Hillary Clinton & Giffords Splash in the Blood of Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Opinion by Tred Law

Hillary Clinton Basement Dweller
Hillary Clinton & Giffords Bathe Themselves in the Blood of Las Shooting Victims
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)-  With victims bodies still at the crime scene of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting, the perennial leach on America values, Hillary Clinton calls for more gun control. Clinton uses this National tragedy for her own selfish cause, to disarm all of America.

In multiple tweets during the day, the sore loser of the 2016 presidential election made claims that the NRA was responsible for the shocking event.  And that Silencers, used to protect shooters' hearing, would have caused more deaths.

In a series of tweets, she ghoulishly used the victim's deaths to stir up hate and division.

In an equally disgusting blood dance Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) and her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, could not get to the microphone fast enough to call for more gun control.

“We need a president who recognizes that we have a gun violence problem and will work towards solutions,” Kelly said of Trump, who offered his condolences to shooting victims in a short statement from the White House, but made no mention of guns. “Americans need more than our president’s prayers. We need his plans.”

Many directly criticised the Giffords, that gun control advocates politicize mass shootings, including Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arm and founder of the Second Amendment Foundation who replied:

“If the gun grabbers want to control something they should control themselves and their mouths. This tragedy was unpreventable.”

After being questioned on their rush to celebrate, Mark Kelly responded:

“If not now, when?” Kelly asked, rejecting pro-gun claims that it’s insensitive to talk about gun control after a mass shooting. “You know, when you are not going to talk about it on a day like this, how many times can we say that over and over again, ‘Now is not the time?’ Well, today is the time.”

How about never Mark, it is called a god given right for a reason.

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    1. Well I called it a week ago before you guys decided to moderate all my comments:

      “House Speaker Paul Ryan says NRA-backed bill to ease regulations on gun silencers is shelved indefinitely…”

      Like I said already: The State has no intentions on giving back liberties that they had previously stolen. My commentary about Cordrea stall holds.

    2. Man this is a funny site. no debate, just people who agree with each other reconfirming what they think. Hilarious. No facts here.

      1. We’ve been “debating” since the Sullivan Act. The left’s idea of “debate” is “Shut up and do as we say or we’ll send government thugs with government guns to force you.”

        1. Perhaps you’d like to build a bunker and stockpile some canned goods say the ‘good folks’ from the left would rather you shoot up each other instead of us? I don’t want to tell you what to do, by any means but I sure would’ve it that what you did do wouldn’t infringe upon our rights to life, liberty and happiness– you get what I did there, patriot?

          Indeed, hilarious, Jay. Seeing as the Sullivan act of 1911 allows licensed NYers to hold a firearm that they can easily conceal, making it a felony if you do not hold a license. IMAGINE THAT! HAVING TO COVER YOUR PISTOL!! WHO DOES THAT?!!!

          You gun nuts could really benefit from some xanax and a chat with the Dalai Lama.

          1. Homegirl, you are a definite nut case and should keep your thoughts to yourself or your friendly co-liberal nutcases.
            A God given freedom is for each of us to be able to defend ourselves against perps and the government.

          2. The Sullivan Act took away a preexisting natural human right and forced innocent, peaceable citizens to beg corrupt bureaucrat bigots for their extortionate permission. Those “licenses” are functionally impossible for decent people to obtain. Crooks have all the guns they want, and your precious government punishes anyone who tries to defend themselves.

            Are you going to force me to take that Xanax pill?

            At the point of a government gun?

            It wasn’t a Republican NRA member who shot up a concert in Las Vegas. It was a former federal government employee who used to work for the IRS.

            It wasn’t a Republican NRA member who shot up a baseball game in Virginia. It was a registered Democrat who supported Bernie Sanders.

            It wasn’t a Republican NRA member who shot up a church in Tennessee. It was a Sudanese immigrant who supported Black Lives Matter.

            And, it wasn’t a police officer with a government gun who stopped him. It was a private, civilian citizen with his personal, privately-owned, non-government gun.

            It wasn’t a Republican NRA member who shot up a nightclub in Orlando. It was a Muslim who supported Hillary Clinton.

            It wasn’t a Republican NRA member who shot up Virginia Tech. It was a Korean national who hated Christians.

            It wasn’t Republican NRA members who shot up Columbine High School. It was a pair of psychotics under the influence of the same kind of drugs you want everyone who doesn’t agree with you to take… and which I’m guessing you are dependent on.

            Every one of these monsters has far more in common with you and your kind, than all of them put together have with me and mine.

            Additionally, it wasn’t Republican NRA members forcing innocent people out of their own homes, without warrants, at actual photographically-provable government gunpoint, in their futile search for the Boston Marathon bombers. It was government thugs with government guns.

            It wasn’t Republican NRA members going door-to-door, stealing property – legally-owned firearms – without warrant, court order, or cause, from innocent citizens in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It was government thugs with government guns.

            And, it’s not Republican NRA members planning nationwide riots and vandalism on November 4th. It is people who think, and vote, just like you.

            It’s not Republican NRA members suffering paranoid drug-fueled control-fantasies. It’s psychotic, hate-filled, Xanax-addled, totalitarian bigots

            The left has nothing but lies, hate, and violence. Unfortunately, they really believe their own lies, and can’t resist forcing those delusions on everyone else, at the point of a government gun.

            We’re not the ones hurting people.

            All we want is to be left alone.

            1. that’s really interesting, Jeffersonian. If you don’t mind, cite your source that Paddock worked for the IRS – and was a Republican
              Cite your source that the Pulse shooter, who was a Muslim AMERICAN, also supported HRC?
              And if you don’t mind, cite your source that the TN church shooter supported BLM?
              I haven’t seen those “facts” nor can I find ANYTHING suggesting any of the shooters’ political affiliations, with the exception of the Scalise shooter.
              Help me out here. Would love to know if it’s true.

    3. Here is the deal Hillary hates gun owners so she will continue to make these stupid comments. As for the Giffords they are in it for the money & nothing else. They make a living by trashing law abiding gun owners. Go to their sites so which one is worse? Neither deserves any respect from good people

      1. Gabby Giffords was shot. Have you ever been deliberately shot? We will be changing the gun laws now, because the NRA does not belong in our government, and people like you have done NOTHING to prevent these mass murders from continuing and growing. So we’re gonna take a page from other countries that have more gun smarts (maybe we call it ‘people smarts’) than we do. You can keep your rifle for hunting (but screw the silencers; you’re just gonna have to deal with your own noise) and you can keep a gun to ‘protect yourself’ (cuz God knows you idiots need protection) but we are taking legislative action. Owning a gun, carrying a gun didn’t stop (and wouldn’t have stopped) that rich sob from killing 48 innocents and injuring 500+ more. FIVE HUNDRED. iN 11 MINUTES. Next time it’ll be your child, your brother, your friends. Then what? Sorry boys and girls, but your cowboy days are over. The Wild West ends right here right now. Deal with it.

        1. “The Wild West…”

          You slept through your history class… the “Wild West” was NOT what you Liberal muttonheads see in movies. The 40-year historic period that you refer to (1865 to 1905) was in reality remarkably non-violent. In that time, in the entire 2.2 million square miles west of the Mississippi, there were twelve (12) bank robberies, and exactly sixty-one (61) people were killed in old-fashioned mainstreet “shootouts” – right at one and a half (1.5) people per year! Hell, even the most famous gun fight of all time (the OK Corral) killed only three people… not the seven you saw artfully shot down on the screen version. And (despite your ridiculous denials) that low level of violence is precisely due to the large number of armed private individuals, who constituted the majority of the citizenry.

          Unlike you, I would LOVE for the violence rate to currently be as low as it was over a century ago… but, of course, I’m sane.

    4. Do any readers think the hotel should have done something in advance to try to prevent a guest from bringing 23 firearms up to his suite? Metal detectors?

      1. Do hotels try to prevent guests from bringing drugs up to their rooms? Maybe they should have drug-sniffing dogs in the lobby. What about child-porn dvd’s? Maybe they should strip-search every “guest” at check-in???

      2. I don’t think there is anything that could’ve been done to prevent this just short of someone with foreknowledge of the event killing the shooter first. Now we’re talking pure science fantasy and time travel. The guy was legal to buy the firearms as he had NO criminal background, so he just breezed through the background checks. I’ll bet this is a random act of evil that only God and the Shooter know the “Why” of it.
        This is the price of living in a free society, if you want a society where that won’t happen very much, I hear North Korea or Cuba is your best bet. As for me I’ll take freedom any day.

      3. Until you can cure the ills of the human heart, you will never stop people killing one another. That’s the one crucial fact that all the Anti – gun douche bags miss. A gun by itself cannot do anything, but it is a tool in the killers hand.

        “A sword is but a tool in the killer’s hand.” – Seneca the Younger – Ancient Rome

      4. One. Viscount, you got ONE suggestion. But hey, THAT’S typical of gun nut brains, right? This is the most hateful, antagonistic, violent page I’ve read in a long, long time. So who’s behind AmmoLand? All your commenters do is spew hatred. And then talk about how they think everybody else is the problem. Pitiful. Somebody needs to yank this hatefest right out of cyberspace. And I bet this comment doesn’t make it to print. Too bad. Y’all need somebody to give you a STRONG dose of reality.

    5. Skin head Kelly took an oath to support the Constitution and he is violating his oath but he is setting around drawing a big pension and benefits from the tax payers. Maybe he doesn’t know who pays him to prop his brain dead wife up and talk against our rights as American citizens. He needs to stay in space, as we use to say, a space cadet.

      I replied to HiLIARy Clintoon’s twitter last night that she lost and she should go bury her head because she is irrelevant and didn’t know anything about silencers.

      Unbelievable how stupid they can be.


      1. Well put (as best as google translates 🙂 ) You are correct in that the Left expects everyone to be criminal, and so the rights of all must be subjugated to the will of our masters… them.

      1. Maybe your on to something there! As the record states all mass shooters since John Wilkes Booth have been democrats or extreme liberals, and that is “FACT”!

    7. HRC is ignorant, stupid, and evil. She also counts upon the ignorance of the American people to accept her nonsense. “Silencers” or suppressors do not silence firearms, especially high powered rifles. The Vegas shooter was shooting from an enclosed space 32 stories high. Does anyone think they actually heard the sound of the 5.56 mm rounds exploding? What was heard was the ballistic report of the rounds traveling at supersonic speeds, mini sonic booms. Nothing could silence that. Yet again, we have HRC, Gabby, various and sundry politicians who are so stupid as to not know basic physics. Or if they do, are trying to con the people into jumping on their hobby-horse of gun control. What is sad and a gross disservice is Gabby’s husband, Mark, a person with military training, who should know better, pushing this crap. This morbid and sick exploitation of a national tragedy for political gain must be called out and resisted.

    8. Bottom line …. Liberty and Freedom have costs. Nothing worthwhile comes without a cost. The cost of our 2nd A freedoms is the prospect of terrible abuse, however infrequent. We must accept that, or give up our enumerated rights. No law could have prevented the trajety in Las Vegas….. PERIOD !

      1. We most of us also accept the risks and losses involved with the use of two or three ton projectiles moving at much slower speed, but energy is mass times velocity. Slow it down and make it ten thousand times heavier and it will do MORE damage. Yup I’m talking about the cats we drive, the improper use of which brings several times the death and many more times the property destruction involving the use of firearms. No background checks, far too little training, yes, there IS a Mother May I process but despite that, anyone CAN and often DOES simply jump in and set one in motion despite lack of government permission. Where are all thes politicians when some illegal invader is blasting along on Hiway 99 near Fresno in an unlicensed pickup with a dozen people piled in the back (illegal…..) and wrecks the thing, killing more than half on board? We never hear a peep out of them. in fact, California insists upon granting the Mother May I Cards to drive to these illegal invaders….. when they SHOULD e more about finding and removing them BEFORE things like this happen.

    9. 23 guns and ANTIFA literature were found in the shooters possession when the room was breached… the shooters own brother stated that he was NOT into guns. Ironic that Hillary and the Giffords go after the NRA and guns when THEIR own DEMOCRATIC backer George Soros, funds ANTIFA…. The very group who may have swayed the shooter to go after conservatives at a country music event. Remember Obama and his remark about conservatives clinging to guns and religion…. Can’t get much more conservative than a country western concert. Maybe Hillary needs to look into the mirror and talk to the saggy faced, lying, BITCH for answers to this shooting.

        1. bit of Fake News, Oldshooter. Goes both ways.
          Bloke with no criminal record or apparent problems legally buys an assault rifle made for killing people and kills a bunch of people. Ho Hum. Another day in America. So ‘free’….so ‘brave’.

            1. PS: How about those THOUSANDS of knife attacks EVERY MONTH in London alone ? Your British politicians now want to ban knives, but not the moslem invaders you a-holes love so much.

              You and your fellow subjects are fools.

          1. Hey Carter, we kicked all of the miscreants out when we kicked the British out. We don’t need input from people who are afraid to stand up to the Muslims who are killing people in London.

            You wouldn’t know an assault rifle if it came up and bit you in the a**.

    10. Dancing in the blood, Dancing in the blood; The anti-gun morons and ghouls couldn’t wait to dance in the blood.
      HELL, They love to roll around in it.

      1. more like ignored his known proclivities…… as she did for the He half of that corrupt duo. Except when she worked so hard to cover for him, she ignored a lot.

    11. Let Clinton and the rest of the anti’s move to safe countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, should I list more. I am sure those countries would let them have their say. If they and the other Fools that wanted to leave America when President Trump won, please go.

    12. Something Mr. Franklin said seems appropriate here.
      People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both

    13. Its all about the money. Remember when Bill Clinton wanted to put the tobacco companies out of business, until he got the 45% tax on tobacco products. They want to make some drugs legal, but with a heavy tax. This is despite of the number of lives and families that are affected. Remember prohibition? It is about the money!
      And, like it or not the right to bear arms is a right, so is freedom of speech, but you don’t hear them wanting stricter laws about that. Let’s start with charging every politician that tells a lie with perjury!

      1. Best idea yet……. let’s start with Pelosi and her perjury in declarind the kinyun “qualified” to hold the office or president. He wan’t. On several counts.

    14. Mark Kelly is a despicable human being for propping his brain dead wife up in front of cameras every chance he gets.

      1. kelly is a waste of human skin – a hypocrite who publicly screamed for gun control then secretly bought himself an AR-15 (he thought he would not get caught).

      1. Randy, which is why our Founding Fathers called them inalienable rights. I, too, am an Atheist, but as Heston stated, “Friday m my cold, dead hands”.

          1. now THAT”s funny.. a self-avowed atheist asking that (non-existent, per the claimant) God to damn spellcheck for him…….

            1. Tio, yes, to me it’s just an expression of annoyance. It doesn’t carry any other meaning to me, just as “God bless you”, is just being polite.

              I have no issue with those that believe. Neither I nor them will know who’s right until it’s too late. In not believing, I don’t have to worry that I might have done something wrong according to some “supreme” being and be condemned to eternal damnation.

              I live a good, moral life and treat people as it’s stated in the Bible, do unto others…. Regardless of the source, it’s a good way to live.

    15. Funny thing about their lies, if you can get past the BS and smoke and mirrors, you will find that they are full of hot air. They are going to call for stricter background checks … GEE … the shooter had never committed a crime prior to this massacre and so was LEGALLY able to purchase the firearms. Sounds to me like all they are doing is using the dead bodies to build a bully pulpit for their crusade to disarm America.

      Hildebeest, Mark and Gabby Giffords, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the usual suspects should just shut the h*ll up! They won’t give up their arm, so neither will I!

    16. @ ExGob – you said “sadly, every time a tragedy occurs that involves a gun, the anti gunners jump on their stump …” , I respectfully disagree. They climb a pulpit made from the victims bodies and spew their spittle and hate for our freedoms all in the name of “Public Safety”. If they really are interested in public safety they would try to shut up and not contribute to their Global Warming scam with all that hot air. Keeping with Rahm Emanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste” tactic, they are the first to come out blowing B.S. before all the facts are in. They know that gun control will never work, their goal is to incrementally take away our right of being armed until they can disarm every one in the U.S. except for themselves or their bodyguards … bottom line is they have said they will not disarm, so neither can we! Hillary Clintoon is irrelevant now and she’s trying to make herself relevant again. She and the rest of her die hard Commie buddies will never stop, so we must always remain vigilant. She and Gabby and Mark Gifford are a few more of the Domestic enemies of the Constitution that we must defend it against. My oath of enlistment has no expiration date, I remain ever on watch only to be relieved of it by death.

    17. Fellow Gunners,

      Look, one cannot make ANY reasonable argument with anti-Freedom & Liberty types. While 10s of millions of human life have been murdered in the womb by “forcep violence”, abortion advocates accept those blatant killings as progressive. The acts of allegedly, one man is an indictment against all weapon-bearing, Liberty-believing Americans. Clinton and Gifford both cannot go to Hades fast enough to suit me.

    18. Maybe Mark Kelly should volunteer for the space mission to Mars? There’s no guns on Mars and anyone who thinks the incident in Vegas could have been prevented by ‘gun laws’ should go to Mars!

      1. I would like to go to mars, but you can bet your butt that there will be a gun on mars once I get there. I’m sure as hell not leaving it home.

      2. Actually let them all, clinton,(both) kelly, gifford, schumer, ginsberg, kennedy, waters, polosi, soros, fienstine, gore any number of Hollywood loud mouths etc they could set up their own government as well as EPA, and entertainment, and leave us alone. That is if they could live long enough to get there.

        1. Oldvet,

          Odd, you leave out the Republican scum in your rant. Loves you some Paul Ryan douche, don’t you ? BTW….if your Republiscam repressntative voted to keep Ryan as Speaker of then House, he is as much a scumbag as Ryan.

          Support Paul Nehlen. Get rid of Ryan.

    19. Obviously the anti-gunners refuse to accept the fact that anyone who would commit an illegal act with a gun, couldn’t care less about any laws relative to gun purchase, ownership, registration or usage. Guns were available on the continent of North America long before we prevailed in the Revolutionary War to establish ourselves as an independent country, and guns will still be available long after all of us living today are long gone.

      Sadly, every time a tragedy occurs that involves a gun, the anti-gunners jump on their stump to condemn those who support gun ownership and The NRA.

      The United States of America will continue to reign supreme, and guns in one form or another will continue to be available until the final collision, whether it happens today or another 4.6 billion years from now.

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