What’s the Hold Up on Michigan Constitutional Carry?

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What's the Hold Up on Michigan Constitutional Carry?
Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners
Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners

Michigan – -(Ammoland.com)- After Constitutional Carry legislation rapidly passed the Michigan House of Representatives this spring, putting Michigan well into the lead among neighboring states on this issue, many gun owners assumed it would become law by early fall.

Applications for new & renewal concealed pistol licenses dropped significantly this summer resulting in the first downturn in total statewide CPL numbers since 2001.

Now many people are asking, “What's the hold up on Constitutional Carry?”

The short answer is Governor Snyder who is reluctant to sign any major gun reform measures into law.

While the votes exist in the Michigan Senate to pass a constitutional carry package, Senate leadership would be foolish to pass the bill without first reaching an agreement on language with Snyder as the governor is likely to veto the bill. This would kill the issue for the rest of the 2017-2018 session as the votes don't exist in the House to override a veto. While it has always been an uphill battle to get constitutional carry signed into law this session, its chances of success are much better if a deal can be reached that doesn't compromise the fundamentals of the legislation. That may not be until the lame duck session in late 2018. It may require waiting for a new governor.

The Wisconsin Senate, which is considering its own constitutional carry bill, is also experiencing opposition from Republican Governor Scott Walker. None of our other neighboring states have yet to consider constitutional carry legislation although Indiana may do so in the coming year.

The Benefits of Getting Your CPL Now

Regardless of the status of constitutional carry, it would be foolish for any Michigan gun owner to delay a CPL application or renewal due to the issue. Constitutional carry, which is better described as permitless carry, may not provide all the benefits of a concealed pistol license including but not limited to:

  • Reciprocity with the great majority of other shall-issue states.
  • The ability to by-pass purchase permits for private party pistol sales.
  • The ability to borrow a pistol from its owner.
  • An exemption from MCL 750.234d gun free zones. (Note these are broader than and not identical to the MCL 28.425o concealed pistol free zones).

Attempting to save money by delaying a pistol safety training course or not applying for a concealed pistol license could end up costing you dearly in the long run!

The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Formed from just eight people in 1996, we now have thousands of members and numerous affiliated clubs across the state. We're growing larger and more effective every day.

Our mission statement is: “Promoting safe use and ownership of firearms through education, litigation, and legislation” Visit: www.mcrgo.org

  • 32 thoughts on “What’s the Hold Up on Michigan Constitutional Carry?

    1. We have a Constitutional law that Supercedes and state law and people are still worried about posessing a firearm freely? Why are you letting a state government violate a federal law in the first place? We should be holding it responsible for violating the Constitution!!!

    2. My question is, why is everyone concerned about whether or not the bills are passed here in Michigan? The Constitution specifically states that we can carry any weapon as well as possess them.

      Bear – “…To support, sustain, or carry; to give rise to…” In the context of the 2nd amendment this means to carry.
      Keep – …”to hold, to maintain, to support, to retain in possession and to take care of…” In the context of the 2nd amendment, this means that to “…keep and bear arms…” means we the people have the right to own and carry without restriction. That being said, we don’t need a bill from Michigan legislation to do something that is already a lawful activity which is protected by the constitution. There is no need for a license to do that which is already lawful. A license is only used for the purpose of paying a tax for something that without the license is illegal to do. Since the constitution protects our right to own and carry unrestricted, we do not need a license to do what we have a natural born right to do.

      So, inform your employees, (government agents) as you exercise your right to defend yourself, you will hold them accountable for warring against the constitution when they violate your constitutionally protected rights. In that case, they have no “government immunity” because they have warred against the constitution which is treason. Thus, relieving the agents of any immunity from the course of their daily duties.

    3. Interestingly enough, Carrying Concealed weapons was done before, during, and after the 2nd Amendment was written and ratified…. so why is it that States have enacted Laws that are against it?

      I mean if you make the claim that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t state it, so it’s not implied, then I guess you also have to say that since the invention of clothing no person has ever carried a weapon concealed to maintain discretion, secrecy, the element of surprise, or to simply protect the materials from rust or like gun powder from the rain; for if it got wet it wouldn’t fire?

      That the Framers must have been so ignorant that even they didn’t and couldn’t conceive the idea of people carrying weapons underneath clothing?

      The funny thing is GUN advocates are made out to be such extremists, yet it’s the Anti-Gun advocates that are causing all the ruckus and marching on the capital for laws that infringe on other liberties that are supposed to be unalienable…

      That’s Irony for you…

    4. Multiple emails to Governor Snyder’s office about Constitutional Carry have yielded nothing but canned generic responses to any variety of issues except the one I was asking about.

    5. Comment…From Fox News…In Massachusetts , public library Jeffrey Yao stabs woman with hunting knife (multiple times) to death. Also wounds 65 year old man who tries to help . Neighbors had seen warning signs , reported him to police. —Lets see if we get demands for higher age restrictions, hunting knife bans, or a bunch of school kids being fed scripts from cnn getting in front of cameras .

      1. @Chromedome – You must be recollecting the days of “Full Employment” when even the village idiot had a job? Have you priced guns and fees lately? LOL

    6. This is such crap…. the Senate can pass the bill and if the governor doesn’t sign they can veto the bill and pass it by a majority without the governor’s signature, several other states have already done the same.

      Something “stinks” about this Bill… it’s being suspended for some illegitimate reason and washed as “Not the right time”.

      1. Trusting a politician to do the right thing is next to impossible. Been here for some 8i0 years and in the last 60 I have seen this over and over. Say one thing than forget it hooping th voters will forgive and they like idiots do.

    7. The real problem is the fact that it’s not about us it’s about them we voted them in there yet they pass laws and bills that only benefit them just for shit get on the state website there you can do a search of all bills they have passed you will be surprised to see they are mostly all ammenmants and bills that put more money in states pocket bottom line they lost money due to the speculation of CC it will never pass to many greedy f bags

    8. ok so I see it from both points some people don’t like this amendment because it allows untrained people to carry a handgun they think causing more problems than solutions but untrained people are already doing this they have been since pistols were invented criminals are doing this right now ..I am a law abiding gun owner and a member of local constitutional militia I have sworn to protect the community and constitution and our freedoms from all forms of corruption and terrorism I feel that this constitutional carry bill is just what Michigan needs and all states need to even the odds with the criminals who do it everyday I do feel training is important you should know how to handle your weapon and a situation but forcing people to obtain permits and undergo background checks renewals ETC it is a capitalization on a freedom that we all have . and concerning Snyder holding up the bill this is a typical slithery move to keep a potetaly liberating amendment under his foot and us under his control people wake the hell up this bill is not going to harm criminals it will not keep guns off the streets it will not stop shootings it will only benifate law abiding resonsable gun owners who want to carry concealed without paying a bunch of money to do so est imated figure based on Kalkaska county $150.00-$225.00 CPL class $125.00 to the state for the CPL application and background check

    9. I am a proud posseser of a concealed weapons license and part of a family with NRA members and am concerned about just “any” man/women/young adult being able to conceal a weapon designed to kill without some sort of training and knowledge about what could happen legally if and when you unholster your firearm with intent to use.
      Without knowing possible consequences we might run out of prison cells.
      Let’s stick to required permit and training for general public safety
      Otherwise open carry if you can’t afford your time and a couple $’s!!!!!!

      1. @Elitist permit holder, You, as so many other aristocrats, do not trust your fellow citizens. You got yours, so now everyone else must be controlled. If some one commits a violent crime, then try them and hang them. There now everyone can get back to their Constitutional, God given, Civil Rights, and no one runs out of prison cells.

      2. Thats kind of a contradictory view pay the money to carry covered up but if you cant afford it open carry like duhh its still your son/daughter or young adult carrying but in plain sight even if they choose not to get any training. They have to be 21 years of age to purchase a fire arm!!!!

      3. My opinion only but what is the difference weather I carry my weapon openly or concealed? I will use it either way if the situation arises that I need to. The only difference is that I will be able to have the element of surprise if I am allowed to carry concealed. I am not able to afford the class and the filing fee for me and my wife so here I sit waiting for the law to pass. I think at least until it passes they should look into changing a few of the stupid laws like for example I have to have my weapon and ammo separate when traveling. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of in my life because the crminals are not traveling around like that so in order for me to defend myself in my own vehicle I have to ask the criminal to give me a few minutes while I get my gun put together so I can defend myself. Ok yea that’s a great law especially near the city of Detroit where half the time you are skeptical on weather or not to stop at a red light ir not.

        1. @Eric, What is the difference whether you carry openly or concealed? If one examines the issue from a tactical perspective, you get one answer and if one examines the issue from a Constitutional law analysis perspective, then you get the opposite answer.
          As to being “allowed” to carry open or concealed… whom do you think it is that our Constitution has empowered to “allow” you or forbid you from carrying any way that you want?

    10. If it’s not too late, I wil call the governor’s office and ask him to let the bill die a slow painful death. Why on earth did I receive this email?

    11. This is a democrat thing. They have been bought and paid for by the democrat lobbyist who want more money for doing this to the constitution and the good folks of MI.
      Frank Bowers

    12. We in New Hampshire have had Constitutional Carry for a few months now and despite some opinions about gunfights like in the old West, none of this has happened. I carry every day sometimes concealed sometimes opened. I have only had one woman ask if it was legal to carry open like I was that day. She obviously was from one of those Communist states that don’t allow any type of carry unless you jump through hoops and pay a lot of money to get a permit.

      I my humble opinion, all gun laws that restrict the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are un-Constitutional and therefore cannot be enforced. It doesn’t take a Supreme Court Justice to see the illegality of these laws. And according to the Oaths taken by all politicians, they swear to uphold & defend the Constitution, this includes all the Amendments. Therefore if they vote for gun laws that violate the 2nd Amendment, they can and should be removed from office for violation of that oath.

      1. No it doesn’t. It allowed people that can leagally purchase a gun to carry it how they see fit. People like you piss me off because you can’t see past your stupidity. People are gonna carry one way or another openly or concealed so weather I open carry or conceal carry I apparently am the moron carrying a gun in your eyes but I’m also the moron that will stand and defend me and my family and by chance you are there in the same area I will be defending you as well. Think about that before you start calling people morons

    13. In case nobody noticed, since the Flint water crisis, Governor Snyder has appeared to be paralyzed. It may be his feelings of guilt. It may be that he is becoming a democrat.

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