Slew Of Gun-Control Bills Filed In Congress Using The Las Vegas Excuse

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A slew of gun-control bills filed in Congress using the Las Vegas massacre as an excuse for infringement.
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Washington , DC – -( The Federal gun-controllers are using the Las Vegas massacre as an excuse to go after every gun-control scheme they can think of. None of which would have prevented the massacre and only effect already law abiding Americans.

Thanks to Kim Stolfer of Firearms Owners Against Crime for this information:

Here is the latest list of anti-gun legislation filed as a response to the Las Vegas tragedy since 10/1/2017:

U.S. House of Representatives

  • HR 3947 – Bans parts and accessories that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm
  • HR 3962 – Bans online sales of ammunition
  • HR 3984 – Repeals the Lawful Protection in Commerce law that would allow lawsuits against FFL’s and manufacturers
  • HR 3986 – Would require the placement of tracking ID into ‘all’ firearms sold in America
  • HR 3987 – Would require a fee to purchase a firearm through NICS and use these monies to fund the CDC to conduct research on gun violence that was previously found to be biased by Congress
  • HR 3998 – Bans firearms for known or ‘suspected’ terrorists (from the terror watchlist that no one can get off of or appeal for relief from)
  • HR 3999 – Bans parts that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm
  • HR 4018 – Institutes a ‘3’ day waiting period nationally for purchase of handgun
  • HR 4025 – Expands reporting of multiple firearms sales
  • HR 4052 – Would ‘ban’ possession and transfer of large capacity magazines (More than 10 rounds)
  • HR 4057 – Expansion of Prohibition for firearms ownership for being on a Terrorist Watch List

U.S. Senate

  • S. 1915 – Would require all firearms to be personalized for restricted access and use
  • S. 1916 – Bans parts and accessories that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm
  • S. 1923 – Expands background checks of firearms
  • S. 1939 – Repeals the Lawful Protection in Commerce law that would allow lawsuits against FFL’s and manufacturers
  • S. 1945 – Would ‘ban’ possession and transfer of large capacity magazines (More than 10 rounds)

Be sure and look at each bill to see if your Representative is one of the sponsors and contact them to let them know how you feel.

Everything with a grip is Banned
Everything with a grip is Banned
Standard Capacity Magazines Ban
Standard Capacity Magazines Ban
Wherever you look, Bloomberg’s fingerprints are all over these attempts to pass “universal” background checks.
Wherever you look, Bloomberg’s fingerprints are all over these attempts to pass “universal” background checks.

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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  • 22 thoughts on “Slew Of Gun-Control Bills Filed In Congress Using The Las Vegas Excuse

    1. @All…I am reminded of what the returning Viet Nam Vets were met with . Antifa and that ilk are coming from where? The academia …(Berkley) etc. Back then Kent State . I don’t have the answers but one thing we need to get control of is Washington . As someone stated we can help Trump the best is at the ballet box .

      “Lets Take Out The Trash” !!!

    2. All the gun control bills are in one place at the same time! Vote them all down then round file then in the recycle can!
      Democrats don’t understad the idea of ‘shall not be infringed’!
      If you think about how bad government treats it’s citizens now, think about how much worse it would be if we are disarmed!

      1. @ Mort, Your last sentence says a lot and it is not a point that comes up much. That is absolutely correct and right on.

        1. @tcat, we do not correspond with nor reply to impuissant, unprepossessing, trolls of unworthy motives, who have rejected conventional society to pursue alternative lifestyles. But we note, with fascination how quickly that Soros’s domesticated troll has reached his maximum angle of repose.

      2. But Mort, all of the gun control bills have already been voted down by the Founding Fathers! They even wrote it down in plane and simple English so that no one would forget. And I can not agree more with that last statement.

        1. @ W. Bill, ol’ XX has nothing new to say. He just keeps uttering the same old gibberish over and over like a scratched record. He, probably, doesn’t know what a record is because he is too young and stupid. Too bad his parents didn’t teach him to be more respectful of other people. Then again maybe he was raised by a single 15 year old mother with a bunch of male figures shuffling in and out. Poor XX is, probably doomed to be nothing in real life.


      1. @JamesH, I agree that we are sick of it all, and we must make a change, but there are many that are addicted to corrupt government. That was the point of Johnston’s Great Society, addiction to corrupt government. The divide is mostly rural verses urban. Nor are We the People logistically ready for anything other than the ballot box.

        1. I would add that a civilian population really can’t ever be logistically prepared for such a thing. If we end up going there, it will mean a half century or more of IRA style geurrilla tactics and worse, which is why it’s the absolute last resort, and we, the people must never fire the first shot. Trouble is, unlike King George, the would be tyrants in our government seem content to bide their time, slipping poison into our coffee rather than risk giving us justification to throw them off with force. We need to see some serious prosecutions, soon.

          1. @JD Well stated, brother. I have great hope for the primary party elections. If we can flood the primaries, and send the “not corrupted Repub or Dem” to the general election, then we stand a chance of making great changes.

    4. We must stand together, brothers, We must call,e-mail,contact all our Congress critturs, and tell them there is absolutely NO compromise or obeyance with any more of their gun or accessory weasel schemes. Lines are already drawn. If we remain silent, then we have failed our inheritance, and so many that have given and risked their lives for. Again, I say, stand firm, hold the line.
      D.C. Telliho

    5. There are three rinos and the rest are dempcraps, even Mendez who is on trial for trading favors for money. Two of the rinos are from New Yk. Sounds normal. Bloominthal from Conn. has two of them on the page, he is a hard worker, ha. Of course Weinstein has one to her favor. What a bunch of crap and think of the money they are wasting along with their time. WE pay them for doing nothing but trying to entrap us.

    6. Notice a pattern here? Whenever the Left’s (and like it or not, that now includes the Establishment section of the Republican party) agenda bogs down, when we push back and get results, a bunch of Americans get murdered and they then use the resulting hysteria to put their train back on the tracks. Term limits aren’t going to deal with this. We tried that here in California, and all it resulted in was the same good ol’ boy network playing musical offices. Elected office, then off to be a paid consultant for the new guy, then department head of some do nothing agency, then back to elected office. Nothing changed. No, what’s needed this time (and this really is the last hurrah before Americans will be forced to reach for that final, awful box) is real investigations, real criminal charges, and real jail time. With the latest revelations about the Clintons, Obama, Mueller, Comey, etc., it is beginning. We just need to keep the pressure up now. Flood the White House with demands for indictments.

    7. Those bills to ban parts that increase rate of fireworks also I clued the trigger parts as the trigger increases the rate of fire from zero up to the desired rate. Some of the other bills would do nothing but keep firearms from the law abiding, they do nothing to the criminals that are lurking around out there, there really need go go after the criminals and leave the law abiding alone.

    8. And in the end, not one of these bills/laws would have stopped an individual intent on harming others (Las Vegas). Shooting at people, killing people is clearly illegal. All these other laws are just feel good restrictions. There is no way to prevent this, Europe shows over and over one can always find a restricted firearm to go shoot the population.

      Those normal capacity magazines in the population are never going to be turned back in so good luck trying.

    9. Term limits to clean the Swamp. These Congressmen/women, along with the Senators, took an oath to protect the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have become self made elitists treating the law abiding citizen as the criminal minded. Anything they do, will not correct the existing criminal problem. They decide to draft new legislation, when all of the facts, and investigations have not even been finalized. Looks to me like these folks are trying to pull the wool over the vast American’s public eyes. Time to investigate everyone slating these legislative bills, to see if they are directly connected to this treasonous agenda or were directly involved. I agree fully with: Ve Veteran – Old Man’s Club! “Time to Clean Them Out”!

      1. @RJL, There is no penalty for violating one’s oath, of course there should be. Term limits are good, but the people need the right of recall, too. We will clean them out by flooding the primaries and the township caucuses and picking the candidate not corrupted yet.

        1. @Wild Bill,,. You have my yae on that. A requirement for astute understanding of, and adherence to, and extreme punishment for violation of, our Constitution. Would solve most of the problems we find our nation vexed by.

    10. Any and all politicians who are part of trying to regulate one of our constitutional rights should be removed from office immediately and there seat put up to be filled by a new individual, they are violating there oath to the constitution by trying to do these things. It is about time all our voices are heard by removing these people and by demanding that the constitution be followed by our politicians. It is high time they stop going after those of us that are law abiding citizens and start focusing on the criminals which we all know can be done rather easily. Case in point, the shooting in MD yesterday, the guy involved was released by MD after being stopped on gun charges which not only put him in possession of a handgun by a felon (10 years federal), so they could have prevented this just by prosecuting him to the fullest extent the law provided.

    11. Here;s a piece of information on the Las Vegas shooting from someone did their audio research of the videos.
      One point he didn’t show or mention about military belt fed machine guns is that at the back on some versions there is a “fire rate knob” and in some of the Las Vegas videos you can hear that exact matched being increased and then decreased while in use!

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