Eligibility Requirements to Purchase a U.S. Surplus 1911 Pistols

U.S. Army surplus 1911 .45 ACP pistols
Eligibility Requirements to Purchase a U.S. Surplus 1911 Pistols

Virginia – -(Ammoland.com)- In response to a question from a Virginia Citizens Defense League member about eligibility for readers to purchase a 1911 pistol from Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), Michael Irvin provided this response, which I thought would be good to share.

Q. Potential purchasers will have to provide to CMP a new set of documents exhibiting: 1) proof of U.S. Citizenship, 2) proof of membership in a CMP affiliated club, 3) proof of participation in a marksmanship activity, 4) a new form 2A with notary, 5) a signed copy of the 01 Federal Firearms License in which the 1911 will be transferred to.

What is form 2A? And what qualifies as Proof of participation in a marksmanship activity?

A. Form 2A is on the second page of the CMP Universal Order Form – see here: https://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/1orderformfillable.pdf?ver=20170210

As far as proof of participation, this is from the CHP website:

Marksmanship or other Firearms Related Activity:

You must provide proof of participation in a marksmanship related activity or otherwise show familiarity with the safe handling of firearms and range procedures. Your marksmanship related activity does not have to be with highpower rifles; it can be with smallbore rifles, pistols, air guns or shotguns. Proof of marksmanship participation can be provided by documenting any of the following:

  • Current or past military service.
  • Current or past law enforcement service.
  • Participation in a rifle, pistol, air gun or shotgun competition (provide copy of results bulletin).
  • Completion of a marksmanship clinic that included live fire training (provide a copy of the certificate of completion or a statement from the instructor). Visit https://ct.thecmp.org/app/v1/index.php?do=match&task=search to find an upcoming CMP sanctioned clinic or match.
  • Distinguished, Instructor, or Coach status.
  • Concealed Carry License.
  • Firearms Owner Identification Cards that included live fire training. – FFL or C&R license.
  • Completion of a Hunter Safety Course that included live fire training.
  • Certification from range or club official or law enforcement officer witnessing shooting activity. Complete the CMP Marksmanship Form to certify your range firing and the required marksmanship related activity for an individual to purchase from the CMP.

No proof of marksmanship required if over age 60. Proof of club membership and citizenship required for all ages. NOTE: Proof of marksmanship activity is not required for purchase of ammunition, parts, publications or memorabilia

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit: www.vcdl.org.

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Capn Dad

Not worth the effort. And participation only advocates for these anti Constitutional requirements. I will not help them in their insolence.


I agree with all the comments about the whole process being too complicated. It just isn’t worth jumping through all their hoops to get a used government firearm.

Jim Oberbeck

Well I was a very lucky person because I was issued a brand new 45 in Vietnam which just happened to be a Singer but it was taken from me when I was wounded up on the DMZ near the Rockpile. I tried to get it back but never saw it again. I had planned to send it back a few pieces at a time but the NVA sent a mortar my way and that is the sad story. It was wonderful to shoot while I had it. Bet those made by Singer will be extremely hard to get if… Read more »


Just don’t seem to be worth the effort.

June-Ann Rasco

If they are and they probably are. You can tighten up the slide and replace barrel bushing and you will have a very good shooting gun. I was on national guard pistol team and that is what they did with the ones we were issued. I was able able to knock 100 meter targets over with it.

Bob Puzzles

If you live in the CRC (Communist Republic of California) no matter how badly you wanted one, and cost not a concern you can’t buy one, they are not on the approved handgun list. Another reason to move out of CA.

Juan Lago

Hi Bob,
I can’t stand any of the California civilian disarmament laws. But the good news is that approved handgun list only applies to new handguns. Used handguns and Curio & Relic firearms are exempt. Since these are all used and most will be over fifty years old they are exempt from the approved list. So go ahead and apply for one.

Take care,

Michael Tsay

Incorrect, C&R firearms (50 years or older, or listed on the ATF C&R list) are exempt and can be transferred in to CA.

Roy F. Wilt

If these are the same 1911’s that I had to use? They aren’t worth $1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ever bought 1911 parts? …..$1? Only a fool would say something like that

Richard G. Combs

Mr. Cote, please see Amendment 14 of the US Constitution, which begins thus:
“1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”


That being the case, how does California, among some others, New York, New Jersey, Conn., Mass. to name just a few get away with their garbage routines?

Mark Davis

I’ve checked the local club’s affiliated with the CMP. No memberships available whatsoever. All you can do is get on a list and 2 to 5 years to become a member! It sucks to own a gun and live in California!

Wild Bill

@mac Davis, The club that you need to join has to be an NRA affiliate, not a CMP affiliate. You can join the California Rifle Pistol Association this afternoon. It is easy. There are no CMP affiliate clubs.

Capn Dad

Too much BS. Probably more than intentional. I will not play.


The 1911’s I fired in the Marine Corps beginning in 1969 were just short of needing duct tape to hold them together, sure hope these aren’t the ones they’re making available!

June-Ann Rasco

If they are and they probably are. You can tighten up the slide and replace barrel bushing and you will have a very good shooting gun. I was on national guard pistol team and that is what they did with the ones we were issued. I was able able to knock 100 meter targets over with it.

David Telliho

mine was just fine, I loved it. Never a failure or stovepipe. Had a mag.bottom come off during a reload, & left standing w/empty gun& handfull of cartridges. Thankfully I was on a range, but it wasn`t the guns fault. Colt sent me a new stainless mag. at no charge.


Nope at 63, I am not jumping through all those hoops. These guns are available (sort of) but not to me…


I went to their website but didn’t find any 1911’s listed. The only guns available were some carbines with higher prices than I would want to spend, sight unseen.


Tomcat . . For more information: https://thecmp.org/cmp_sales/1911-information/

NO price has been determined as yet.


@mac thanks for the link, I went to the one that is highlighted in the article.


WOW! They can just keep them as far as I am concerned!!


Right there with you….this is silly.

Jacob M. Opperman

I think with all of these added requirements CMP is not going to get rid of them very fast. I am not going to go thru all of that to only hope they will not put them so far out of price reach for us common folk. I have not had any problems in the past getting any on my weapons with out having to have so much more paper work.

Country Boy

Wow, a firearms business adding additional “requirements” in addition to those already required by one’s State as well as the Federal laws concering sales, purchase, and ownership of a firearm by a peaceful , law abiding, legally eligible citizen of the United States of America ??. REALLY ? I believe this is un-constitutional. And I also believe it is a slap in the face for those of us who fully support the 2nd Amendment. CMP should only uphold the required legal stipulations but not ADD more requirements. I’d say CMP Inc is shooting themselves in the foot , so to… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Country Boy, CMP is not an agency of the government. So it is not unconstitutional. And CMP’s inventory goes really fast. Lots of people have those additional requirements in advance just waiting to get the CMP’s inventory. Then they sell that same inventory at gun shows for three or four times what it cost them. But what they are really after is the rare piece that is very highly sought after by collectors. That is where the real money is.

Country Boy

I realize CMP is not an agency of our gov. My statements were concerning any private entity adding requirements to purchase the 1911s

SGM Chuck

I think everyone just needs to be happy about the fact that they are going to be available and enjoy the history of these weapons. The M1 Garand I received from CMP is a very fine shooter and looks great and it is a rack grade!


To me, from CMP as I was “confirming” the lack of veteran/age waiver as published in the past.

Dear Sir,

I am the guy that runs the program. The article is false.


Mark Johnson
Chief Operating Officer
Civilian Marksmanship Program
256-835-8455 Ext. 416

David Telliho

Thank You !


Too much bs to pick up a used firearm. Doubt they have been well maintained anyhow…


A carry permit should be enough

Ozark Muleskinner

Yeah, I was kinda wondering about proof of citizenship myself. I don’t have a passport and don’t need one as I won’t be doing any traveling out of the good ole USA that will requires it. I still remember the good ole days, back when I was 13, and ordered my first rifle, mail order, from Montgomery Ward; still have that rifle by the way and six decades later it hasn’t shot anything I didn’t want it to shoot.

So why do the idiots-in-charge continue to complicate things? Oh yeah, job security!


Yes, what proof is needed for being a us citizen, and what is the cost to be a member of a CMP Club and for the Gun?

Wild Bill

@Bill, photo copy of your passport, no “membership” cost, and see the CMP website for grades and prices.

Le kenobbie

I’m interested in buying one of the 1911. When, where and how much is the cost of each of these?


It’s a given that the collectors, CMP officials (or friends), etc. will take the excellent, very good, good ones… Leaving the well worn or worn out for “us”.
Where will the “should still fire” pistols that the normal, legal, U.S. citizen will be able to maybe buy, be priced ?


I hope this is not the case however, like all things CMP they have managed to make the process doubly complicated. Why the hell would you need TWO NICS CHECKS? The way I see it, someone purchases the pistol and they fail the NICS at the FFL they don’t get possession of the firearm. If they pass a NICS at the CMP level and the ffl fails NICS it’s redundant. Waste of resources. And as far as I’m concerned CMP personnel should have to stand in line with the rest of us.

Kevin Cote

Important note:
You are not a ” US CITIZEN”. UNLESS..you reside in ” The District kf Columbia” or any other olace under its jurisdiction , are a member of the military,a civilain federal contractor or a dependant… Over 330,000,000 people are American state nationals and not US CITIZENS..read the definition in Tax Laws,Blacks Law Dictionary, and US Code…