Grayguns Perfection Action Package for SIG SAUER Pistols

Grayguns P-PAK Gen2 - Self Defense Kit
Grayguns P-PAK Gen2 – Self Defense Kit

Spray, Ore. –-( Grayguns, Inc. today announced the release of their redesigned P-Series Perfection Action Kit for most SIG SAUER traditional double action/single action pistols. The Generation 2 kit (P-PAK Gen2) is available in both Self Defense and Competition versions.

Combined with a Grayguns custom curved or straight trigger – in alloy steel or aluminum – the kit is carefully engineered to provide a dead smooth double action pull, clean single action break, positive tactile reset and minimum overtravel. The kit includes the exact components Grayguns installs when completing in-house action work. Installation yields a reduction in both actual and perceived double action pull weight, while maintaining an appropriate single action weight for competition or self defense, based on the kit selected.

Grayguns P-PAK Gen2 Competition
Grayguns P-PAK Gen2 Competition

“During the last five years, our team has worked hard to bring you a Grayguns action package in a bag,” said Bruce Gray, president of Grayguns. “It’s not inexpensive to send a gun to us for in-house action work. So we’ve put together precision quality components you can buy online or at select dealers. The components can be installed locally by someone familiar with the platform.”

Grayguns does offer in-house installation services for customers. “Our gunsmiths and technicians include additional services for those who send in their guns,” said Jeff Whitaker, customer service manager. “The installation fee includes a full detailed armorer’s inspection and cleaning, micro-polishing and smoothing of critical engagements and minor fitting.” Prior to return, the gun’s sights are regulated and the pistol is test fired.

“For our second generation kit, we redesigned components from the ground up to incorporate SIG’s Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Safety Lever,” continued Gray. “We’ve introduced two, tool-steel sears. Our Self Defense sear provides a single action pull weight appropriate for carry, and our Competition sear features a single action pull weight appropriate for competition or the range.”

Kits include Grayguns’ high quality, tool-steel hammer, competition or self defense sear, the SRT safety lever and appropriate springs. Customers may use their stock trigger or select from either the P-Series Precision Adjustable Intermediate Trigger – which is found in all first-generation SIG Sauer Legion DA/SA pistols – or the P-Series Precision Adjustable Straight Trigger which is available in Alloy Steel or Aluminum versions.

Sig Sauer P220 Pistol
Sig Sauer P220 Pistol

The P-Series Perfection Action Kit (Gen2) has a retail price of $240 and is available at The package offers compatibility with many modern DA/SA SIG P-Series pistols including the P220, P228, P229, P226, P226 X-Five Allround, P227 and most obsolete versions. For question concerning compatibility, contact Grayguns via email.

GraygunsAbout Grayguns & Bruce Gray

Located in Spray and Reedsport, Oregon, Grayguns is the leading custom gunsmith shop for SIG SAUER and HK pistols in the United States. Grayguns offers a variety of precision upgrade components for SIG SAUER firearms, and offers custom action work on a variety of pistols for law enforcement duty, carry and competition use.

Bruce Gray, president of Grayguns, has been an internationally respected pistol smith, professional shooter, writer and firearms consultant since 1976. Bruce is a California POST certified rangemaster-instructor, and is commissioned as a deputy sheriff in the State of Oregon. Bruce is the author of Operation Specific Training’s Practical Fundamentals course, which encapsulates the lessons learned during his career. Bruce’s competitive career includes holding the highest classifications in three action shooting disciplines, National Rifle Association (NRA) Action Pistol, USPSA and International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). It also includes winning a number of state, regional, national as well as international titles while driving SIG SAUER, HK, 1911 and other pistol platforms.

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    1. So what is the appropriate trigger weight for concealed carry? Since it’s not listed I assume it’s fairly heavy, as my trigger is bearly breaking 4 lbs on my edc.

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