FREE 2A Flashmob Patches for Every AmmoLand News Email Reader

Free AmmoLand 2A Mob Patch
Free AmmoLand 2A Mob Patch
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( AmmoLand Shooting Sports News is giving away FREE AmmoLand 2A Flashmob patches to every AmmoLand newswire reader that is subscribed to our popular email list.

You need this patch so we can quickly identify you when we are fighting leftist groups like Antifa and other commie sympathizers, in the street. If you have your official AmmoLand Flashmob patch we will have your back.

About the 2A Mob

“The 2A Flashmob is a short notice brigade of defenders of the Constitution of the Untied States, Bill of Rights and specifically the Second Amendment, who, on short notice much like their forefathers in the “Minutemen“, either through social media, state or national pro gun organizations or on sites like, read about an action in need of boots on the ground and put their daily lives on hold to stand-tall and defend the Constitution.”

“2A Flashmob member’s are the people like you and me, people who get off their couches, take time off from work, and spend their free hours fighting to push back against progressives and liberals who working to gut the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights.”

Step 1: To get your patch, first you need to be a subscriber to the AmmoLand News email list. ( If you are already a AmmoLand News email subscriber half the work is done, just complete step two. ) Once you are signed up and have verified your email address (check your email confirmations).

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Step 2: Now, you need to send us a self addressed stamped envelop to our PO Box below. Be sure and include a written note with your email address for confirmation and we will get you out your very own patch ASAP.

Then send this info and your stamped self addressed envelope to:

Ammoland Inc.
1290 Main Street
Unit# 781038
Sebastian, Florida 32978
The United States of America