Tell NJ Governor Christie to Pardon Meg Fellenbaum

Meg Fellenbaum
Meg Fellenbaum

New Jersey –  -( Well… here we go again! New Jersey’s draconian gun laws and overzealous prosecutors have once again entrapped an innocent Pennsylvanian woman.

Meg Fellenbaum – apparently a danger to society in New Jersey, but not Pennsylvania – allegedly committed the horrific crime of having her firearms locked in the trunk of her car while driving to pick up her girlfriend. However shocking this may be to anti-Second Amendment activists, no one was victimized by Meg’s actions.

Despite not posing any threat – after a year of terror inflicted upon her by New Jersey’s (in)justice system, prosecutors successfully broke Meg down and frightened her into accepting a plea deal of one year in prison (instead of facing trial and up to 13+ years in prison if she did not accept the plea deal).

I wish we were making this up, but this is New Jersey… Without going into all the details and injustices with her case (some of which we’ve already addressed in previous stories) we are requesting everyone call Governor Christie to urge him to pardon her before he leaves office.

Please call and/or write to Governor Christie: 609-292-6000

Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

We will be calling every day until she is pardoned; we ask you stand with us and make a simple call, too, or write a letter regarding this terrible injustice. We have gotten to know Meg Fellenbaum over the past year and we cannot think of a better example of someone who has been entrapped by New Jersey’s ridiculous laws that seek to criminalize honest Americans!

If you would like to donate to Meg’s legal defense fund please click here to donate so we can assist with her legal expenses. As many of you know, the State of New Jersey fights innocent people with endless taxpayer funds while we have to get second mortgages on our homes to defend ourselves. So even if you win, you still lose.

New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society


Once again, we ask that you call and write every day until she is pardoned by Gov. Christie. This madness needs to stop!


New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

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Junior torres

It’s so sad that my state is breaking our constitution rights .. and meg’s!!! Why do we have a constitution that give us the right to bear arms and some states amend they’re own laws to take away our rights .. the federal government should do something about this!! It’s our right and we are denied are right. Are politicians are protected and surrounded by guns why is it the New Jersey residents can’t have the same protection and arm themselves. I hope Christie does the right thing and pardon meg …


Is it possible to boycott a state? No one, who is sane, should go to or through New Jersey. Anyone who still believes in Liberty and lives there should get their affairs in order and move. Let New Jersey collapse on itself. Yes, it’s unrealistic, but a man can dream.

Jacob M. Opperman



First Merry Christmas Everyone! Now… that’s exactly what I requested in my letter sent to the well-fed Gov. of NJ.


What a bunch of unconstitutional clowns. Merry Christmas! Pardon her!

Raymond Miller

Oh contraire, He has a set of balls but they are held by the NJ legislature. He is as big a failure as Obambam & Hillary. Plus I believe he is resentful of the fact that he couldn’t even win his own state in the presidential race.

Gregory Peter DuPont

Remember the David Aitken case.


N.J. police must look for out of state plates, especially plates from Penn. If you are brave enough to venture into N.J. you better be prepared to go to jail. Makes a person think about Mexico, doesn’t it.

Jacob Opperman

Well where the Hell Was Her Lawyer. He should have been a lot more supportive than he was. If it was me when all of this started I would have found a damn good lawyer with a set of balls. I would have then sat down and wrote down on a peace of paper and handed it to him telling him just what I expected of him and how much money for pain and suffering in pocket from the State. I would also set in motion a civil law suit naming the The Governor, the State Police Chief, the nearist… Read more »


NJ is a failed state…its a matter of time before they follow IL into the cespool of Democratic run $hitholes.

Fight the infringements in court, not the state legislatures…its a waste of time and money. The courts are where we need to fight every infringement…Rights over laws…every single day.

Raymond Miller

I beg your pardon, We are all ready a cesspool of liberal scum bags, and they are the majority of both parties. You can’t get a Republican elected in this state. There is corruption in every corner and no matter how we Conservatives vote we can’t get rid of the crooks, liars, and thieves. All the so called Republicans are as bad or worse than the Demon-Craps. The Demon-Craps don’t lie to us they tell us they are going to screw us, the Republicans, like Christie, lie through their teeth.

The other Jim

For anyone interest in requesting the pardon here is the link:

The other Jim

Just sent Christi and e-mail “before leaving office pardon law-abiding permit holder Meg Fellenbaum”

squirrel hunter

I called, had a nice talk with a really wonderful gal who answered on the subject, explained why I was
seriously concerned, etc, and genuine common sense needs to prevail….
really nice gal answered and listened – said they were getting calls etc…

I hope she gets a pardon. This is inexcusable.

Raymond Miller

Have no fear, it is going to get way worse than it is now when the recently elected Demon-Crap takes office. If it is possible he will be the worst Governor in many years. and both RINO’s and Dems will vote for anything he wants, because we have no Republicans/Conservatives in power.


@Bill Card: Thanks for the info link. I’ve sent my letter in support.

@GMB: You can lure him away with a box of Kristy Kreme Doughnuts to the Hormel Cure 81. That leads to
@Wild Bill’s: bowl of mashed potato’s gravy and a side bowl of collard greens topped off with a entire pecan pie with a gallon of ice cream.
Truth be said, it kind of makes me hungry ; ). Southern buttery Pecan pie… yep, yep!

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Notting Hill

I started to think the same as I was typing,the difference is you or I wouldn’t eat every last bit in one sitting.


You’re absolute right….He’s now requesting a pumpkin and sweet potato pie with three cans of whip cream and hot heavily buttered rolls with jam. Pulmonary embolism!


It seems to me that these insane gun rules and the police that enforce them and the courts that prosecute and convict them would cause a severe very noticable drop in tourist traffic to NJ. I personally have never been to NJ and certainly will never spend my time and money there as I have other places I would rather go. Are there others like me? You bet. But it doesn’t seem to dawn on them what they are doing. If the governor doesn’t take this opportunity to help Meg and the rest of us by this pardon, and send… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Ivan

You couldn’t pay me enough to vacation in New fricken Jersey,third world sheet hole rite here in the US of A.

Roy D.

I am the same way about going east of the Mississippi River; for a variety of reasons.


Cross over the bridge and you’ll have no problem in Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and most of the states in Dixie.

Raymond Miller

I am from NJ, and Chris Christie has all ready blown it big time. He was instrumental in preventing a Republican elected as our next governor, but he did help Obambam get elected to a second term.


There were two similar cases came up just a few months before Christie tossed his hat into the ring to stand for electioni as oresident. I commented multiple times that his failure to pardon fully those two defendants, merely caught up in New Jersey’s unconstitutional gun laws, disqualified him in my mind as a candidate for President. He has already sworn an oath to defend and uphold the US Consittition as a governor…. yet refused on multiple occasions to uphold the terms of the Second Article of Ammendment. A perjuror for presedent we do NOT need. We;ve already had far… Read more »


Putting this woman in prison for an action that is not a crime in 40 plus states is more criminal than the crime she was charged with. Everyone involved in this prosecution should be embarrassed.


I seriously doubt that fat porker will pardon her before he slinks away from office.

Bill Card

I read the detailed incident report. It is impossible for me to understand how states can deny a citizen’s inalienable right to self defense under the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. I hope one day this madness will cease. I encourage readers to call, write, or send an email to Governor Christie. You can send an email to Gov. Christie using his contact form which can be found at: . I did.

Green Mtn. Boy

Yes he should pardon her, however my faith in Christy goes about as far as I could throw the man,my fear is he will not and once again prove him to be the spineless RINO he is.

Wild Bill

@GMB, People like chris christy are the reason that God created the heart attack. I’d send elitist, fat boy christy a Hormel Cure 81 if I thought that it would help the citizens of NJ

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Wild Bill

He would slurp it down in a heart beat,along with a bowl of mashed potato’s gravy and a side bowl of collard greens topped off with a entire pecan pie with a gallon of ice cream. Pissy Chrissy the blimp boy