the fair number in the hundreds of thousands and no matter the show airs early Sunday evening; the place is always packed.

If you’re not familiar with it, the Minnesota State Fair is visited by people from all over the world and runs for two weeks leading up to the Labor Day holiday weekend, when it comes to a close. It’s widely regarded as having the largest assortment in the world, of “foods on a stick” with each year bringing new and crazier ideas than the last. Well, a couple of years ago, AM 1280 The Patriot with their Operations Manager, Lee Michaels, himself a survivor of a violent armed robbery and a huge fan of Armed American Radio, came up with a unique idea to promote the show and my appearance at the fair.

He figured while thousands of folks would be eating a vast array of various foods stuck to and on sticks, why couldn’t they have a “gun on a stick” to be used as a fan? See, even though Minnesota is world famous for its brutally cold winters, it gets hot and steamy in August, and it’s not unusual for the temps to reach into the high eighties with matching humidity during the fair. I can vouch for that myself sitting outside sweating during the broadcast. The idea was simple yet provocative and would no doubt draw attention to the booth. A photo of the radio show and radio station logo’s printed on the front and a nice .45 caliber handgun printed on the back of a high gloss heavy duty paper. Staple it to a small wooden stick, and it becomes a fan that can be carried around and used to keep yourself cool in the heat while walking the fairgrounds! Brilliant! A fan on a stick with a photo of a gun and our logo’s. A “gun on a stick!”

People loved it, and the radio station gave out thousands of them in their promotional bags during the two weeks of the fair leading up to the Armed American Radio live broadcast. I signed a bunch of them for listeners who stopped by with their “gun on a stick” to hang out and watch the show. Let’s face it. While it’s a beautiful and creative way to promote the radio station and the Armed American Radio program, we knew there might be some blowback from the thought police and the anti-freedom folks who would be appalled at the idea of having even a picture of a gun at a state fair. An ingenious idea to say the least…unless of course, you’re an anti-gun, Minnesota liberal.

As we prepared months in advance for the event this year, I was excited to hand out more “guns” on “sticks.” I inquired about the promotion a few months back, and that’s when Lee informed me it wasn’t going to happen. Apparently, last year some kid dropped his radio station promotional goodie bag and all of its contents, including our fan. Upon closer examination, mom got a little bit upset that there was a picture of a handgun being distributed as a “gun on a stick” and complained to fair officials.

The result? Because of one angry mom frightened by a picture of a handgun attached to a stick and a PC group of fairground officials, none of the thousands of folks who enjoyed their “gun on a stick” fans can do so this year.

I look at it as a badge of honor. We’ve just proven, once again, how idiotic the anti-gun crowd is. No worries, I think this year I’ll head over to the Al Franken booth and see if I can scare those sissies, also. Shouldn’t be too difficult, for sure.

About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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Come on down to the Texas state fair. I don’t think you will have the same problem. And by the way, a temperature in the high eighties is not considered hot down here. LOL


I’ll NEVER go to Minn. from my home near Sioux City Iowa because Minn. DOES NOT RECOGNIZE my Iowa CCW!!!


I live east of Sioux City Iowa and WILL NEVER VISIT Minnesota because the state DOES NOT RECOGNIZE my Iowa CCW!!!

Dr. Strangelove

I’m at the other end in Clinton and I feel the same way about Illinois. My job takes me there but I avoid spending any money if possible and never in Cook County. I think that my Utah permit covers Minnesota but I rarely get up there.


Your Utah CFP is NOT recognized in MN.


I live a few miles east of Sioux City Iowa and have an Iowa CCW. I WILL NOT go to Minnesota for ANY reason since my Iowa CCW is NOT recognized there!!!


If the libs don’t get you in Minn. then the muslems will. Obumer settled thousands in the state and they protest their free meals because of pork. They, more than likely vote for frankin. Afterall he stunk as a comedian so he ran for congress. Is he smarter, now? Dumber than a fence post or a box of rocks or even a box of hammers. Good luck Minnesota, you are going to need it.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Are you in Mn, too. I met AF on a plane to DC once. He seemed annoyed that no one recognized him. Three days later I came down with a terrible cold, and I never could find my wallet after that.


wild Bill, That’s funny. With him it could be possible. No I am not in Minnesota but I watch what is happening in the midwest regardless how cold it gets in the winter. I grew up in Indiana, farm kid, and spent thirty years in Michigan during it’s hay day period, then we moved to Tennessee to get away from the terrible taxes in Mi. It is a good place to live.

Old Curmudgeon

I live in a very rural part of Northern Minnesota, and I assure you that most of my neighbors and I do NOT agree with the anti-gun rhetoric spewed by Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar and our wonderful Governor Mark Dayton. When Minnesotans talk about secession, it usually means we would like to be free of the liberal havens of the 7 county metro are surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul and Duluth. That way our votes might actually be counted for something and not steam rolled by the mere numbers of liberals close to the tall buildings!

Wild Bill

@Old Curm, Mn is a Caucus state. Take your friends to the Democratic Farmer and Laborer party township caucus and take elect each other to the county caucus. Surprise the crap out of them. Does not cost a thing. Great fun.
I have an uncle in Bagley. Where you at?

Old Curmudgeon

I’m in Talmoon….about 40 miles North and West of Grand Rapids.. Very conservative area, but like I said the rural areas get outvoted by the big population areas in the Cities..

dava golin

thanks to libtards like Al Franken, parts of Minnesota are becoming Radicalized No Go Zones. it is sick.


Time for guns on a hat, guns on a t-shirt.

marc disabled vet

I love it !!
How about Bazooka on a Broom

Klause Von Schmitto

Put a gun shaped pop-tart on it and call it “Not A Gun on a Stick”


How about Bloomberg’s head on a stick?


As long as it appears in the x-ring.


Put a snowflake with slash through it on them and hand them out.


Hey mark do you mind if we hijack the idea? We would love to make heads pop here in New Jersey.

Mark Walters

DO IT!!! Permission granted! Mark Walters


BIG Black Rifle on a stick in NY & NJ! 🙂